[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat

[RELEASE] HousePanel Version 2.103
This version implements fixes to Album Art to work more smoothly and reliably.

Water sensor tile actions enabled and default icons provided for default and modern skins

Perfect! Works nicely.

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[RELEASE] HousePanel 2.104
Fix duplicate hubs after re-auth bug
Fix bug in tile editor for weather tiles
Speed up old by avoiding repeat options read
Other bug fixes

please help me custom title

to do:

after custom:

but after reload web or push button refresh, title comback default

If it is just the title you are trying to set to blank, use the tile editor instead of customizer and just hide it. Blanks are a flag to use default name. Editor is green button not blue.

if your other changes don’t stick that means your hmoptions.cfg file and hm_user.cfg (where user is your username) file are not writeable. Go into your server and set modes using:

sudo chmod 777 hm*.cfg
sudo chmod -r 777 skin-housepanel

The second line ensures your skin folder is also writeable.

By the way, looks like you are using the customizer when the editor is easier and more suited to hiding fields.

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@kewashi Need to increase security. The current can be fully view, including the connection profile to the SmartThings

Don’t install HousePanel in a public facing web server. I state this very clearly in the doc. Use a rPI inside your home firewall. If you insist on a public server, take steps to secure it wit a robots file and other techniques.

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[RELEASE] HousePanel Version 2.107

This update adds an obscure but useful RULE feature where any tile can be triggered by any other tile’s action by adding a RULE item in the Tile Customizer. The field can be named anything as long as the type is set to RULE. Unlike other RULE’s (which are still supported) these new types take a single line of five items separated by an “=” sign. So to trigger a light with a motion sensor - say sensor of tile #29 - you would add:


If you wanted to also turn the light off automatically you would ad:


This will create a visible item that is not intended to be clicked on. You can and should hide it with the Editor, but you can leave it as a reminder that it has a rule set up too.

As a reminder, the prior RULE feature still works. In this mode RULE items are given to automate things directly when they are clicked. These types of rules use three values separated by an “=” sign. HP detects the type based on the format. So to turn lights 7 and 11 on and lights 4 and 16 off one would enter:


So when this custom field is clicked on, all four actions will be taken. Notice that these rules can be stacked on the same item. The new trigger style rules cannot be stacked. Trigger style rules are entered as separate items and are treated as logical “OR” triggers acting upon the tile within which they are added. No support for AND is provided yet.

I will add a GUI once this has some time in the field to confirm that it works solidly.

I’m working on changing the new Rule feature introduced in 2.107 above to be a more full featured rule engine with triggers, AND states, and OR states, and multiple actions. This won’t be anything as good as WebCore or Bruce’s Rule engine but for casual panel users it might be good enough to implement very useful automations. It turns out that the webhook I had to set up to keep the panel active gives me all the triggers needed to do this with very little additional overhead. This post is to just advise people to not get too carried away with using the 5-factor rule noted above since the syntax will likely change. I will try hard to retain the original 3-factor sequences that fire upon click.

[RELEASE HousePanel 2.108] As warned, the short-lived 2.107 Rule feature was obsoleted with 2.108 just posted. This new update implements an improved Rule engine that allows multiple “then” responses to any “if” statement given in the Customizer. The only catch is you now have to specify the “if” clause explicity by giving the first item as “if: id=subid=value” then any number of tripplets can follow that specify the id, subid, value data items. so for example consider:

if: 117=switch=on, 25=switch=on, 14=switch=off

this statement would turn switch 25 on and switch 14 off when switch 117 is turned on.

This string would be given in the Tile Customizer tied to any new subid value. As items change value each provided custom tile is checked.

Important note - for such Rules to work the current installation must have WebSockets installed, configured, and working.

[RELEASE] HousePanel 2.109

Minor upgrade to add a new option to disable Rules. This is found on the options page as a new Checkbox. Notice in the graphic below just next to Kiosk Mode.


I added this because it slows down the operation of HP when on and most people won’t use it. So the default is off. To use Rules you must set the Enable Rules checkbox. I find that Rules work fine if you don’t have too many devices. But if you have over 200 like me it is a noticeable slow down for little benefit.

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Hey Ken thanks again for all hour hard work on House Panel!
I’m trying to design my own color picker for my kid’s color bulbs in their rooms and decided to use the HP API and use a third party colorpicker hosted on an HTML doc on my Raspberry Pi. I thought I had it all set up and working when I noticed (only) some of the colors are way off. I’m hoping you or someone else reading can help!
So here is the POST I am sending to my HP server:…&id=…&type=bulb&value=hsl(223,100,030)&attr=color

And here is the payload I get in the response:

{“name”:“Light - Living Room Lamp”,“switch”:“on”,“color”:"#2f4c00",“hue”:223,“saturation”:100}

I certainly don’t have a lot of experience with colors but from what I can gather my HSL request (from what I can tell this is the only supported format) should translate to basically blue, but its a weird off green color. I think somewhere some wires got crossed. Actually even if you put the hue of 223 and 100% saturation into a converter (which the server admits is what I requested), you will get a shade of blue.
Any help at all would be appreciated!

