[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat

Yea… and my day job is pretty intense right now too. I am away on a weekend conference so I only did community notes and no coding this weekend. Hubitat is priority #1 right now. Sliders and bug fixes such as the empty page bug is next. Hardening the edit dialog and extending it is third. After that I’m open to suggestions.

Just a quick question…screen shot attached… If you could please tell me how to get rid of the white box around the entire thing I would be very grateful :slight_smile:

I think I’ve finally figured out the F12 look at the css thing :slight_smile: Just can’t quite figure that one out.

Thank you!Screenshot%20from%202018-02-11%2010-58-35

I’m away from computer so can’t help until my flight lands in a few hours. Stay tuned.

No problem!!! Thank you again!

I’m very happy, I’m now making great progress! With the things I am doing :slight_smile: Someday I’ll just have to buckle down and learn this…

I think this is associated with the page tab style. You can confirm using F12 and right click on any tab. Then browse down the list on the right until you see an item with a border tied to it.

Another option is you can just kill all borders with:

  • { border: 0; }

Placed at the end of the CSS file. This might make other stuff look weird though.

Thank you… it didn’t work so I did this…

  • { border : none !important; }

That did it :slight_smile: Not sure if I should use !important …

There are two very tiny lines on top and bottom but for now that’s acceptable :slight_smile:

That will always force it to apply. Here is the more elegant answer… I was able to get online at the airport since my fight is delayed. Replace roomname with your real name below.

body { background-color: black; }
div.panel, div.panel-roomname { background-color: black; }
.ui-widget.ui-widget-content { border: 0; }
form.buttons { background-color: black; }

I will also be removing the form background that caused the white line behind the buttons so you won’t need the last line after that.

WOW worked like a charm :slight_smile: Thank you!!

NOW to make a short video for the MM site…I’ll post a link here too!

@snobordir no the slider branch is separate from the experimental icon branch that didn’t work out. The hangup right now with sliders is the jquery slider library doesn’t work with touch and the jquery mobile library that does work with touch does not support draggable icons. So I am a bit stuck. I am research other lighter weight slider libraries that support touch to add to the jquery UI system. Another approach is to find a good draggable solution to add to the jquery mobile library - or extract it from the jquery UI library. i don’t need the draggable library to support touch but I do need the slider library to support touch. Ideally both would but that would be a bonus. I am evaluating a few candidates and will pick one soon. I might even write my own draggable feature to avoid bringing in too much bloat-ware. I don’t think it will be too hard. I really like the jQuery mobile library more than jQuery UI but unfortunately i started with UI so migrating is a pain the arse… might bite the bullet and just move over. Anyway, that’s probably more developer mumbo jumbo than you wanted to hear. If anyone out there has any experience with this stuff I would love to benefit from your wisdom.

So now you can teach me what the deal is with Magic Mirror … what does that give you? Is it just a smart lighted mirror? Or something else? What hardware do you need to implement it? I saw some guy post this huge bathroom mirror project but I couldn’t tell how he got icons on an actual mirror.

Well, I started migrating my Lutron Caseta system to the Pro Bridge. That’s … a pain. You have to delete everything and start over. >.< At least I’ll be able to control it locally now instead of having to use cloud to cloud.

Just the video:

Little OPPS on one of my sensors that seems to be HUGE for some reason LOL

Very cool cowboy. Thanks for the shout out on the MM forum.

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No problem, I really appreciate all your help!!!

I load HousePanel in a module called iFrame. I then load MM using “node serveronly” then chrome to get the localhost page… Which works out because you can change the port so it doesn’t conflict with the apache server to get HousePanel :grinning:

Objects don’t stay when reload page. What did I break? LOL


No easy way to tell… likely a hmoptions permission issue.

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Having a small issue…been hunting for it but can’t seem to find out why… any suggestions? :):grinning:

AND is there a way to add % to the humidity?


Use the CSS :after syntax. Look in the default css file for an example. Just search for :after

Hey @kewashi,
quick question: is it possible to set level/hue or any value directly?

I looked into the code and it doesn’t seem to support that at all. Every value change seems ‘hard coded’ with these commands such as level-dn, level-up. I cannot seem to find a function that changes the levelTo(value).

Thanks :slight_smile:

The only methods in the groovy that appear to be doing just that case "level-val": case "hue-val": case "saturation-val": seem not implemented.

Color selection is “on the list”, there’s a couple external libraries being evaluated for fit, I believe. If you search up though Ken’s posts, you’ll probably find reference to them, a few weeks ago (maybe a month?)