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[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat


(Chris Wilson) #1083

I was quite shocked once I started using it. So much easier than using node.js servers. You can literally just drag and drop and then link the things you want to happen. Configure a little bit as needed.

I found a super cool alexa skill. Using the HP endpoints to query status I can now check temperature, and lock status as well as set color on lights in hubitat all through alexa. A very nice workaround till they get their skill up and running. I have managed to removed dependencies on tasker / android and move them all over to the pi.

Just one more quick note.
The showids call does not seem to be working, Either from the button on the dashboard or the direct url.

(HousePanel Author) #1084

Thanks for letting me know… probably broke it with the latest update. Working on some fixes and will add this to the queue. Maybe tomorrrow we will see a bug fix update.

[EDIT] This was a stupid bug… one line fix. Fixed a bunch of other bugs too. Update posted in usual place in the master branch.

(HousePanel Author) #1085

This bug is fixed in the update posted tonight. A number of other improvements are included and multiple bug fixes. Still dinking around with the z-index feature so that might be buggy still.

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #1086

Can this version be used with Hubitat without ST yet ?

(HousePanel Author) #1087

Not yet… that is the next thing on my list to do. It won’t be hard, but I still only have two things on my hubitat hub. Unfortunately I can’t get my hubitat to pair most of my sensors. I think they are too far from the hub and they can’t be moved. Anyway, coming soon.

In the mean time, another bugfix was just posted today. For some reason the options file is getting randomly corrupted in this version. I can’t seem to find why so until I find it, I recommend everyone keep a copy of your hmoptions.cfg file handy to replace on your server if needed.

(Chris Wilson) #1088

Hey Ken,
I am not sure which devices you are talking about, I had a hell of a time getting my st sensors to pair with hubitat. All it took in the end was changing the zigbee channel in the hub. May be worth a shot…

I have managed to integrate everything at this point. Including a driver I made for a device that was not supported before. Digging the local control…

(HousePanel Author) #1089

I will give that a try… I’m testing the Hubitat-only version right now. Should post it soon.

(HousePanel Author) #1090

Okay folks… update posted that should work for Hubitat only installations. To use, simply edit your clientinfo.php file and enter “hubitat” as the ST_WEB parameter. Your HUBITAT parameters all have to be set.

If you are a current user, remove your cookies named “hmtoken” and “hmendpoint”. You can leave “hmsitename” if you like and the code will keep using it, or you can delete it and the site will be renamed to Hubitat SmartHome.

With a hubitat only installation, the code will never ask you to authenticate since at present the Hubitat support is a manual process. A parallel auth flow for Hubitat is still on the todo list.

I only have two hubitat devices so I would appreciate any feedback from those with more. I know I can count on @cwwilson08 to do this - right man?

Enjoy… oh, and the funky hmoptions.cfg corruption bug still appears to be around. I think it won’t happen during normal use. It seems to be tied to something in my development flow, but again, just in case keep a copy of your config file around.

(Chris Wilson) #1091

It all seems to be working. Except access to my smartthings devices remains. I cleared all the cookies in my browser and thought it would solve it but it doesnt. Where do I find these cookies?

NM got it sorted… Will play with it for awhile and let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for this. Just a fyi I did this as a fresh install just to see how it would go - and it was pretty painless really.

(HousePanel Author) #1092

Thanks man. Let me know if you experience the corrupt config file. I can’t seem to replicate it. It just happens randomly but only when I am actively developing. Once loaded it stays good but sometimes a refresh of the js or css or php file makes it barf. Really weird.

(Chris Wilson) #1093

So I just authorized a large amount of devices. I am experience a fair bit of lag in response. I removed all my hue lights from the active dashboard as I saw some other in hubitat saying they were making things lag. I may deauthorize them all together as the lag is remaining. I am not sure the culprit at the moment.

I remember you changing something in the polling awhile back did these changes make it on the hubitat side?

