[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard Beta 1.0 Under Open-Dash Brand



I want to say I tried that and had the same issue. I’ll verify though.
What is the expiration on the cookies?

(HousePanel Author) #964

30 days

Can change in the code easily

Can also hardwire into clientinfo.php file


Ok, maybe i’ll try that, the hardwire.


(Eric Vasilisin) #966

I am hard coded, and ran into the same issue this morning… have to refresh housepanel.php to get it to go.

(HousePanel Author) #967

Hmmm I might have broke something with last update. Let me investigate

(ilker Aktuna) #968

How did you do this ? Is the floorplan just a background or a dynamic map ?
will you publish the skin that you used ? I liked the small icons used for lights.

I just realized that this is not specific to HP and you have your own release thread for the implementation. But I didn’t understand how it relates to HP. On the release page it says “ActionTiles account required”. And there is no explanation for use with HP.
But here you wrote, "floorplan was done using the latest version of HousePanel"
I am mostly interested in placing my devices (lights mostly) on my floorplan. (and I have a PNG of my floorplan.)
And the small icons for lights are good for such placement.
How can I achieve this using HP ?


(HousePanel Author) #969

I also want to do this. The css styling for the icons should be easy. The hard part is the floor plan so if you have it make it the background image and then drag the icons accordingly. Might keep the titles visible while dragging and turn them off in your css later.

ActionTiles should not be required.


(ilker Aktuna) #970


How do I set the background ? And once I drag the tiles, shall I be able to see them exactly in the same place on different browsers with different resolutions ?

And, how can I put small bulb icons instead of the big tiles of the skin ?

(Eric Vasilisin) #971

Precisely, thats one way to do it… the way ive done it. But I’m learnin news tricks from a friend of mine lol.


Yeah kewashi, it’s pretty consistent.
When I got home yesterday I could not connect unless I loaded housepanel.php first.
And the same thing just happened at work this morning.


Hardcoding the key into the clientinfo.php makes it worse.
I cannot get it to work by going to housepanel.php anymore.

(HousePanel Author) #974

I’m traveling so can’t troubleshoot until this weekend. Until then my guess is you have the auth info incorrectly put into clientinfo if you can’t log in at all.

Try doing a full reauthorize step by deleting the hmendpoint cookie. Chrome can do that surgically for you. You have to change the hardwire Parma’s back to False for a reauthorize to work.


The clientinfo was correct. It works, but it is the same as before. After awhile it just stops and I get empty results.

No rush, take a look when you can. I’ll do the same.

(ilker Aktuna) #976

How do I set the background ? And once I drag the tiles, shall I be able to see them exactly in the same place on different browsers with different resolutions ?

And, how can I put small bulb icons instead of the big tiles of the skin ?

(Eric Vasilisin) #977

I set my thing name’s to transparent but visible when hovering… (so you know what youre moving) And the small icons, just set the icon background-size to contain, and change the div.thing height width to like 12px or something whatever ya want… :slight_smile:


Is there anyway to put the Date/Time in the same row as the tabs? Maybe on the right hand side? I’m planning on mounting the tablet to wall, and it would be nice to have the time visible on all screens, but don’t want to waste real estate on all tabs with a Date/clock tile.

(HousePanel Author) #979

HP is just a dynamic web page that reads data from ST so just about anything is possible. To do what you describe code modification would be required. Not hard but you would need to know PHP and CSS manipulation. An easier way is to put a clock tilenon each page and style it to be small and drag it to the upper right corner of each page. Let me know if you need help with the css styling. Should be as simple as editing the thing.clock div.


I’m close to getting a panel completed with my floor plan. I’m trying to only modify the appearance /size of the bulbs and keep switches, lights and other things as they are currently designed. I’ve got the icons for the bulbs changed to a smaller icon that will work with my master floor plan which I designed on my Mac and converted to a png file.

However, I can’t figure out how to get rid of the switch levels, names and everything else so that only the bulb shows up with out messing up other hint types as well.

Thank you so much for all your work on this app. It was impressive from the start, but the continual improvements and additional features are amazing! I love how seamless it makes Hubitat and ST.

(Eric Vasilisin) #981

If youd like, look at my CSS file or use Chrome inspect to see… it’ll show how I hid those things…

And lcars.live/LCARS-HP/skin-housepanel/floorplan2.css

PS it’s kind of a mess at the moment as I’m working on more changes lol

(HousePanel Author) #982

Yea the trick is to get precise about targeting the class and sub classes of things. The design of tiles is such that there are many layers and ways to style any given tile down to the individual or in groups or by type or even within a given room. Each tile is wrapped with an overlay div you can use to do all sorts of stuff. Each tile also has a p_ unique number. The class of each tile has the first three words of the thing name you can also use. Finally each tile has the type in the class available for styling. The titles of the tiles are styled separately so they can be there or not or take on any form.

A few examples:

div.thing Will style every tile

div.thing.switch Will style only switch types

div.panel.Kitchen div.thing.fred Will style only tiles with the name fred in the Kitchen

One of these days I will add a more detailed tutorial to the Wiki. Chrome inspect is your best friend for doing stuff like this. It also helps to learn how to do advanced CSS by studying examples. Thanks @Evasilisin for sharing yours.