Hi folks

I’ve got the Ikea Fyrtur blinds paired with my SmartThings hub (v2) both with @a4refillpad and @bibbleq 's handlers. Both work great! However, I don’t see the blinds show up in Alexa when I ask her to discover devices. The only way I can integrate the blinds with Alexa is by creating scenes for raising/lowering the blinds and bringing those in to Alexa routines. Is that everyone else’s experience? I happen to work at Amazon and would love to reach out to the Alexa smarthome team and let them know they need to do “something” here. I’m just not deep enough in the smarthome space to understand what I should ask them to do :slight_smile: Can someone please describe the problem for me in a way they would understand?

Also, I freaking love this community. SmartThings forever!


where is it possible to find the smartapp?

Hi All

Im having a little trouble pairing the FYRTUR with SmartThings. I had already discovered this thread before buying the blind.

I set the whole thing up and it worked perfectly with the already paired remote.

I then managed to pair an unknown device to ST. So I removed it to install the above DH and repair it. Since then I have not been able to pair this back to ST. I have added the OP device handler through the developer portal(although interestingly, after I logged into it today it had disappeared)

Things I have tried.

  • Factory reseting and trying again.
  • Reconnecting the repeater/remote/blind - which worked.
  • Reinstalling ST, which brought up a device that was my phone, but seemed to have the handler of a blind. Though it was stuck retrieving status(i think thats the name of it) which I waited for a while before abandoning and removing the device. Im not sure if this is relevant or not.
  • Pairing the repeater which worked first time!

Any help would be much appreciated. Im closing in on 8 hours bashing my head against a wall just trying to get the thing to pair.

Other information that may be helpful:

Im in the UK
The blind was purchased about a week ago.
The Hub was purchased on the 7th July and is the 3rd generation.

Im now willing to try literally anything to get this working. Any help will be received with much gratitude.

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