[RELEASE] Improved Mobile Presence (Android only)



I set that up before I started working on this project. Want to move it to a new repo but don’t want to mess up everyone that already has it set up.


Not your fault. Everyone does it. Just makes it a bit harder for us pleebs!

(Amauri Viguera) #283

Ugh… just had a hiccup a minute ago for no reason.

We’ve obviously had “limited success” with presence detection, so to test I set up a simple WebCore piston that would send me a notification whenever the presence changes – just to see how much I can load on this based on reliability.

Without anything changing, I just got two departures and one arrival message, which correspond with events showing up in the app.

My main concern has always been how reliable presence tracking is with SmartThings, and of course the battery optimizations only made these problems worse. I would hate to have the thing start turning lights on / off based at random. 11:29am is bad but not “bad bad” – not like “turning on lights and making announcements at 3:am bad”

I’ll look around and see how common this is… maybe I’ll start taking actions after a delay, in case this is some weird glitch with the Google WiFi network – although I’ve been online working all day and didn’t notice any hiccups.

(Denny) #284

Please update the instructions. After i performed this step everything started working.


Check if your device handler and SmartApp are updated. That step does not even work on the updated version.

(Denny) #286

Hello John, I installed the dh and smartapp yesterday so i think that is the most recent version.

(www.smartukhome.co.uk) #287

Would be handy I leave my phone on charge all the time at night when its got OnePlus turbo charging it really doesnt need to so to be able to switch off the outlet when it gets to 100% would be nice


Did it give you any errors when you were following that step?


Ok. Sounds like a good idea. Ill see if I can get something working.

(Denny) #290

No errors but when i authorized (https://st.callahtech.com/link/) the app to my homelocation in smatthings everything start working. Seems like you need to give the app access to your home location.


Done. Will be in beta tonight or tomorrow.


So you were able to create the devices within the SmartApp?

(Jpenrod St) #293

Hey I noticed last night into this morning the app is throwing errors and not updating, with cannot find host errors.


My power has been out since yesterday. Will be back online as soon as my power comes back (hopefully soon cause it’s been almost 24 hours :neutral_face:).

(Jpenrod St) #295

that sucks, no problem!


Does the app/service need access to your system to function? If so it should surely be moved into a cloud hosting service or something.


It does need my server to work properly. From what I have seen, cloud hosting can be a bit expensive. I have looked into looked into at least using it for a backup server for times when my internet goes out etc.

It would be nice to have for sure though.


You might be able to get away with the free tier on GCP perhaps by putting it in AppEngine https://cloud.google.com/free/ if it’s not hit too often


Got the free 1 year so I plan on using that as a backup server as the free limits are significantly less than what its currently running on (i also run other stuff off my server).

Working on getting all the data to sync between servers but having it as a backup should help.

Edit: Now have a backup running in Google cloud. Set to switch automatically if my server goes offline for any reason (switches instantly so there should be zero down time).

(Atn) #300

is the server running?
I hit pair device and it opens chrome browser at st.callatech.com/xxxxxxxxx but screen stays white and nothings happens…