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[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat


(HousePanel Author) #1244

Next release is under development. As advertised, this will include support for multiple hubs. An added bonus is the addition of Analog clocks… finally! This isn’t yet ready for prime time but here’s a teaser from the bleeding edge of ongoing development…

(HousePanel Author) #1245

Have the multiple hubs working in beta mode I. The multihub branch. More debugging and fine tuning still required but I’m plodding away.

(HousePanel Author) #1246

Cross posting important news about the multihub feature from Hubitat forum.


(HousePanel Author) #1247

Version 1.80 posted with the multihub merged into the master branch. It is ready for prime time usage.

Let me know if anyone has any feedback.

(HousePanel Author) #1248

Hi Folks - I submitted a major overhaul of the HousePanel documentation. You can find the updated doc at the official location here:

Note this supercedes the old Wiki doc file.

Hope this is helpful.

(HousePanel Author) #1249

Cross posting from Hubitat the latest info about HousePanel…

(HousePanel Author) #1250

Version 1.802 posted with a new Password feature.

With this new password feature so you can now use HousePanel on a public server and easily protect it from prying eyes. The password is set on the auth page. Once set you have to type in the password before HP will display. If you forget the password the only way to recover it is to manually edit the hmoptions.cfg file and change it to blank. Actually you can invoke HP with ?useajax=reauth and that will take you back to the auth page where you can set a new password. This is not a strong protection method for obvious reasons given the noted reset approach, but it should keep casual users away, such as prevent visitors from launching your panel on their personal devices. The only real method to use HP securely from external hackers is to install it only on a server that sits inside your firewall. Subject to user feedback, I could easily lock HP down further by preventing the auth page from launching without a valid password. Let me know your thoughts.

(HousePanel Author) #1251

Version 1.804 posted with merged in fixhttp branch.

Updates included with this version include:

  • Ability to post data to custom tiles from external API call
  • Cleaner output of returned values from custom POST calls
  • Update to skin-plain skin to work with current version
  • Bugfix for tile invert in TileEditor

This update also includes several other minor bug fixes and code cleanups.


Hi Ken,
Could you explain the above two updates a little more?
Are the custom tiles ones that we create?
“Cleaner output”, what has changed? Just concerned as this sounds like it could break my custom UI.


(HousePanel Author) #1253

This won’t break any existing UI or setup. The custom tiles are 8 new tiles of type “custom” that are now always available. You can safely ignore them by not adding one to any tab/page.

If you do use them they can operate in one of two modes. In output mode, you specify what you want the tile to do display when you click it. The simplest option is to display fixed text or you can leave it blank. This is best used if you also style it to show some graphic. You can also use this as a spacer just like blanks. The syntax is:

custom_1:[[”TEXT”,”Hello World”,” ”],[“TEXT”,”Second Line Hello”,”My World”]]

The more interesting use is to give the custom tile a POST or a GET type with parameters. This can only be set up manually by editing the hmoptions.cfg file. The syntax is:


Notice that multiple lines are possible. Each line will be called and the values returned will be shown on the tile. I tested this with a Stringify remote call. TEXT, POST, GET, and PUT can all be used and mixed.

In the input mode, the tile is added and nothing is set up in hmoptions. However, an external web app running on the same network can push data to it using the HousePanel API. To test this run the following api call in a browser:

http://yourpiurl/housepanel.php?useajax=doaction&id=custom_1&subid=post&value=“Hello API World”&attr=“API Text Sample”

The values given will show up on your panel. This is useful if you have some third party app computing values that you want to display on your panel.

I know this is esoteric, but my mission is to make a smart panel that is unmatched in flexibility and customization.

Again, you can safely ignore all of this.

One caveat is I did change the default video tile from arlovideo.mp4 to video1.mp4


Thank you for the explanation, yes, this doesn’t affect me. I was worried for a moment there.
I really appreciate you keeping with this project, this has been so much fun for me. I can’ t wait to post my UI when complete, see what you think.

(HousePanel Author) #1255

Glad you are enjoying it. I look forward to seeing what you created.

(Simon Williams) #1256

Hi there, really interested in getting this up and running, but don’t have a Rpi…

I’ve looked at the Wiki, but there is no specific instructions for Ubuntu Server (which I have running on a Hyper V VM) and it seems the Docker discussion doesn’t seem to have moved forward in 6 months so I can’t hook this up to my Synology DS.

I have the ability to “follow instructions” and basic troubleshooting, but would struggle doing this on a piece by piece basis, such as install Apache, install Curl, install PHP pages…

Are there any “idiot” instructions outsdie of the RPi ?

(HousePanel Author) #1257

Unfortunately no but the Pi instructions should work for most Debian Linux installs.

Another option is to just get a rPi. Trust me it is the best $30 bucks you will spend in a long time

(HousePanel Author) #1258

Dear HousePanel loyal users!!!

Tonight I am posting a fairly important upgrade to HousePanel. To upgrade just grab the latest files on the usual GitHub for your server. No need to upgrade the Groovy file.

This upgrade implements stability and bug fixes to the Tile Editor. With this upgrade you can change the look and feel of just about any aspect of any type of HP tile on screen right from the GUI. With this update even I have stopped editing the main CSS file for fine grained visual tweaks. There are still plenty of updates that could be added but I think you will find this to be much more robust than earlier versions.

Anyway, hope you all check it out.


(HousePanel Author) #1259

Working on another update that brings full page/panel editing into the TileEdit framework. Still polishing up the final testing but things are looking good. New features coming with this update include:

  • user selectable backgrounds for pages
  • tile left, center, or right placement in panel
  • tab background icons and colors
  • background effects in panels and tabs
  • multiple tile editing at the same time
  • multiple panel editing at the same time

Should post this later today.

(HousePanel Author) #1260

Cross posting…

(HousePanel Author) #1261

Update Version 1.807 posted that fixes the page name error. This update also implements a feature requested by my wife that sets the screen to black with a single click. This way the tablet in our bedroom doesn’t have to be turned off at night and can come back on quickly with a single screen tap. The timers are paused while the screen is blacked out and resume upon clearing. And as always I cleaned up a few minor bugs.

(HousePanel Author) #1262

Having a quiet weekend without code updates. Hope all are enjoying the latest.


Hi Ken, I just installed the new update and the panel is collapsing to the tiles width.
If I change div.panel width:auto back to width:100% it works.