Thanks @a4refillpad

Took a while for my Smarthings classic to actually connect, then use the code, but the next set of blinds paired immeadiately and now they work well, little slow on the button pushes; but thats a mior gripe

Thanks for the work, its great.


Thanks for the DH - works great for me. Has anyone managed to get these working with Alexa or Google? I know i can create a vritual switch and use that - but i really want to be able to ask them to “open” or “Close”, rather than say “on” or “off” :slight_smile:

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That can be done as a routine on the Alexa app.
So something like if I say “Open room blinds” turn on room blinds etc

Yep found that last night - got there in the end - thanks Steve :slight_smile:

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I thought blinds weren’t supported with Alexa, or is this a ST routine

From what I believe Alexa sees it as a switch so on/off.
So just create a Alexa routine where you say open/close instead.

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