Thanks @a4refillpad

Took a while for my Smarthings classic to actually connect, then use the code, but the next set of blinds paired immeadiately and now they work well, little slow on the button pushes; but thats a mior gripe

Thanks for the work, its great.


Thanks for the DH - works great for me. Has anyone managed to get these working with Alexa or Google? I know i can create a vritual switch and use that - but i really want to be able to ask them to “open” or “Close”, rather than say “on” or “off” :slight_smile:


That can be done as a routine on the Alexa app.
So something like if I say “Open room blinds” turn on room blinds etc

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Yep found that last night - got there in the end - thanks Steve :slight_smile:

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I thought blinds weren’t supported with Alexa, or is this a ST routine

From what I believe Alexa sees it as a switch so on/off.
So just create a Alexa routine where you say open/close instead.

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Alexa integration - did you get this working? Im (not) using all ST devices passed to Alexa, to prevent duplication or spurious devices appearing in Alex. i.e im selecting which device type capabilities are passed to Alex UK SmartApp and its not detected.
Do you need a capability of Switch added ?

Yep that’s right - mine’s configured in the same way (only select things passed through to Alexa).

You just need to create a Virtual Switch - call it whatever you like (Mine’s “z_KitchenBlinds” so it drops to the bottom of the list). Then I use webcore to control the Blinds whenever that virtual switch is turned on/Off.

Finally, i created 2 routines in the Alexa App so when I say “Alexa, Open/Close the Kitchen Blinds”, it turns that virtual switch on/off

Any luck on the buttons? I can’t get anything sensible from them

@a4refillpad would you consider putting a SWITCH capability in the DH to provide a smooth connection to Alexa? Maybe the action is full open/full close.
I entered the capability in your DH without any action, and it got recognised by Alexa and partly worked, but because there was no other code, was inconsistent in its action :wink:

I could do but it will look odd to have a blind to have an on off switch. Others might complain that it’s a bit of a mess.

Hey i want to buy the Window blind from Ikea. I need some Information about this, maybe someone could help me before.

  1. Is it working with the samsung connect app instead of the smartthings classic app
  2. I didnt need the ikea hub? Is this right

How long do the batteries of the fyrtur blinds last?
Eg 1 up 1 down per day

I’ve got mine on test, up and down 11 times a day, so far 4 days in and about 9% down on the 100 I started with

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11 times a day!? :sweat_smile: LOL. That was me for the first few days.
I’m also making the assumption that the battery level is accurate. Apparently the battery level isn’t even shown on the original tradfri app so there is a chance it’s not accurate.

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I just called ikea & they said for the nj stores it looks like the blinds will be released on Oct 7.

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So that would mean ~440 days for a set of batteries.


I just called and they don’t see any coming to either Ohio locations all the way through mid November :sob:

I’ve been counting down the days for the US release. I guess I’ll be counting even longer :frowning:

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Possibly not an accurate battery monitor, Ikea state once per day up and down, leads to 4-6 months before charging, i’m doing this as an experiment as we have a rental I’m thinking of fitting these to…

Having some difficulty at present with the accuracy of the positions, it doesn’t always know where the bottom is…

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