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[RELEASE] Honeywell Evohome Integration

(Graham) #227

Hi Jason_Wallace,

The apps, if working correctly, should automatically create/delete each zones device for evohome’s installation configuration data instead of you creating them manually. If you are creating devices then there is something wrong portion of the script. This was the trouble I was having until I added to the ‘scope’ of the application authentication procedure ‘EMEA-V1-Get-Location-Installation-Info-By-UserId’ key.



Hi Technobuz,

No problem on the delay. I really appreciate the help.

I’ve been deleting the smart app and the dh each time before trying again, which seemed to automatically delete the zones. Are you saying I should delete each of the zones manually first before then deleting the app and dh?

Thanks again for the help. One of the main reasons I went for evohome was to get it working with Smartthings, so this has been driving me nuts.

(Graham) #229

Hi BirdmanG

It sounds like you the setup part of the app, which stop working about a year ago, is work OK for you if it automatically creates/deletes the zone devices.

If you direct message me your email address i will send you my app files to see if that solves your problem.




Hi Technobuz,

Sorry if this is dumb, but how do I direct message you? I can’t see any way to do it clicking on your name and stuff. I think potentially because these are some of my first posts to the forum?


(Jason Wallace) #231

OK, just double checked the changes that I had made following your guide.

My URLs were set to so I have dropped the /WebAPI. My scope lines are a direct copy of yours.


(Graham) #232

Let me know how you get on, BirdmanG

(Graham) #233

Did that do the trick and get you work, Jason_Wallace?

(Jason Wallace) #234

Not seen anything yet. It might be that your comments about the thing taking some time due to auth issues applies here.

Looking at live logging I get java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘schedule’ on null object @line 461 (doCall) but really cannae say that wasn’t there before

(Jason Wallace) #235


Right, in Live Logging I am seeing:

5RB Evohome: getEvohomeLocationStatus: Data: [gateways:[[activeFaults:, gatewayId:1950211, temperatureControlSystems:[[activeFaults:, systemId:2479794, systemModeStatus:[isPermanent:true, mode:Auto], zones:[[activeFaults:, heatSetpointStatus:[setpointMode:FollowSchedule, targetTemperature:15.0000], name:Hallway, temperatureStatus:[isAvailable:true, temperature:19.0], zoneId:2479793], [activeFaults:, heatSetpointStatus:[setpointMode:TemporaryOverride, targetTemperature:18.0000, until:2019-03-03T09:00:00Z], name:Bedroom 3, temperatureStatus:[isAvailable:true, temperature:21.0], zoneId:3150998], [activeFaults:, heatSetpointStatus:[setpointMode:FollowSchedule, targetTemperature:15.0000], name:Kitchen, temperatureStatus:[isAvailable:true, temperature:20.5], zoneId:3150999], [activeFaults:[[faultType:TempZoneActuatorCommunicationLost, since:2019-02-22T15:39:45]], heatSetpointStatus:[setpointMode:TemporaryOverride, targetTemperature:18.0000, until:2019-03-03T09:00:00Z], name:Bedroom 1, temperatureStatus:[isAvailable:true, temperature:20.0], zoneId:3151000], [activeFaults:, heatSetpointStatus:[setpointMode:TemporaryOverride, targetTemperature:18.0000, until:2019-03-03T09:00:00Z], name:Bedroom 2, temperatureStatus:[isAvailable:true, temperature:18.0], zoneId:3151001], [activeFaults:, heatSetpointStatus:[setpointMode:FollowSchedule, targetTemperature:15.0000], name:Bedroom 6, temperatureStatus:[isAvailable:true, temperature:19.5], zoneId:3151002], [activeFaults:, heatSetpointStatus:[setpointMode:TemporaryOverride, targetTemperature:20.0000, until:2019-03-03T09:00:00Z], name:Bedroom 4, temperatureStatus:[isAvailable:true, temperature:20.5], zoneId:3151003], [activeFaults:, heatSetpointStatus:[setpointMode:PermanentOverride, targetTemperature:18.0000], name:Bedroom 5, temperatureStatus:[isAvailable:true, temperature:18.0], zoneId:3151004], [activeFaults:, heatSetpointStatus:[setpointMode:PermanentOverride, targetTemperature:18.0000], name:Bathroom, temperatureStatus:[isAvailable:true, temperature:19.5], z…[TRUNCATED]

which is showing Kitchen and Bedroom 6 (the UFH zones) - the new ones. But they are not appearing in the SmartThings app

(Graham) #236

Hi Jason. looks like you are in a different time zone to me as I’m about to go to bed. A quick suggestion would be to put your Evohome user name and password back into the app as this will trigger a initialization routine. Let me know how you get on.

(Jason Wallace) #237

No Graham

I think we are in the same time zone - I was off to bed shortly thereafter.

All seems OK now. Thank you for your help. Now all I need is the hot water to be working too :slight_smile:

(John Crighton) #238

Thanks for adding to the thread. I’d missed that the original smartapp included the \WebAPI in individual calls.

Removing it from the three lines where it’s used as a variable, then re-initialising the app (going to Marketplace, my smartapps, Evohome, then re-typing the password and saving) now has everything working fine!

Thanks again, and yes, just HW is missing (although that’s no big deal for me I think).

(Jason Wallace) #239

Snap! Glad it’s working for you – Shout out to Graham

Mail]( for Windows 10

(Graham) #240

I would have like to try and have a look at the hot water integration but I do not have that in my Evohome environment therefore I would have nothing to test it against. I know it requires an new device handler to be written in the current code.

(Jason Wallace) #241

I have Hot Water in one of my EvoHome deployments and am happy to help out if I can

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(Jamie Pryer) #242

Thanks so much, this is awesome and working well! im now just setting it all up in my SmartTiles app

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(Jamie Pryer) #243

also, how do we get hot water working sorry?

(Jason Wallace) #244

Great question.

David who originally wrote this did not have hot water so didn’t include it. He wrote some code and BETA’d it with some folks but that is as far as it goes.

To get HW working we’d have to find a friendly Python developer sick of taking cold showers

Mail]( for Windows 10

(Paul Ockenden) #245

I have David’s beta code with HW. It works, but to be honest there isn’t a great deal of benefit in integrating Evohome HW with SmartThings. HW tends to be something that you just set and forget.

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(Ian) #246

I’d like to be able to use HW control in ST, for example:

  • Turn if off if everybody’s out (I do this with IFFT RN but it’s an exception)
  • Open HW valve if temp not fully to setpoint if there’s plenty of heating demand (might as well, right!)
  • When visitors are here, run HW for longer / all day
  • Respond to excessive use of HW and heat it back up again!

etc etc