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[RELEASE] Honeywell Evohome Integration



guys can someone help me out.

I’ve added saved and published. the app appears under my smartapps in the mobile app fine.

entered my details, all seems fine.

I was then expecting the smartapp to appear in My Home but it doesn’t.

its my first smartapp or it would be.



Do you log in with the same email and password you use on (select United Kingdom) and Android app?
Are you using these:

Did you make any other changes to the code?
Are you on Android?


copy and pasted the code (not raw) 0.08 never noticed 0.09

I’m in the UK with IOS

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #106

Is hot water now supported or is the code no longer being developed / supported ?

(Daisy Daisy give me your answer do) #107

I have installed this Evohome smartapp and I am based in the Uk. It does seem to work ok for me, however I am having a problem with setting a set point to a particular zone using Core. I have created a piston which recognises when we are away and sets Evohome to away mode which works without fault.

I have tried to get some help from over posters of this particular thread but had no reply. Has nobody been able to get this function working?

(Daisy Daisy give me your answer do) #108

Daveangel, 0.08 is the version of the Smartapp and 0.09 is the version of the device handler. Have you installed both bits of script/code in the relevant places? From your comment it sounds like you are thinking they are the same bits of code but different versions.

(Paul Ockenden) #109

You just need to use the Core built in facility to set a temp, rather than trying to use ‘control location mode’. I don’t have my phone to hand, so can’t post the exact details, but it’s pretty easy to do once you realise.

(Paul Ockenden) #110

David did create a version with HW support - I’m running an early version of it here - but I don’t think he’s ever made it public. I think he’s busy with other things. Perhaps someone else could make a fork of the code and start developing it again?

One thing I’d like to see is a ‘system’ level device where you’d set the Quick Action modes. It seems daft to me that you apply them at Zone level, even though a change to one zone affects all zones. I think a separate ‘controller’ device (the same way that the Domoticz integration works) would be more logical.

P. (who has time to come up with ideas, but neither the time nor the skill for major code reworking!)

(Daisy Daisy give me your answer do) #111

So in the version you are running does the HW support function? If so, with Dave’s permission of course, would you be able to share?

(Daisy Daisy give me your answer do) #112

Thanks for response. If you could post an example of the piston created to do this it would be much appreciated.

(Daisy Daisy give me your answer do) #113

Paul, I would really appreciate it if you could post your example of this working for you as I still can’t get it to work.I’m beginning to wonder if its an issue with my installation.

(Paul Ockenden) #114

It works just fine.

(Daisy Daisy give me your answer do) #115

Hi Paul, thanks for that. Works great for me now. Cheers.

(Daisy Daisy give me your answer do) #116

But for some reason this does not. I get the announcement on my Sonos but no change in temperature set point. Should have started with something simple! Any ideas anyone?

(Daisy Daisy give me your answer do) #117

Did a little re-jig and it is now working as required. See piston below.

(Paul Ockenden) #118

Why do you only send the new setpoint if the bathroom is less that 21 at the start of bathtime? It you always set it anyway then it would cope with the temp falling below 21 a small time /after/ bathtime is executed.

(Daisy Daisy give me your answer do) #119

This is very true Paul. I will change it to do this.

I would also like to do a similar check with the hot water, so for example if the hot water is below 35 degC then notify and turn the hot water ON. However, unfortunately I can’t do that as the smartApp does not have that functionality.

I would then have a follow on notification which informs me that the hot water is up to the required temperature as well as the room, which I would like to perform in the same piston, however I may need to create a follow on piston to achieve this.

(steve shutleworth) #120

Could somebody clarify for me. Can you connect the HR92 trv directly to smartthings hub or do you have to purchase the evohome thermostat controller as well. (and then it works cloud to cloud ?)

(Paul Ockenden) #121

Cloud to cloud. Evohome is much more than fancy radiator valves.

(steve shutleworth) #122

Yep, I am trying to understand if anyone has communicated with a HR92 directly. (i can see evidence of people, reading and interpreting the output, but not much on controlling it.) I can see that the evohome is an impressive system and would have been a better purchase than my nest, but given my current investments, I would rather avoid having to buy the full controller, but use smartthings to zone a couple of radiators and just keep them off in the morning. opting for the danfoss zwave trv might be the quick answer, but i have purchased some hr92, mistakenly believing the device integration was direct from smartthings. (so they may go back or do i attempt to build some integration or I invest in the evohome full system, and sell my nest ) looks like some of the domoticz folks have managed some integration but need to read more to see if that is with the HG180 usb gateway honeywell do or direct, which would be an acceptable middle ground if i purchased that to give myself easier control over the hr92’s