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[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat


(HousePanel Author) #983

Stay tuned because the forthcoming update will allow tiles to be dragged anywhere including on the same row as the tabs. The drag to delete and drag to add are included in this - just finalizing testing. It’s wicked cool and I think folks will like it a lot.

A question for everyone: Should I leave the big selection matrix on the Options page or remove it once I have the above update working? It won’t really be needed but I could leave it if people think it is useful for anything. It is easier to do bulk edits this way. Your opinions matter to me so let me know.

(HousePanel Author) #984

Again Nick was clairvoyant about anticipating this. With the new drag create in edit / drag mode, this will be easy to add. Coming soon.


Thank you for sharing - super creative! I’ll keep playing…


I do like the master interface of the options matrix. I find it useful for quickly organizing many devices and pages. However, I suspect I won’t miss it too much but it’s hard to say before trying the update.

Everything is working super fast consistently since you changed the polling, btw.

(HousePanel Author) #987

Thanks for the feedback on both fronts. I’m glad the polling is working better for you. I feel silly for not thinking of doing it this way from the beginning. Then again, that is what iterative open-source software dev is all about. In my testing I found myself wanting to see all the pages together and flipping back to the matrix so I will probably keep it for those who want to use it. The two co-exist just fine. I will post a dev branch for people to try it out later today.

(Edward Niedziejko) #988

I think I need to set this up again soon. I’ve got a serious lag issue to resolve. I think I’m going to ditch iis and try apache instead. I suspect Microsoft is trying to run too much extra crap that I don’t need with their iis server.

(HousePanel Author) #989

You might try decreasing the polling refresh rate. Just add a number to the call to function allTimerSetup() on line 101 in housepanel.js. Something like allTimerSetup(120000) will update things every two minutes instead of the default 15 seconds.

That aside I think you’ll be happier with Apache. IIS is a fine server though if you get it tuned just right.

(HousePanel Author) #990

[Beta Release]
I’m posting in the usual open-dash github a new developmental branch with the capability to do drag and drop addition and deletion of things from any room on the main screen. You will have to pull the branch named “dev” to get this.

To use this, just select the Edit radio button on the bottom right and then drag and drop items to or from the catalog on the right. I am still chasing down a bug that breaks the Options page so this is still beta at this point, so be warned that using the dev branch is presently at your own risk. It seems safe as long as you avoid the Options page. Would love to hear any feedback. Here is a screen shot showing the catalog on the right. Items are selectively shown just as the Options page selectively shows rows in the table. The options presently aren’t saved but that will come with time.

(HousePanel Author) #991

Updated “dev” branch so it should work now. Let me know if anyone has any trouble trying it out.


Yesterday, I moved my hue bridge from ST to Hubitat. For some reason that has caused the lag issues I was previously experiencing to return with a vengeance on the housepanel side. I jinxed myself by saying how fast it had been running.

Hubitat is running hue great and recognizes hue rooms. I tried a complete reinstall of housepanel (amazing at how quickly I can now do it versus the first time), and double checked permissions. I tried it with both versions of the hp app with same results.

I loved the editing on the newest hp version but between the options wonkiness (have not tried the brand new push yet) and the hue issues I went back to the non development version of the app for the time being to better troubleshoot.

(Eric Vasilisin) #993

Anybody figure out the SHM doquery? I have tried for hours now, the device ID is just SHM, so I use that?

Any help, is appreciated.

(HousePanel Author) #994

This should work… just tested it.


returns for me:

{“name”:“Smart Home Monitor”,“state”:“off”}

(Eric Vasilisin) #995

Thank u sir! That did it. Thank you… now I can display alarm status in the way I wanted. Appreciate it

(HousePanel Author) #996

Thank you for finding this bug. The auto id code should detect it but it doesn’t. I will fix that so in the future you will only need to say type or id

(Steve ) #997

Looks a great project @kewashi
Can’t wait to try it at Easter when I’m off :slight_smile:
I’ve read through some of this and your wiki but I may have missed it.
You recommend using a Raspberry Pi , Do you think the original raspberry pi (1St Gen) would work with this as it’s only for a server?
Or would it need more Ram? It’s just that I have a spare one I could use.

(Nick) #998


I’ve been busy with other projects so I haven’t looked at this in a while. Can’t wait to see the latest developments…

(HousePanel Author) #999

He’s BACK!!! Dude - good to hear from you. Think you will like the new drag drop feature. Try it on the Dev branch. Still a little rough but you’ll get the idea.

(HousePanel Author) #1000

I have no idea. Only tried with a pi3. Give it a try and let us know.

(phil) #1001

So I added a bunch of new tabs, probably more than I needed to, but I noticed when I go into options the columns do not match up. Is there something I need to edit so they do match up

(HousePanel Author) #1002

I had to make two synchronized tables to get a static header and this caused alignment problems. You have a few options. One - you can ditch the header logic which involves modifying the php code - not recommended. Two - you can play with the css until you get it looking right. Try using percentage settings for column widths. I found it is device dependent and finicky. The no header option is better but you loose the locked first row and it is harder to do