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[RELEASE] Honeywell Evohome Integration


(Steve) #61

Scratch that! Got it working by changing the thermostat modes to have a value other than 0 in it… Seems as though it will not take a permanent figure of 0 any more


(codersaur) #62

Noted. I will investigate this and some other niggles as soon as I get a chance.

FYI, I haven’t looked at this app recently as it seems there have been some minor changes to the Evohome API over the last few months and I want things to settle down.

Now the nights are drawing in and the temperatures are dropping here in the UK, it’s almost time I turned my heating back on, so I will aim to make an updated release soon which should fix the API niggles and also support hot water zones.


(Steve) #63

Thanks :slight_smile:
Although been looking through the code to unpick it to see if I can come up with a solution to my ‘want’ of a virtual switch which will allow me to set an ‘off’ (read 7c) over ride set point when the switch is on, and reverse it when the switch is off for 3x of my zones.

Managed to get it going one way with IFTTT but only on a timed basis.

(Gavin Smith) #64

Hi - I installed this and had it working, but was getting the ? symbol for the degrees symbol. So I edited the device handler and republished it and then removed the evohome devices from the smartthings app and closed all down and searched for the evohome devices again - but nothing was found. What have I done wrong?

(Steve) #65

You copied the code from the raw option didn’t you? There is a post further up this page which suggests that the code becomes a little funny and strips out the degree symbol.

You need to copy from the ‘normal’ mode, but the problem with that is it copies the line numbers as well. The way I worked around that was to copy it from normal mode, paste it into excel and then copy Row B into ST (thankfully it separated the number and code into 2 columns but does mess up the tabbing!)

(codersaur) #66

As Steve mentioned, Github has a bug where it doesn’t display special symbols in Raw mode. This is how you’ll have got the ? symbols in the first place. Editing the device handler code manually is fine, but there is no need to remove the Evohome devices after you re-publish the fixed code.

If you have deleted all your Evohome devices, then you will need to edit the SmartApp settings again and hit Done, this should cause it to recreate the Heating Zone devices.

(codersaur) #67

FYI, if you use a crappy Microsoft browser then it will copy the line numbers. If you use a well-written modern browser (e.g. Chrome Browser) then you can copy from ‘normal’ mode and it won’t copy the line numbers. :wink:

(Steve) #68

aah thanks for the tip! Will have to dust of my copy of Chrome in the future :grin:

(Gavin Smith) #69

Great - thanks, I had deleted all the devices.

I initially thought you meant editing the smartapp in the ide, but I figured out you meant in the actual app itself. Once I did that the 4 evohome heating zones were detected fine. Thanks for the help

(David Jacobs) #70

Struggling to install. I created both the SmartApp and the Device Handler, I’m fairly new to ST so may have missed some basics. Do you have to associate (in some way)?
When I go to the Evohome (Connect) Smartapp on the Android device I enter what I can and hit done and it simply reports back “Please check the value range of input fields” Not sure what I’m doing. Any help appreciated.

(Stuart Pearce) #71

Did you have any luck with this as I ma having the same issue?

(Stuart Pearce) #72

Actually just got it to work, I changed the window function temperature from 5.0 to 5. Then left the name and specific modes as default.

(David Jacobs) #73

Sorry yeah just saw post - it was that simple. It seems to automatically populate zones. I did the same though no idea what “window function” is. I never got any Hot water zone though, any ideas?

(codersaur) #74

Good to know. It seems that the Android app is having trouble with the Window Function Temperature input in the SmartApp, but as I don’t have an Android device myself I can’t test the fix. Please can someone confirm if changing this line to put double-quotes around the 5.0, solves the issue? if not, could maybe changing it back to a “number” type fix the problem?:

input "prefEvohomeWindowFuncTemp", "decimal", title: "Window Function Temperature", range: "0..100", defaultValue: 5.0, required

Window Function is documented in the Honeywell Evohome manual. It’s where the Evohome system will lower the setpoint temperature for a zone temporarily if it detects a sudden drop in air temperature (i.e. due to a door or window being opened). The value in the app needs to match the value in the Evohome system, which is nearly always going to be 5C unless you’ve specifically changed it.

I have Hot Water zones working, I just haven’t got round to cleaning up the code, documenting, and releasing the code to github. Watch this space.

(David Jacobs) #75

Thanks for that information - I really should read the manual…
Sorry I would try it but new to ST and don’t quite understand what you are asking. If I try to put a " in the app it wont accept anything but a number. Or is it editing a line in the code if so I cant find that entry. Happy to test if you can be specific.

(Paul Ockenden) #76

The Smartthings app runs just fine using Memu. (

(This is the test version of the code you sent me some months ago)

(David Jacobs) #77

Is there a reason why it reports a temperature slightly different - i.e 21 v 19 than the actual Evohome app?

(Paul Ockenden) #78

There can be a delay - perhaps you are seeing that.

(David Jacobs) #81

I have noticed that the info panel “setpoint” figure (Under the main temperature Icon) and the “following schedule” info panel below it keep disappearing.
They briefly appear as I load the device and are sometimes there fine.
Not sure if this is a feature or something is wrong with my install.

(David Jacobs) #82

Any news on Hot Water integration?