Just off the top of my head (which might be Mos-remembering), in SmartThings, you may need to convert Hue values of 0-360° to 0-100.

ie, Try SmartThings Hue = Hue/360*100

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll check it out when I get back to my home PC later. I tried sending it from my phone and got diddly but that could be a number of things.

It did make me realize I should probably check the IDE logs and see what’s actually going on. Realized I have that lamp set to a trendsetter group which may be causing the issue? It’s hard to tell on mobile and I can’t even remove It from the group. But it’s still odd that HP will send me a response that basically has 2 different colors in it.

Hey thanks a lot Terry that was totally the problem! A little simple math and the issue is solved.

FYI not the first time you’ve helped solve a smart home issue I’ve had on some forum or another. The family really appreciates the kindness. Also we’re happy ActionTiles customers as well :innocent:

So the one gripe I hear from my girls is that they can’t easily change their (Sengled Element) color bulbs. I’ve tried both the tile on AT and HP and their little fingers are just too clumsy to hit the little hamburger and move the sliders around, and poor Alexa just can’t understand the 5 year old “accent”. So this is going to be a big ol’ color wheel (Iro.js) that executes the post to the HP API with the input:end event. Probably going to scale it to fit the entire height of the Fire 7 and then eat up the other side of the rectangle with some little arbitrary info tiles.

Should be clean, simple, and 5 & 3 year old friendly!


First of all… thanks for being a power user of HP exercising the API to its full potential. I always imagined people in the ST community would create all sorts of things with this feature but only a few people have done so. Anyway, you are in an elite group. NIcely done.

Regarding the colors, I use a function I found on the web called hsv2rgb. You can find it at line 1757 in the HousePanel.groovy file. Terry’s guidance is spot on as usual as it reflects the logic in this code.

EDIT: When you use the built in tool I actually first convert from rgb to hsv and then back in the main app where API’s are processed, I do hsv back to rgb. The API by default uses only hsv inputs using the format “hsl(xxx,yyy,zzz)” as you properly are using. I will add an rgb(aaa,bbb,ccc) option to make it easier for API power users.

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I certainly wouldn’t say I’ve got to experience the full potential yet, but I’m really enjoying using the “advanced” features of HP to make something for my family.

I found the function in there and with Terry’s reply about the Hue being a percentage I managed to get the color wheel working. I tied the lightness slider to both the dimmer level of the light and the brightness of the panel device using Fully Kiosk’s JS interface.

That’s very kind of you! Also encouraging. I am entirely a hobbyist. I have no professional experience in development or web-design. But I am absolutely a geek at heart!

Honestly it was a lot easier than making a normal HTML doc where you’ve got to take all different browsers and screen sizes into account. I’ll probaby tweak it a little more and add some kid-friendly animations to the emoji/buttons. Right now when you tap the “buttons” they do a 360 spin to indicate you tapped it, and then reverse on ajax.complete :innocent::rofl:

If anyone else is interested in doing something like this I’d be more than happy to help. Like I said it was pretty easy…all of the hard work was already done by kewashi and friends! Also credit to Iro Color Picker!

Here’s a screenshot of my 5 year old daughter’s panel right now using Fully Kiosk’s REST API. The colorwheel controls her Sengled Element bulb/panel date & time color and brighhtness, as well as the overall panel brightness. The 2 upper emoji icons execute a couple Alexa routines (starts music/skill on her echo). The other emoji turn the light on 100% white (Alexa has a really hard time understanding “Turn Jaina’s Light White Bright” --I wonder why :joy:), while the dimmed moon emoji turns it off.


@kewashi, wonderful job. I tried it yesterday and very impressed with your work.
I have a QNAP nas and installed this webserver in my Nas and works perfectly. I am still playing with the customization. One issue I found so far in my dashboard is with the groups created using “TrendSetter”. I created the bulb group, which can change color/temperature, but housepanel is not detecting as bulb, it is detecting as switch. How to move it from switch to a bulb ? or may be it something on smartthings I need to change ?

I really like HousePanel so far but I am having a little trouble figuring out something. I would like to create multiple tiles for a fan switch. One tile to turn it on/off and one tile each for low, medium, and high. When I go into Edit mode, there are 4 “Custom” tiles. That is not enough custom tiles for everything I would like to make. How do I make more of those?

Go to the Options page. You should see an option for adding more custom tiles. Just click + several times.

Save before you try to add the new ones and then go back into same edit options page to add them. Then style to your liking.

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