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[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat


(phil) #1003

Since I am kind of new to this which CSS file would I edit

(HousePanel Author) #1004

housepanel.css in the skin-housepanel sub directory

(phil) #1005

So I am looking at one of my panels and for one of my cameras it has the URL for the camera that is written on the screen. The information is not correct but where is that information and how do I edit it.!


I would delete the picture. It has the IP address to your camera and password. Also, i would change the password now :slight_smile:

(phil) #1007

Thanks…done. That was the issue anyways the data was incorrect and I needed to change it.

(Chris Wilson) #1008

Hmm I am having this issue again. I cant seem to remember/figure out out i sorted it out last. Wish i had put it here lol.

Any ideas anyone? even the install I did last week which I had trouble with will not authorize giving me that error.

I think I again am missing something simple.



I would really like to try HP using the Raspberry Pi method.

Im wondering does this work on all shards of smartthings?

as i am on ap02-apnortheast2.api shard

(Eric Vasilisin) #1010

Any update @kewashi as to why housepanel.php needs to be loaded before the api stuff works. For now, I have it load housepanel for 10 seconds, and then redirect. It works, but wondering if you located the problem

(HousePanel Author) #1011

Yes it should. Just put that in the clientinfo.php file

(John Wade) #1012

When I was having my issue it’s because I didn’t set the location in my app… not sure if that’ll fix yours but it did mine :slight_smile:

(Chris Wilson) #1013

Are you talking about the shard. I was just reading some people have had trouble authorizing cuz they we’re moved to a useast shard. Which seems to be the shard I direct to now. Am going to try and adjust this when I get home.

(Chris Wilson) #1014

So with a little playing i finally got authorized. In the whatsapp i changed use habitat to yes and added the ip. It then authorized. However i do not have hubitat yet. The wife made me wait. Could this have to do with the code for this option being set required:true?

I am not sure what weirdness I had going on. I reinstalled housepanel code and things seem to be working better now. Now that i got passed this hurdle I am happy to say I have my housepanel server running on my brand new raspberry pi. :slight_smile: I am quite pleased.

Also got the Kuku Harmony node server running on it as well, after it gave me fits on my windows machine.

(HousePanel Author) #1015

Congrats man - glad to hear. I have been dying to find time to get KuKu working so I can change channels and volume from ST and HP. You have inspired me.

(HousePanel Author) #1016

UPDATE: Posted an update to the master branch that has the edit drag/drop feature. To use this just select Edit mode in the bottom right corner, then drag items in and out of the panel. If you drag into the panel you will create a new thing after confirming. Likewise if you drag out of the panel into the catalog on the right, the tile will be removed from the room.

I couldnt figure out a graceful way to make it fit on the screen. Feedback and other ideas welcome.

This version also includes an enhancement to the API such that you can just ask for type and all things of that type will be returned. For examle:


will return all things of type switch

Any time except piston will work with this new API feature.

(HousePanel Author) #1017

Public hosting on GoDaddy limitations…

Hi folks. Thought I would share with you a few issues I have noticed while developing and testing HousePanel. I do some development while I am away from my home and thus away from my rPi so I use my GoDaddy shared hosting account to test things. In the process I have learned that some of the features of HP simply don’t work on GoDaddy. I spent about an hour on the phone with their tech support to confirm that their shared service just isn’t designed to support large web applications like HousePanel. So the two main incompatibilities are:

1 - polling to ST doesn’t work. If enabled it will break the app and flag HP as making an attack on the shared GoDaddy server. The workaround for this is to disable the polling on lines 108 and 109 of the housepanel.js file. After doing this your tiles will get out of sync when lights are turned on manually. To sync just select the Refresh button on the bottom.

2 - TileEdit provided by @nitwit doesn’t fully work. It tries to read icons from the directory but GoDaddy doesnt allow directory listings on their shared servers so the screen will be blank and an error will be thrown. No known workaround now other than manually editing your CSS file.


Is the Hubitat side still working with this update? It’s no longer picking up those devices.

(HousePanel Author) #1019

It should but I’m not home so I didn’t test it. Do they show in the options page?

(HousePanel Author) #1020

Can roll back to prior version until I get home Tuesday to test and fix if broken. Something told me to wait with this one…


The Hubitat devices are not showing up on the options page anymore. ST side working well - but I’ve migrated most of my devices to Hubitat already.

(HousePanel Author) #1022

Darn… are you sure your config settings didn’t change? Hubitat might have refreshed your access point. If not then I probably messed something up. Let me stare at the diff between update and prior master to see if anything relates to Hubitat. It shouldn’t but anything can happen with coding stuff like this.