(Chris Wilson) #1094

seeing this in log on inspection

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for '63' in {"69":{"name":"123switch","id":"65","value":{"name":"123switch","switch":"off"},"type":"switch"},"70":{"name":"Air","id":"357","value":{"name":"Air","switch":"off"},"type":"switch"},"71":{"name":"AUTOREMOTE","id":"1161","value":{"name":"AUTOREMOTE","switch":"off"},"type":"switch"},"72":{"name":"dads room","id":"7","value":{"name":"dads room","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},"73":{"name":"Entertainment area 1","id":"8","value":{"name":"Entertainment area 1","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},"74":{"name":"Fan","id":"615","value":{"name":"Fan","switch":"off"},"type":"switch"},"75":{"name":"Fibaro KeyFob(HE)","id":"1089","value":{"name":"Fibaro KeyFob(HE)","switch":null},"type":"switch"},"76":{"name":"Floor fan","id":"1059","value":{"name":"Floor fan","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},"77":{"name":"Girls room","id":"2","value":{"name":"Girls room","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},"78":{"name":"Heater","id":"290","value":{"name":"Heater","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},"79":{"name":"Insignia TV","id":"1160","value":{"name":"Insignia TV","switch":null},"type":"switch"},"80":{"name":"Iris1","id":"897","value":{"name":"Iris1","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},"81":{"name":"Iris2","id":"865","value":{"name":"Iris2","switch":"off"},"type":"switch"},"58":{"name":"Lights","id":"616","value":{"name":"Lights","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},"83":{"name":"PC","id":"1156","value":{"name":"PC","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},"84":{"name":"sdfgsdfgsdfgsdfg","id":"103","value":{"name":"sdfgsdfgsdfgsdfg","switch":"off"},"type":"switch"},"85":{"name":"ssssssssssss","id":"166","value":{"name":"ssssssssssss","switch":"off"},"type":"switch"},"62":{"name":"Test group","id":"165","value":{"name":"Test group","switch":"on"},"type":"switch"},"86":{"name":"tuya","id":"1153","value":{"name":"tuya","switch":null},"type":"switch"},"87":{"name":"Vlc","id":"132","value":{"name":"Vlc","switch":null},"type":"switch"},"88":{"name":"dads room","id":"7","value":{"name":"dads room","switch":"on","level":100,"hue":32,"saturation":22,"color":"#CBFFC6","colorTemperature":2732},"type":"light"},"89":{"name":"Entertainment area 1","id":"8","value":{"name":"Entertainment area 1","switch":"on","level":100,"hue":32,"saturation":22,"color":"#CBFFC6","colorTemperature":2732},"type":"light"},"90":{"name":"Girls room","id":"2","value":{"name":"Girls room","switch":"on","level":57,"hue":12,"saturation":78,"color":"#FFBC54","colorTemperature":2732},"type":"light"},"91":{"name":"Lightstrip","id":"3","value":{"name":"Lightstrip","switch":"on","level":99,"hue":62,"saturation":28,"color":"#F5FFF4","colorTemperature":3003},"type":"light"},"92":{"name":"Main light","id":"4","value":{"name":"Main light","switch":"on","level":100,"colorTemperature":2732},"type":"light"},"93":{"name":"My light","id":"5","value":{"name":"My light","switch":"on","level":100,"hue":32,"saturation":22,"color":"#CBFFC6","colorTemperature":2732},"type":"light"},"94":{"name":"My room","id":"6","value":{"name":"My room","switch":"on","level":100,"colorTemperature":2732},"type":"light"},"100":{"name":"Alicia","id":"1065","value":{"name":"Alicia","presence":"present"},"type":"presence"},"101":{"name":"Chris","id":"1058","value":{"name":"Chris","presence":"present"},"type":"presence"},"102":{"name":"presence new","id":"1090","value":{"name":"presence new","presence":"present"},"type":"presence"},"103":{"name":"Tina","id":"803","value":{"name":"Tina","presence":"present"},"type":"presence"},"104":{"name":"contact","id":"801","value":{"name":"contact","temperature":73.9},"type":"temperature"},"105":{"name":"Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor","id":"802","value":{"name":"Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor","temperature":74.53},"type":"temperature"},"63":{"id":"clockdigital","name":"Digital Clock","value":{"name":"Digital Clock","weekday":"Sunday","date":"Jun 03, 2018","time":"3:51 pm","tzone":"EDT"},"type":"clock"}}

(Chris Wilson) #1095

So something definitely going with hubitat and housepanel. The whole system started slowing down. Removal of the housepanel.groovy code seems to have restored it to normal.

I will add in again and see what happens.

So added code back and only authorized two devices. Everything seems snappy again. Will keep playing and slowly adding devices in.

LOL it must have been just me again. Everything seems to be working smooth again. Except for the noted error above. I still see it periodically.

(HousePanel Author) #1096

There is a very nasty bug that I’m just now fixing, so it wasn’t just you. You’ll want to update right away as soon as I post the next update. It will be just an update of the php file. I found what was corrupting the config file and it will probably mess yours up too. Sorry man… that’s life on the edge.

(Chris Wilson) #1097

lol is all good my friend. I enjoy tinkering. Is also why I went with a fresh install on this.
Although really once I reset everything it started responding nicely again.

Some tiles arent showing up. Before vlc would show up as a music player tile. Now I can select it in the housepanel app but it doesnt show in the dashboard.

(HousePanel Author) #1098


If you updated within the last two days, please update to the latest version, which resolves a major bug where configuration files were being corrupted. This will update the housepanel.php file with the bugfix.

After loading this version, I recommend doing a “refactor” or uploading a previously saved good hmoptions.cfg file.

(HousePanel Author) #1099

Yea, this was likely caused by the hmoptions file stomping on itself. The bug was I was writing to options[index] in a place where I should have been writing to options[things] so the index was getting random crap in it. Man, it was hard to see… Anyway, it should be much better now.

You may notice the options file grew to include a z-index and a custom name. I am not using the custom name yet but I will activate that soon in the TileEditor. For now it is unused plumbing. The z-index is used. When you drag an icon now around, it gets the next biggest z-index which makes sure it sits on top of all other icons. So that last one you drag will always show on top now.

(Chris Wilson) #1100

You are a superstar my friend. Just updated the new housepanel.php file, did a refactor. Everything seems good.

Still no joy on the music tile - definitely not a huge a deal just something I noticed.
Pistons from hubitat are not showing up either.

I know hubitat is not your priority currently so thank you for taking the time to do this. I will continue to report any concerns I find and as always feel free to ignore me. :slight_smile:

(Chris Wilson) #1101

Hey @kewashi

Curious if there is a way to get the response from the show id call in a file in json format? Or the results of a refresh in json format / file? Looking to make a query and be able to read off a report on all devices…

Mm actually i see the call for hubitat all devices seems to do just this actually…

(HousePanel Author) #1102

Thanks for your kind words and support - apps are nothing without dedicated users…

On the music tile, I didn’t know that Hubitat supported Sonos connections. I have mine working through Smartthings just fine. I also didn’t know Hubitat supported WebCore pistons either. Point me to the hubitat forum notes and i’ll read up on it. On purpose the current version ignores pistons and music tiles on the hubitat side but that can change over time.

Yes, I’m not focused on hubitat right now. My devices are Z-wave and they don’t seem to want to add for some reasons. The Zigbee channel trick you provided didn’t help. Anyway, I will keep looking into it.