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[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat


(HousePanel Author) #1224

Minor but useful tweaks to Tile Editor posted today. Also sharing an update screenshot of my tablet installed on the wall in my home.

(HousePanel Author) #1225

Custom tiles have been added to HousePanel. First, here is a screenshot of what they look like. They can be styled as usual to be any color or have any icon but I kept it simple in this demo to show the main functionality.


To add a custom tile just drag it from the catalog by selecting “Custom” in the list. This is a new option. Once added you will need to edit your hmoptions.cfg file directly to tell HP what to put in the tile. Plain text can be added or a random GET, POST, or PUT call can be made to invoke REST API’s with the result populating the tile. Here is the snippet from my file used in the above example.

“post_custom_1”:[[“TEXT”,“Hello World”,“text 1”],[“TEXT”,“Second Line”,“text 2”]],

The first custom tile just puts two lines of text as shown. The second one makes a GET call to my local KuKu Harmony API and returns the status of my Harmony Hub as a json string. Not very useful but imagine using it to instead invoke KuKu Harmony actions using a POST call. Custom tile 2 is not defined so the message indicates this.

The hmoptions.cfg entry contains an array of arrays. Each array entry is its own line. The first parameter is either TEXT, GET, POST, or PUT. If TEXT the second parameter is a text line to show in the tile. Otherwise a REST call is made using the second parameter as the URL. The third parameter is a query string to pass to the REST call, or a second text line.

(HousePanel Author) #1226

Donate Button added to the Show Info and authorization pages. Any donations will be much appreciated and applied to improving HousePanel and fixing bugs.

(HousePanel Author) #1227

[RELEASE] HousePanel 1.75

Finally I have implemented the ability to edit page names, remove pages, and add pages from the GUI without editing the hmoptions.cfg file manually. With this version little dots show up on the tabs to edit or remove the page when in Edit mode. If you click the green dot you will be able to change the name of the page. If you click the red dot you can remove the page after confirming that you really want to do that. All tiles will be removed from any removed pages. They will still be in your configuration but they won’t show on that page since that page will be gone. On the far right side a new button shows up that will add a page when clicked. The added page will have only a clock tile initially.

Page reordering is still available as before in Reorder mode. I found and fixed a bug that would cause custom tile names to be wiped out when reordering tiles. This will be the last update for awhile because I’m heading out on vacation for a week. I hope it is fairly robust. In

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(Paulo Santos) #1228

I have been reading about your Housepanel and still undecided between Actiontiles and Housepanel.
Housepanel looks more dificult to set up but more atractive to see and free. I would use it only as in house LAN.
Any step by step instructions with images or video if possible?!

(HousePanel Author) #1229

I don’t have a video but good setup instructions are on the wiki page of the GitHub linked in the first post above. I may make a video someday. Lots of help is available here.

The hardest part of setting up HousePanel is getting a functioning local web server set up. I strongly recommend that you use a Raspberry up pi to do this. The rest. Is easy. Tedious but easy.,

(Nick) #1230

Hi all, been a while. I’ve taken on some new responsibilities at work so I haven’t had time to mess with this stuff lately. So, what’s the verdict on Hubitat? Is it ready for prime time / can I abandon ST yet?

(HousePanel Author) #1231

Duuuuuude!!! Where ya been? You have a lot of catching up to do. First - on your question about Hubitat, it has matured a lot. Some people have gone whole hog and use only Hubitat. HousePanel support for it has also matured nicely and Hubitat only installations work just great. With that said, there are still many IP based devices that don’t work on Hubitat. More are added every day but I still rely on my ST hub a lot. I give ST a lot of credit for making the platform more stable than before. However, the looming migration over to the new app still scares me. We’ll see. For now HousePanel happily support both running side by side with no troubles.

As for updates to HousePanel, you will find quite a lot here. The editor that you started got a complete facelift. You might not even recognize it. It is accessed now from the main page when in Edit mode. The editor can do so much now. It still needs some TLC and tweaking but it is much improved. Thanks for starting this and inspiring this version.

Another big update is the new authentication page. This page now has useful information and replaces the old clientinfo.php file. I think you will like it.

Finally, since you were last active on the forum I have implemented many bug fixes and new features, including custom tiles, page additions and editing, tile renaming, and more.

Progress is still relatively slow because I’m basically the only active developer (hint hint). Anyway, glad to hear from you man. Hope the new job is good stuff.

(Nick) #1232

Awesome, I have these kindles sitting in a drawer, and it is about time I mount them. Glad to see edit mode was implemented.

(HousePanel Author) #1233

HousePanel branding and hosting change

Today I am notifying users that I am changing the github repository and branding of HousePanel. The OpenDash experiment was not as successful as I had hoped so starting today HousePanel will be branded solely as HousePanel. The new github location is:

The documentation is also moving to the website associated with this github at:

Additional information will be forthcoming soon. The code will be cross posted for awhile in both places but you should switch over as soon as possible.

(Chris Wilson) #1234

Hey Nick, long time no see. I hope the new job is going well.

