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[RELEASE] Honeywell Evohome Integration


(Paul Ockenden) #83

Did you ever try this David?

It’s a nice way to run the Evohome app on your desktop too. I even use them on by Mac, running Memu under Parallels.

(codersaur) #84

Yes! I did, thanks for the tip. I’ve recently used MEmu to troubleshoot my Fibaro RGBW device handler which was crashing on Android.

Having recently learnt a lot more about writing device handlers and and discovering several bugs in the SmartThings platform, I now have a long list of improvements I need to make to all my device handlers and SmartApps. I’ll be revisiting the EvoHome stuff soon.

(Paul Ockenden) #85

If you don’t hurry up the official “coming soon” integration might beat you to it.

(I’m joking, of course).

(vijaye) #86

Any news on the hot water update?

(Roy Donaldson) #87

Now that you can connect GitHub to your smartthings dev environment in the UK, does anyone knowhow to go about automating pulling this from the codersaur/SmartThings repository automatically ?

I’ve added codersaur/SmartThings/master to my dev environment, but when I click update from repository nothing shows ?


(David Jacobs) #88

Ditto to Hot Water

(Simon Ramskill) #89

Brilliant - I’ve been waiting for the “coming soon” for a long time. I a bit stuck - i have followed the instructions but on selection a device - say en-suite heating (under MY Home/Right Now in the App) it crashes - the following on the log - any help greatly apreciated

e6293138-54e5-4160-9cee-23f0008a8872 17:16:05: error java.lang.NullPointerException @ line 1299
e6293138-54e5-4160-9cee-23f0008a8872 17:16:05: debug Evohome: getCurrentSwitchpoint()
e6293138-54e5-4160-9cee-23f0008a8872 17:16:05: debug Evohome: updateChildDevice(-1)
e6293138-54e5-4160-9cee-23f0008a8872 17:16:05: debug Evohome: poll(-1)

(Jeff Cozens) #90

I am getting error saving page on android phone when using my apps can anyone tell me why

(Jeff Cozens) #91
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'userId' on null object @ line 684 

Getting this error in log when clicking done in app any ideas what I do


(Guyan Kendall-Torry) #92

I did the same but it corrupted the My SmartApps section of the IDE. Samsung had to sort it out for me and advised me just to copy and paste the code in future. Is there really no way to do this?

(Guyan Kendall-Torry) #93

I cannot open any of the zones. The Smartthings App crashes and live logging shows the following:

15:36:03: error java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “null” @ line 1218
15:36:03: debug Evohome (Connect): getNextSwitchpoint(): Next Switchpoint [time:2016-12-07T22:00:00Z, timeOfDay:22:00:00, temperature:10.0000]

I have a zone that is currently not reporting the temperature but cannot fix it at the moment as I’m away from home. Could this be the cause?



(Guyan Kendall-Torry) #94

So, to follow up, it was one zone not reporting the temperature that prevented any other zones from working.

Thanks for the great work making this happen. One thing to note is that the “auto()” command is present anymore. Instead I used the generic heating “Set to Auto” which has worked fine.

(Guyan Kendall-Torry) #95

@zcapr17 I have to say thanks again. This is adding a new level of functionality to Evohome for me. I have now managed to use SmartThings presence sensors to override the heating so that it stays on when we are at work and we have visitors staying with us. I am intrigued by the “setSchedule…” option. What is the syntax needed to make this work? It would make it even easier to setup what I need if you could actually override the normal schedule when someone is present.

I seem to be suffering some spurious failed system change alerts. Every time that SmartThings enables or disables a quick action, I get an email telling me that it has failed, but it hasn’t yet actually failed. Any ideas?




Hi David and others on this forum,
I navigated to the github page linked in the first post on this thread wanting to use the smart app and device handler but noticed that the last updated timestamp was 9 months ago. After reading through this thread, i know that there have been several updates released so wanted to make sure i was installing the latest version – does anyone have any idea on how i can get the latest version?

i am new to Evohome and have been using the native Honeywell app but looking forward to integrating it with my Smartthings setup.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi guys, following on from my previous post, I went ahead and installed the app and device handler and everything works great - this is truly fantastic. However, I have a question:

In the first post, David mentions using rule machine to automate evohome (e.g. Turn down heating When ST mode is away). However, rule machine’s actions for thermostats are generic and relate to Off, warm, cold etc. My question is related to how I can use rule machine to achieve this. I would also like to use ST routines to control a group of evohome zones at the same time - e.g., turn all bedrooms down to 15C. Is there anyway this can be done in ST?

(Daisy Daisy give me your answer do) #98

Hi ukdevil, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you, however I have been trying to setup a piston in Core using the Evohome SmartApp, which may be of interest to you. The first piston I created works perfectly, as shown below, and basically sets Evohome to Away mode when ST is set to Away mode:-

However, my second piston doesn’t work as I am unable to write to a variable ‘setHeatingSetpoint’ with a number 21.0. The following shows the setup of my piston:-

The issue I have is that at the ‘When True…’ I don’t appear to have this variable available to select. The following is a capture of the cmds available:-

Dave, could you shed some light on where i’m going wrong. Well done by the way on the creation of this Evohome integration tool.


Hi @ukdevil, did you connect to a UK account? I installed everything from new and doesn’t work for me, I get an error when I log in during setup.

2d96d718-32af-4d17-8ac0-a311e3d5a5dc 13:02:33: error Evohome (Connect): getEvohomeUserAccount(): Error: e.statusCode 400
2d96d718-32af-4d17-8ac0-a311e3d5a5dc 13:02:32: debug Evohome (Connect): authenticate()

(Paul Ockenden) #100

Double check your username and password.


Username password are correct, I can log in to Android app and
I have a UK account.

I found the error message returned by Evohome API:
“code”: “UnsupportedClientVersion”,
“message”: “Values provided by API aren’t supported by client or field filled by client is not supported.”


How is everyone automating their evohome use - is this using rule machine or core? If the former, can you advise on how you can expose the evohome Modes or even set setpoint temperatures using rule machine as I cannot current seem to do this. I just want to trigger my evohome to economy mode when my ST hub flips to away mode (i.e. when no one is at home).

I am using a uk Evohome account and can operate it fine via the ST app