[RELEASE] Improved Mobile Presence (Android only)



Check your device ID. Make sure they are exactly the same in SmartThings as in the presence sensor app. Hit the refresh button in the presence sensor app and try again.

(Tanya Sawrie) #202

Got it - thanks!

(Tanya Sawrie) #203

I’m having to hit the refresh to make anything happen. Has there been a fix for that yet?


What version of Android are you using?

(Tanya Sawrie) #205

8.0 and I’ve installed the apk


8.0 shouldn’t need the patch. Make sure you have your WiFi networks set and your home location set. Also make sure you have all the permissions enabled. Let me know if you have any other issues

(Tanya Sawrie) #207

Removed the patch and checked all the permissions. Sorry but I can’t get the Presence Sensor app to refresh on its own


Are you getting any errors?

(Tanya Sawrie) #209

No errors. I left home this morning at 7:30. I’m not sure when the presence sensor app indicated I was gone - it’s hard to tell because I had turned the notifications off and when I open the app, it refreshes. However, I check the ST thing and it still showed me at home when I got to work. I refreshed the app and that is when the ST thing updated to away. I feel like it’s more of a presence sensor app not refreshing than it is a ST thing not working correctly.


The errors would be in the notifications. Try turning them back on and see if anything comes up.

(Tanya Sawrie) #211

No errors. I log off wifi and nothing changes on the Presence Sensor app unless I manually refresh or close/open app. Then it updates. Otherwise it never sees my status change


You don’t get any notifications that say “Update Error”?

(Tanya Sawrie) #213

I do not. The app doesn’t do anything until I refresh then it works as it should. Until then it just sits there. I turned off my wifi and waited over 5 minutes and it still saw me at home

(Kevin Rowe) #214

I am having the same problem.
Android 8.0
Battery Optimization Disabled
No Ad Blockers
No Errors in IDE Log
No Error Notifications on the Presence Sensor App
Deleted and reinstalled the Device, Device Handler, Smart App and Presence Sensor App
Device ID is correct
Client ID and Client Secret are correct
However the status only updates with a refresh on the Presence Sensor App


@Tsawrie and @krowe001 I was able to recreate the issue on a Pixel 2 with 8.0 and it seems to be the same issue affecting Android 8.1. I was able to get it working with the patch that is currently linked in the instructions.

Make sure you open the patch app and hit the test button to ensure that everything is working properly (You will get a notification from the Presence Sensor app).

If you have any additional issues, let me know.

(Kevin Rowe) #216

Update…I believe we are making progress. I now see status change to Home automatically as it should, however it appears the only way it changes to Away is if I manually refresh the Presence Sensor App. I am attempting to simulate Away by turning off GPS and WIFI on the phone. I have tested this on two separate phones, both running 8.0


If you turn the status notifications on in the settings, you should be able to get more detailed information. If it says it successfully updated, the issue is not with the app. Make sure you have your account linked linked to SmartThings or it will take longer to update.

(Kevin Rowe) #218

Notifications are on, account is linked. The Presence Sensor App appears to sit idle until I refresh it. Once refreshed, I get notifications from the app instantly and SmartThings notifies me almost instantly. Again, this is only happening when switching from Home to Away…Away back to Home seems to be working perfectly.


You don’t get any notifications at all when switching from away to home? The only thing that’s different when going from home to away is possibly waiting for your a signal. If you wait a couple minutes does it update? It shouldn’t be waiting to update unless there are connectivity issues.

If you know how to use adb to check the logs, that might help… let me know what you find out.

(Kevin Rowe) #220

No, I do not get any notifications at all when switching from home to away. I have waited 20 min and still nothing. What are the connectivity issues that you are referring to as a possibility, (mobile data?, I have three bars LTE signal)? I am not familiar with abd but I can check into it. FYI, I have this same condition on two different phones.