[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat

Since I don’t know how LCARS works I’m at a bit of a handicap to help answer this intelligently. Each tab in HousePanel has a unique id and you can put as many or as few things on any given page as you want, so you should be able to do whatever you want. Also any given thing can be any size and have any url background. Finally there are four iFrame tiles that can be tied to any page as well and those can have whatever you want in them.

Well that makes it a bit easier! Thank you!! Man I am loving this HousePanel…

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Me too… would have been a lot more work from scratch. I love that it’s customizable to nearly anything you want it to be

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It is the best thing I’ve found for this…it’s just amazing.

Can I see your setup? Just curious how u customized your HousePanel

I will post a pic of my current progress in a few minutes…it’s by NO means is where I want it but it’s a start. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for the kind words. Maybe that will help me explain all the hours I spend on it to my wife who keeps asking me why I’m doing it. LOL.

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I’m not married and my dog doesn’t care how long I work on mine LOL

BUT this mirror project has been ongoing for well over a year. Just tell her ‘it keeps me off the streets’… hahahhaha

I am NO good with css but there are few things I’d like to figure out…
Like why are they labeled twice…
How to move the ‘Present’ for my Iphone up under the title…
How to get rid of all the extra space between the word “Thermostat” and the actual number…
How to get rid of the white border around the entire thing …


Use Chrome browser and right click and hit inspect… make sure elements is selected, and styles. Click okm the cursor in a box icon, and then click on an object. On the far right side of your screen under styles, you’ll be able to see the details. Height width don’t size etc.

Yeah I’ve been doing that but not finding what I need. Like I said I’m not even close to being good at css. hahhahah

Yeah beyond frustrated. Me and CSS have never been friends. I’ve done the chrome F12 window and still can’t get it figured out. SO I lost all my changes because I had to copy over the entire css. So I’m stuck with this I guess. Frustrating…

Restart with the default and I will work with you to get something that you like.

Well Thank you very much!

I would like a totally black background for starters :slight_smile: The MM is black background and I put this on my its own page because that’s my ‘house control’ page :slight_smile:

If you can offer a suggestion that way for starters :slight_smile:
Thank you again!

Try this:

body, div.panel {
background-color: #000000;

Put it at the bottom of the file.

Ok will do!! Again I really do appreciate this! I’ll try not bugging you too much. I am going to post how I got HousePanel to work on MagicMirror once I get it where I want it :slight_smile:

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On the right track :slight_smile:

The next thing is to get rid of the white between the bottom keys …

Making the background [where the image is all black].

Remove the background url image and you will get your black background. Might want to make the background transparent.

Hey @kewashi, you mentioned that the new tile system wasn’t working out…any updates on additions such as dimmer sliders and the other features that were discussed? Or did those kind of fall through with the new tile system? No worries either way, just curious.

I am thinking ken may have is hands full with porting to hubitat. I am not expecting many updates in the short term.

LOL Nick where are you???