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[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat


(ilker Aktuna) #1324

thanks. now it is great !

I have just one issue remaining;
I am using on ANdroid tablet, a browser named “fullscreen browser” and when I load housepanel , it zooms a little. So I can’t see the full page until I zoom out manually.
What would you recommend for this ?


(HousePanel Author) #1325

I recommend tossing the fullscreen browser and using Fully Kiosk Browser instead. It is a fantastic product that you will love.

(ilker Aktuna) #1326

thanks. I just installed it.
At start it also zoomed like the “fulll screen browser”
but it has a setting “downscale older websites to the viewport width”
when I enable this, it starts just as fit.

why do I need this setting ? is it because I could not set the widct of housepanel correctly ?

(HousePanel Author) #1327

It is because I use a fixed width setting in my html. I tried letting browsers scale the page and it gives too much unpredictable look and feel.


My second try at playing with HousePanel is a lot better experience than back in January. I’m about 1/4 of the way there migrating from SmartTiles dashboard to HousePanel so should be completed before they permanently shutdown SmartTiles in January. Couldn’t resize my video feeds like in SmartTiles so stuck at ~600x600 frame sizes for now.

I got the Stop Motion Video Streams working in HP like it does in SmartTiles for my IPcams/weather radar/forecast/traffic by using below as a workaround.

<script type="text/javascript">
   setInterval(refreshIframe, 4000);
   function refreshIframe() {
   var frame = document.getElementById("YourFrameName");
   frame.src = frame.src;

Still can’t get any of my WebCore to show up in option list but not worried as that will be last on my todo list.

(ilker Aktuna) #1329

but I didn’t understand. I set the width to 1280 as you instructed.
So why does it not fit to the screen of my tablet with 800x1280 res. ?

(HousePanel Author) #1330

Very nice! Thanks for sharing. The workaround you posted is brilliant. I just posted an update that offers an alternative but I like your solution better.

Be sure to enable “webcore” in the mobile app. You can’t enable it on the Auth page.

(HousePanel Author) #1331

Maintenance Release today of V1.928. Fixes bugs and adds a few goodies:

  • prevent whole tile from being hidden
  • add flourescent light icon to main library
  • allow edited tile to be re-edited without starting over
  • further css cleanup to prep for flat icon library
  • analog tile styling to enable digital elements
  • rapid 5 second refresh of image tiles to support stop-motion effect (beta - must be enabled in .js file)

For the last item I left it off by default because it could be slow. To try it out, edit the housepanel.js file and search for setupFastTimer and remove the comments. You can play with the timer setting too. The default there is 5000 which is every 5 seconds. For this to have any impact your image tiles will need to be updated on the same frequency via some external script or camera feed.

(John Wade) #1332

I still cannot make it past the authorize screen. When I hit done authorizing it just brings me back to the same screen… Could this be a write permission issue?

(HousePanel Author) #1333

Yes - that is likely. Either that or you are getting a bad auth code returned.


Weird, I had previously enabled “webcore” toggle in the mobile app but nothing showed up. Tried again this morning and resaving it in mobile app again worked this time around and I can now see my webcoRE pistons.

Currently about 33% complete on migration from smarttiles. Tile editor is time saver as you don’t have to inspect element for thing number and can easily apply changes based on scope. I probably need to tweak refresh polling on the alarm security contacts/motion detectors/etc as it seems to take a while to reflect state changes.

(HousePanel Author) #1335

Polling refresh is once a minute. Can increase to 30 seconds but I wouldn’t go more frequent

(HousePanel Author) #1336

I wanted to say that you are doing some excellent work here – I love your adaptation of HousePanel as a classic example of its power and flexibility. Thanks so much for sharing your screen shots.


WAF was a blocker on my original plan of migrating from SmartTiles to ActionTiles last year because I wouldn’t be able to customize CSS. Customizing HousePanel will be close enough to smarttiles as it’ll get for the look/feel that our family is accustomed to. Additionally, I was able to run HP in Docker along with other containers on a single rpi. Would like to see those floor plan view templates make it’s way to HP as that would be nice for my alarm/security tab.

