[RELEASE] Honeywell T6 Pro Z-wave Device Handler

(Jimmy) #1

This device handler is a copy of the standard SmartThings one with two minor changes:

  1. Adds humidity capability and tile
  2. Removes the filter to not poll Honeywell thermostats. This one needs polling.

(Ruud) #2


I created a device handler with your code, but when I tried to create the device itself, it asked for a zigbee or network id. Doe you know how to find it? Or another way to connect smartthings with the lyric?

Thanks for your help!

(Jimmy) #3

You don’t need to manually create the device. You pair it normally in the app.

(Ruud) #4

Hi prjct92eh2,

You mean, just create de device handler and then click “add a Thing” in the app.
I did just that using the ‘classic’ app, but no device is found. It says ‘make sure your device is in pairing mode’, but I covered the whole menu/settings of that thing, but pairing mode doesn’t seem to exist. Strange enough, the whole installation went flawless using my iPhone and the Honeywell app, so my apple Home app sees it as a smart device.

Any suggestions?

(Jimmy) #5

Do you have the WiFi or z-wave version of the T6? This handler only works for the z-wave version.

(Ruud) #6

This is the product code: Y6H810WF1005
It is compatible with HomeKit and IFTTT according to their website.
It has a wired connection to the central heater-module (which is wired to the central heater), but It uses WiFi to connect to my home network.

Is this then the WiFi version?

(Jimmy) #7

yes, that’s the WiFi version. You could try adding it as a Honeywell Lyric Thermostat. Maybe they use the same API.