[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat

At present they are not implemented in the GUI but they do function if you use HousePanel as an API endpoint as described in the Wiki. As Edward pointed out I’m also evaluating a color picker - looks like minicolors will end up getting the nod.

Regarding directly entering numbers, that would be fairly easy to implement but I assumed few people would want to type into a wall-mounted tablet. If there is strong interest I can add it to the list. Would just need to enable an in-line edit to the level-val element and then post an Ajax call. I am presently focused on a project to port over to Hubitat so I’ll add this to the queue.

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[RELEASE] HouseHubitat Beta

I’m excited to share the first beta release of HousePanel that will interact with both SmartThings and Hubitat things on the same panel. I’m posting it here because I will be keeping this as a single code base for now. Current users without a Hubitat hub can safely ignore these new features and they won’t get in the way.

If you are a proud owner of a Hubitat hub, then grab the “hubitat” branch of HousePanel from the open-dash GitHub as usual. Then update the clientinfo.php file by adding the following three constants:


The first line is the local IP address of your Hubitat Hub. The second is the application ID that you can get from the Hubitat website by clicking on the HousePanel app. The Access Token will be printed in the log when you first install the app.

The only thing you need to do on the Hubitat side is install the HousePanelHubitat.groovy file and name it HousePanel.groovy

This is a separate file from the HousePanel.groovy file that you will still need to put into your SmartThings IDE.

Once you have that then reload your HousePanel web client and you should see the Hubitat devices in the list of devices. You can only tell them apart from the SmartThings devices by their item “id” which is a short integer prefixed with “h_” while the SmartThings id’s are long complicated strings with letters and numbers.

A few benefits of Hubitat will be immediately apparent. First, they respond significantly faster. Second, they refresh every 5 seconds which isn’t possible with the SmartThings cloud system. Finally, this version ONLY works for local rPI installations of HousePanel which must be on the same network as your Hubitat Hub.

I will cross-post this in Hubitat forum and I’d like to ask folks to respond with any Hubitat support stuff over there. I just wanted my user base here to know that this is now available. Future updates will include automatic configuration of the Hub constants. I pushed this now to get early feedback.

Here’s a screenshot of my office things… nothing visually new other than the fact that the light and motion sensor in the bottom right corner are Hubitat devices.

Wait, what’s this “only rPI” nonsense? :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, my eventual hope is to have the hubitat actually host the website but I don’t know the specifics of the OS or components used as the backend.

I should’ve been more precise, what I really meant was that it only works on the local network installation, which could be a PC or any platform as long as it’s local and on the same network as your habitat

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Shouldn’t this be working?

div.weather.humidity::after, humidity, div.weather.percentPrecip::after {
content: “%”;

I reverted back to the original css because I thought I did something wrong but it appears something else is wrong… you can see one of the sensors is still wrong despite using the original css file. Any clue to why?

What type of devices are they? Temperature? Or Illuminance?

Can you copy and paste here the inspect block of one of them? Redact the bid number.

Your css was for a weather tile but these aren’t weather tiles.

:man_facepalming: Thanks for pointing out that there’s a wiki. I was following some ancient looking text file I found in the repo for installation instructions.

I just tried the ajax calls as described in the wiki and they work!

Haha, no that was not my goal here :smiley: . Just clicking the up and down buttons is pretty tedious in my opinion. For example going from 100% brightness to 50% takes forever and sometimes the value reverts back up, if you click the buttons to fast.
I’ll just add a slider to it which, on release, will set the brightness to the selected level.

Thanks a lot for this, it looks really solid and hugely customizable :+1:

Code for sliders is already written in the sliderhue branch. It doesn’t work with touch so edits to solve this problem is under development.

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I figured out what was wrong…it was in the name of the actual device…I used Front Room, changed it to FrontRoom and now it shows correctly…who knew? I mean besides you? LOL

Still can’t get the % for humidity to work :frowning:

This is what I’ve used:

and several variations but nothing shows up.

I would like to make a note about the permission instruction in the wiki. “chmod 777” is almost always a bad idea and should not be recommended. You are giving every user on that machine (the world) full access to the files and is definitely not needed. It would be better to make the owner of the housepanel site your webserver (in most cases http), and setting restrictive permissions accordingly, such as “chmod 644”.


Two things: it’s a personal, locally hosted website, so there isn’t going to be much of a security concern. Second, unless you always log into your server pc as your webhost account, you wouldn’t be able to update the files as changes are made to the master account. Also, I believe scripts require execute. So at minimum you would need 766 anyway.

-_- … Php scripts are not executed, they are read by the php interpreter…

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no device with the ‘switch’ attribute is showing up in my panel (not even hmoptions.cfg). At first I thought they simply weren’t supported yet, but I can select them in the SmartApp when authorizing the devices. I also found some screenshots around here where (switch) devices show up in the panel.

Does HP maybe need more/different capabilities then the ‘switch’ capability, in order to show up on the dashboard?

UPDATE: Fixed it. It is the ‘Gentle Wakeup Smartapp’ that has an attribute ‘time remaining’ that cannot be parsed by the function on lines 365-366. Thus the whole return value for getSwitches is broken and the SmartApp returns 0 switches. A simple try catch block solves it, or not authorizing the Gentle Wakeup virtual switch :wink:

Just a quick question…looking at the Yale Assure door lock zwave version…does that work with House Panel?

It should. Give it a try and let us know.

	________________________________Ken Washingtonken@kenw.com

LOL sounds like one of my answers but I’m thinking it should so I guess we’ll see soon…


I’ve got this weird output on the device in living room. why it happens and How can I fix it ?

Also, how can I collect a group of important devices in a primary tab ?
(create a new tab and copy those in that tab , but how ?)

To create a new tab:

Edit your hmoptions.cfg file, add a room in. If you want it to be at the left, you’ll have to set it as 0 and renumber the rest. Just make sure the first time you open the options menu you add at least one item to the new tab. (unresolved bug still, I believe) Also, the room name must be one word, no spaces.