I won’t mess with polling refresh for now and will just manually hit the refresh button if I need an updated view of the contacts. Thanks for your continued improvements to HousePanel.

(HousePanel Author) #1338

Yea I hear ya. This is exactly why I created Housepanel in the first place because my wife hated the technical look of the flat ActionTiles icons. Other users have done floor plan skins but I don’t have anything official supported. The polling is my biggest headache so hang in there. I continue to find bugs so be patient as I squash them. The tile editor has become the largest and most importantly part of the whole code base so most updates will be there.

Tonight I fixed an obscure issue with thermostats. I will hold posting updates until Friday. This will be my new routine.

(Paul Barden) #1339

Hi again kewashi. Just wondering why your polling is at a minute?. Why not faster?

(HousePanel Author) #1340

The polling rate could be faster but the network traffic combined with the workload on the client via javascript screen updates makes refreshes more frequently than 30 seconds not very practical. For SmartThings each poll makes a cloud post and then waits for a return of a long json string of status, which then is passed on to javascript which updates the visual representation of every tile on screen. This takes on my system about 10 seconds on a good day and 20 seconds on a bad day. I played around with different rates and 30 seconds is good but it makes the touch response sluggish if you have lots of tiles. I have lots of tiles. If you have only a few tiles you can easily get away with 30 seconds. Maybe even 15. The cloud call is the limiting factor. On Hubitat where the hub is local, polling can be much faster so I have the default set to 5 seconds and that works well there.

(Brad) #1341

Great work @kewashi on creating and sharing this work. This is as close as anything out there to what I want to accomplish. Thanks for your efforts and the others who have assisted. Donation is coming your way…

Thanks to your excellent instructions, I have HP up and running from a local computer (I will eventually port this to a rPi, once I have it configured), with everything working on the default pages. I’m having trouble customizing my HP though and could use some guidance. I did some searching, but no luck. Also, it has been years since I did much in Linux and I’ve not had experience with Apache, so bear with me:

  • If I try to copy over an edited hmoptions.cfg file, HP wants me to reauthorize. I believe it is due to the permissions on the file. I tried to set permissions so Apache has R/W access, but it doesn’t seem to work. I cannot get the permissions to match, no matter what I try. I also tried making the folder permissions “sticky” and then transfer the file, but not sure I did it right. Any suggestions there?
  • Once that’s resolved, I want to create a configuration with no visible tabs, but that has a main page with a floor plan and buttons to navigate to each room (and back). I would have the main page, plus 9 rooms I want control pages for in my house, plus an “Outside” page. Is it possible to hide the tabs? Also, is there any limitation to the number of pages?

(HousePanel Author) #1342

Your best bet here is to not edit the config file directly. Instead make changes inside the GUI. Inside the GUI you can put things in rooms on the Options page or using the Edit feature. You can also change the look and feel of just about anything in the TileEditor. On your server, set the permissions by using chmod 777 hmoptions.cfg and in the parent directory do the same on the whole housepanel folder.

Others have done floor panel setups. They are discussed in this same thread. There is a main options button on the bottom that can be used to hide tabs. Once you set this option then go into Kiosk mode. Only do this after you have everything set up the way you want, since getting out of Kiosk mode isn’t easy.

[EDIT] I re-read what you are trying to do and thought I would update my response. Rooms in HP are selected by using the Tab not tiles like what is done in ActionTiles. So without some code mods you can’t do what you are describing. You can change the styling of tabs to look like buttons but I don’t think you can move them around on the page. I think adding a code mod to include a tile that selects a new tab would not be hard but it isn’t on my development roadmap at present.


I followed all the steps for ST and went to http://MyLocalIp/housepanel/housepanel.php
Filled the Timezone, Skin directory, Api URL, Oauth Client ID and Secret.
Click the authorize hub button.

When auth happens and it comes back to housepanel.php?code=SOMECODE

I get 500 internal server error. I do see that hmoptions.cfg created in the webserver.