[RELEASE] HVAC/Thermostat Automatic Fan Scheduling/Recirculate (On/Off/Circulate)


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Some folks have been asking for a way to Automatically turn on / off / circulate the Thermostat/HVAC fan.
This is required for some systems which require constant circulation or just to keep the air around the home flowing on a periodic basis.

This app does exactly that, it’s provides the following:

  • Select multiple thermostats
  • Setup the fan mode (on or circulate)
  • Set the on/circulate duration and off duration of the fan (it will cycle between the modes, i.e. On for ‘X’ minutes and off for ‘Y’ minutes and repeat cycle)
  • Set an operating schedule (time of days, start/end and days of week, single days, multiple selection or all week)

This app is available on the RBoy apps server (along with all the rest of the premium and free apps) http://smartthings.rboyapps.com. Refer to our facebook page below to get access to the server.
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[RELEASE] Unlimited customizable thermostat
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FYI, there’s a free alternative developed by @midyear66:

It is discussed here:

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Nice. A little old and works a little differently from this app but very cool never the less.

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Yep. Doing you homework usually pays off. :wink:

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Updated and fixed for changes in ST platform

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###HVAC Thermostat Automatic Fan Scheduling - Version 1.0.2

  • Added fix for error while installing if the hub location/timezone wasn’t specified. Now it’ll warn the user to add the hub location to that it can pick the correct timezone otherwise it’ll default to UTC timezone.

Thanks to DnCCrew for this step:

To set the hub Location, from smartphone app:

  1. Clicked on the 3 lines (top right corner)
  1. Clicked on gear icon (top right)
  2. Click area that says “Tap to set where home is on the map” and zoom in to correct location on map.

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###HVAC Thermostat Automatic Fan Scheduling - Version 1.0.4

  • Fix for a scheduling bug in the ST API when end time is before start time (i.e. next day)

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###HVAC Thermostat Automatic Fan Scheduling - Version 01.01.00

  • Added support for automatic app update notifications

After updating the SmartApp code you will need to open the SmartApp on your phone and click Done for the automatic update notifications to take effect

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HVAC Thermostat Automatic Fan Scheduling - Version 01.02.00

  • Added support for schedules ending past midnight into next day