[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat

Hi folks… just updating everyone on the fact that HousePanel has been updated to Version 3.326 with various bug fixes – most for the ISY Universal Devices hub but some are for SmartThings. If you are an active user this would be a good time to upgrade.

Hi upgrade went fine but the version reported is v2.330 ?


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Yes. This is correct. I have continued to advance HP and the current version is V2.330. The new features will not likely impact you. Details in the dev log on the info page.

[RELEASE} HousePanel V2.331 tonight

This version adjusts custom fields provided in the Tile Customizer such that if you rename the content of a field that has an action, that original action will now still be executed. Previously all replacement TEXT fields neutered the original field intent. This no longer happens. The important implications of this is that you can now use the Tile Customizer to change what the fields say without changing what they do. This is a fairly big deal. Hope you enjoy it.