As th Hubitat I am one of the all in peeps. My brother now owns the st hub. Ken summed it up well. More integrations happening all the time. The staff is very responsive to requests and updates are happening quickly. There have been a few bumps along the way, overall i really like it.

The community is small, being dominated by the same 10 people or so, most are friendly helpful. I have managed to integrate all devices i had on smartthings. I even muddled through setting up a driver and nice server combo for a wif I device that had never been controllable in smartthings. Lol I have learned so much since starting my HP adventure. I now tell my wife a ok my time spent on this stuff is @kewashi fault.

(HousePanel Author) #1235

I feel that this version is finally stable so I will be declaring it the first non-beta production release with the next update. The next update will most include documentation updates, removal of beta debug distractions, misc cleanup, and a branding change to complete the breakaway from OpenDash. The tile editor still has a known bug where initial element widths and heights are not captured. I will fix this too. Finally, I will bundle a known minified jQuery in the next source to make it easy to keep everything local.

The next major update under development will include multiple hub support and proper OAUTH flows for Hubitat, but that will come after the first production release.

This note is to ask the user community for any feedback ASAP of anything you have seen that you think needs fixing or updating. Even little things like finding a typo in an output string will be appreciated. I think the default icons need a little work but I have no patience for doing this type of stuff so if anyone has an artistic flair and would like to help, I will cheerfully accept it.

(HousePanel Author) #1236

[RELEASE] HousePanel Revision 1.77
Minor update released with important bug fixes for Hubitat mainly. The fixes that impact SmartThings are tweaks to the tile editor to make element widths and heights work properly now. This is revision 1.77 and marks a fairly stable revision that will sit for awhile without further updates unless any critical errors are found.

Identical code has been posted to both the open-dash and kewashi github repositories.

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(Mark H) #1237

Hi Ken! I just have a couple questions about the new update, before I make more work for myself than necessary. I am not a programmer but working through your instructions I have been able to get a version of HP working. It is really a nice interface to my 45 switches and sensors. My main concern is how do I update what I have to the newer version? I have tried to search for the answer and have not been successful. I have this on a rpi zero right now. After reviewing your detailed instructions again I am wondering if I start from the beginning, right after the web server instructions or somewhere else entirely.
Also, I am wondering if you have plans to have an option to remove the square tiles and leave just the icon in the room? I was thinking about a floorplan of my first and second floors, where on one screen I could get a quick visual of what was going on in the house without looking at each separate room. Using the square tiles just takes up too much room. Thanks so much for your help!

(HousePanel Author) #1238

To update you don’t have to start over. Mainly you need to do the following:

  • update your groovy file in the ST api
  • upload new files to your rPI in the same locations
  • keep your existing hmoptions.cfg file - it will be updated to the new format automatically
  • be sure to also upload your HousePanel.css file and copy over any changes you made to your css file into the new one

Regarding removing the square tiles and using a floor plan, that can be done today with clever editing of your css file. This post shared several months ago is an example that shows it can be done.

(Mark H) #1239

Hey Ken! Thanks so much for getting me squared away on how to update! As far as the floorplan goes, I am just wondering if there is a way to have the same tile on two different pages that are each configured differently. I want my floorplan page to have just icons showing and no tiles or words. When I make those changes it seems that those same tiles change on the other pages, rather than stay the same. "im I missing or is there a way to have the same tile look differently on different pages? Thanks for your time!

(HousePanel Author) #1240

There is a way but not with the tile editor. You can do this by editing the CSS file directly adding a reference to the page in your styling. I can send you an example of how to do this tonight if needed.

Here is how you do it. First, style a tile that you want on the page that you want using the TileEditor. Next, take note of the name of the page shown on the Tab. Prepend that name with “panel-” in the following step. Next download a copy of your customtiles.css file that was updated after you used the TileEditor. FInd the lines that were created. I styled a bulb to look like a lamp that shows up on two pages. The styling looks like this in the customtiles.css file.

div.overlay.switch.v_73 {
background-image: url(“skin-housepanel/icons/lampoff.png”);
background-size: 50px;
div.overlay.switch.v_73 div.switch.p_73.on {
background-image: url(“skin-housepanel/icons/lampon.png”);
background-size: 50px;

Add “div.panel-Name” to the front of both sections. In my case the page was called “Empty” so the updated section will look like:

div.panel-Empty div.overlay.switch.v_73 {
background-image: url(“skin-housepanel/icons/lampoff.png”);
background-size: 50px;
div.panel-Empty div.overlay.switch.v_73 div.switch.p_73.on {
background-image: url(“skin-housepanel/icons/lampon.png”);
background-size: 50px;

Save the file and upload it back to your server. Now the edits will only show up on page “Empty” or whatever page you named.

(HousePanel Author) #1241

Found and fixed a minor but important bug that caused lock tiles to render improperly when changed in status using toggle action. Posted to the usual repositories. If you are on the latest, this update only requires uploading a new groovy file to your hubs.

(HousePanel Author) #1242

Cross posting from Hubitat forum a really cool new feature suggested by @cwwilson08 for multi tile api calls. On SmartThings you will likely only use the tile version since ID’s are hideously long in SmartThings.

(Chris Wilson) #1243

Works perfectly. Well done Ken.