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[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat


(HousePanel Author) #21

I posted a fix in a branch called “updateoptions” that also includes a fix to the default CSS that makes unknown tiles show up normally. I ended up leaving the touch library but changing the delay setting to 2 seconds which means it will be ignored unless you hold your finger down on the tile for 2 seconds. Otherwise it should register a regular screen touch. What was happening before was the punch through code was taking over and ignoring the regular screen touch. I threw this together pretty fast so I am leaving it in a separate branch for now on GitHub. You will need to reference the branch to get this patch. I will merge it into the master after more testing and fine tuning.


I will try it. Thanks

(Chris Wilson) #23

Hi Ken,
I have installed the updates, sadly this does not seem to do anything to improve the touch responsiveness on my android :(.

I so see a slight change change in the unknown tile behavior - they do not seem to have invisible tiles anymore - however the text for them still appears directly under the main tile.

My Hue lights actually do seem to respond - lol my son came and told me to quit messing with his lights. The tile doesn’t show state right or seem to respond visually in any way when accessed.

Currently I am seeing weather tile on one screen show proper information - the weather tile in a different room tab is not updating properly.

I hope me providing feedback is actually helpful :). If this is useless information please just let me know and I will desist. I really just want to help if I can and see if we can get this into a useable state for me. If there is anything I can do further to assist also please do let me know.



I am in the same boat as Chris. So close, but buttons aren’t responsive unless I click it several times, just so.

(HousePanel Author) #25

Okay - next thing to try is to remove the punch through library altogether.

(HousePanel Author) #26

Hi folks… please try it again. I disabled the punch through library. I think it should work better.- but the downside is you won’t be able to drag tiles around on the tablet. You will still be able to do so on a PC or Mac.

(Chris Wilson) #27

Hey Ken,
Just wanted to chime in. This new change has worked well for me. The tablet now responds to touches as good as the pc responds to click of the mouse. Thank you for your work on this.

I will be following closely - let me know if I can provide any help at all moving forward. I am willing to be a guinea pig.

And since I had not mentioned yet I wanted to say a great job on the documentation. I never would have attempted this if it had not been clear and concise on the first read through. I was able to get up and running with little issue.

Strong work all around!!!


Works great for me too! Thank you SO much for all your work. THIS is exactly the panel I dreamed of when I bought SmartThings! Can’t wait to cutomize.

Yes, the documentation was very good.

(HousePanel Author) #29

Thanks guys- appreciate the feedback. I’m still not totally happy with some things so I will continue tweaking. Thanks for being such great beta testers.

(Chris Wilson) #30

I look forward to future updates :slight_smile:

Question though - Is there anyway to get housepanel to update device states manually? Seems that not all of my devices show proper state when i initially load the housepanel page. It takes a little over a minute for it to update all the icons to the proper state. Seems like a timed thing? could we have a tile to push that will update everything instantly perhaps?

(HousePanel Author) #31

Yea this is one of the areas I am working on improving. Presently it updates but on a timer about once a minute as you said. But it does this by calling PhP and groovy api for each tile which is slow. I used to update them when you activate a Tab but that was also too slow. I am working on a manual refresh button and a new method to retrieve all the tiles status with a single api call that should be much faster. Then the timer can be every 15 seconds instead of once a minute. Ideally I would call the api to refresh the screen when events happen but there is no way for the groovy code to know the rPI address to call and it is likely not able to get through a firewall. Still researching. Stay tuned.

(HousePanel Author) #32

Your feedback is priceless… keep it coming!!!


I have been working on my panel today. So far so good, but I dont have very many devices. It takes time, but I will have the look I want.

I’ve been able to figure most things out. Will add screenshot when it’s closer to being setup.

Yes, a refresh or api call would be very helpful!

(HousePanel Author) #34

You might consider removing some rooms since you have a small number of devices. The wiki explains how to do this by editing the hmoptions.cfg file and re-uploading my it to your server. One or two tabs will probably suffice for a small number of devices.

(HousePanel Author) #35

[UPDATE] HousePanel updated to include a new Refresh button. Also improved the reload of a page to work correctly by not overwriting changed states, so when you turn on a light and refresh a page it will still show as turned on. Squashed a few other minor bugs along the way.

(Chris Wilson) #36

Great news Ken,
This is getting better and better all the time. Will apply these changes when I get home and see how it goes.

I spent a good chunck of time yesterday crossing my eyes on trying to figure out how to style things through the css file. I seriously was over complicating my thinking. I came across your personal settings at the very end of the file, saw how simple it was and was off to the races in modifying my tiles. - Maybe place these examples in the documentation for future users?

Now a concern with a certain device - I know you cant possibly have all devices and plan for everything.

I have a GE Zwave toggle on/off switch that supports double tap I can provide the model number if you need when I get home.

This device shows up - with a couple of extra tiles - I believe I posted a screenshot of it in one of my first post. When I click on the main tile for this device I seem to get a double response 75%. of the time. Meaning the device will turn on then back off or vice versa. If I click on any of the other two tiles I get a single click and the device responds properly.

This what I practiced with the CSS file on. I figured out how to format the tile so it looks ok now and provides me the second functional tile so it looks and works ok.

Seems though there is a problem with how housepanel is handling this device maybe? Is there anything I can do on my end? (thinking about it now I may be able to look at the endpoint / api stuff to see what commands are being sent).

Also is there anyway to remove the title text on any given tile?

Thanks in advance.

(HousePanel Author) #37

Glad you are trying stuff out and stress testing the app. To fix your tiles start by inspecting them from Chrome by right clicking the tile and selecting inspect. F12 will do the same. Works in MS edge too. This will reveal all of the supported attributes and commands detected for the tile. By default HP will style the “switch” and “level” attributes and hide everything else. If you send me a list of attributes I can make an adjustment to the default CSS to style this correctly.

Good suggestion on providing the custom examples in the wiki documentation. Will do that.

Currently on travel so the next update won’t be for about another 5 days.

To remove title text you can provide CSS for div.thingname of the type you want to remove and set display:none. For an example look at the Routine tile styling in the CSS file.

(HousePanel Author) #38

Be sure to save your CSS edits and add them back in when you update to the latest. In the future I will add a user CSS file to make upgrading easier. For now you have to do manual merges.


Any progress or updates on video streaming research front?

(Chris Wilson) #40

Updates work a treat - Thank you for the refresh button it is perfect.

I am pretty sure I sorted out why I was having trouble with the one switch reacting twice. I do not think it liked me having it name “Light”. I was thinking about trouble I was having due to the same thing with modifying the CSS file. LOL sure enough I change the name to “Lights” and it now seems to behave properly. I think i really need to work on my naming scheme.

Now to sort out why the dimmers don’t work right on my HUE light tiles

Safe travels my friend.