[RELEASE] Honeywell Lyric Water Leak Sensor Connect

I need to update the app to be compatible with the new smart things app. I’ll do it when I have some time.

Anyone know if this has been resolved? I wanted to install this for ST, but if it’s not working, rather not do all the work.


I was able to set this up today from an existing Lyric / Honeywell Home account. I use the smartthings classic iphone app with a V2 hub though. YMMV if you use the updated app or V3 hub!

I just sync Honeywell Lyric Water Leak Sensor with ST V3 and it is working great.

I installed the app and everything but when I deselect for Fahrenheit as I want Celcius it still displays Fahrenheit. Is there a way to fix that?

Also is there a way to automate the Lyric Water Detectors so that when they sense water they will close a valve? I have the Dome DMWV1 ZWave Water Valve Shut Off Actuator so I’m trying to figure a way to turn the water off automatically if it detects a leak. I dont see that kinda option in the Smart Things Automation Routines choices.

Hi, I noticed my Lyric Leak Sensor OFFLINE this morning, just in ST. It works fine with its own app.
I checked all settings and perform a full reinstall of the app, following the steps.
There is however an error: when I click on “Enter Credential”, the screen loads for a split seconds and nothing else happens, it remains white.
Why is that?

This functionality is built into smart things.

when I deselect for Fahrenheit as I want Celcius it still displays Fahrenheit. Is there a way to fix that?

This would happen if the honeywell API were providing you the measurement in F rather than C. When I wrote this I wrote it with the assumption that the api would always send the temp in C. Can you look at what honeywell is sending back in live logging? Also, make sure you’re on the latest version.

Make sure you have your api key and secret stored properly and you have the app allowed to use OAuth. This sounds like the honeywell login page failing to load. Oh, also make sure to use the old smart things app. I have not had time to update this to the new app yet.

It worked.
Waited 24h

Can only get temperature in F even after changing toggle. Any ideas?

Finally got this up and running on Gen-3 ST hub. Works like a champ! Only real problem I had is that there appears to be different endpoints for the Smartthings Groovy IDE, and I suspect the Gen-3 hubs default to a different endpoint then what’s described in @joshs85 directions. I kept creating the app and couldn’t see it under myapps on ST classic.

Directions reference this endpoint:

Actual endpoint I use in the US East Coast:

There appears to be no synchronization between these…

Paypal contribution sent :wink:

Thanks! The api url is supposed to redirect to your api url once you login and click on your location.


I’m seeing the following error:

11:22:10 AM: error physicalgraph.app.exception.UnknownDeviceTypeException: Device type ‘Lyric Leak Sensor’ in namespace ‘joshs85’ not found. @line 72 (doCall)

Any idea what I might have done wrong?

You most likely only installed the app and not the device driver. Check the install instructions and make sure both are installed.


Thanks. I installed the wrong Device Handler.


I have this setup on my V3 hub and it seems to work, however the icon for the leak sensors show the “wet” icon while they are listed as dry. Any way to correct this? Thanks

Hey Josh, Just got the handler/app setup on my V3 hub and the customer handlers are working… sort of. All sensors are showing all applicable temps, dry/wet, etc but are showing “Checking status” on main page. They’ve been setup for 4 days… with no change. Any ideas?

Hey Josh, I got everything installed but when I try to login to honeywellhome in smartthings I get error “sorry, we cannot find a user with these credentials”. Do you know what it could be?
Honeywellhome account is created and I can login there on pc…