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[RELEASE] Honeywell Evohome Integration

(David Jacobs) #207

No Hot Water control. The guy never finished this off which is a real shame as its all there is, no formal integration ever happened.


(Paul Ockenden) #208

David did add Hot Water support. I have a beta version of it (but obviously couldn’t release it without his permission). I have to say though that I’ve found very little use for it.

The other thing it would be good to do is move the smart actions from the zones to a ‘system’ device. Right now if you set Economy mode on a zone it applies to all zones. That’s quite illogical. It would be better to set it at system level. Domoticz does this well - it has the zones and also the controller as separate entities.

I spoke to David about this at the time, but I think he was too busy with other things to even contemplate it.

Plus, around that time SmartThings was about as reliable as a 1970s Austin Princess, so I’m sure that took away a lot of the enthusiasm.



Thanks guys

Pretty much as expected.

At the end of the day I can TURN ON and TURN OFF the DHW with IFTTT so that is not a real issue.

The one hole that I do have however is reading the temperature of the water in the tank. If I could crack that then I’d be a happy man


(Andrew) #210

Installed this and got it working with a few tweaks.

What I did:
Install the device handler and smartapp as described. Both need to be edited before saving and publishing in the IDE.

Device handler - the degree symbol gets changed to a � on the raw listing on github so either copy from the listing rather than raw or use the raw listing then find and replace with a degree symbol. There are 4 instances.

SmartApp - change the address of the API; this is listed in the discussion above and initially I only changed it once on line 125. This gave me a working installation for reading but not adjusting the temperature. Once I changed all the addresses it worked fine, so:

Change every instance of ‘’ to ‘
There are 3, on lines 125, 505, and 577.

And now just follow the rest of the installation procedure. Publish both for yourself and then install on your device. After entering username and password it threw an error code but having dismissed the alert and saving it has worked fine and I can read and adjust the heating settings.

Hope this helps.


(Paul Sheldon) #211

Does this still work? I have the Smart App & Device installed. Smart App is fetching my used details but Device is doing nothing but stating updating.

Device is not connected to SmartApp and cant see how to do that…

Any help greatly received


(David Jacobs) #212

Mine seems to be doing same on an install that was working. Anyone else having troubles?


Honeywell Total Comfort International Account
(Dani) #213


I installed from GitHub, not use the RAW, save and published and after I insert user and passw it sais that “Evohome app is installing and automating” and after 2 sec, this error appears:
(user and passw are correct - copy paste)


(Andrew) #214

I got that error too. Dismissed it, tried again immediately and it worked.


(Pave Bo2 Pb) #215

Hello I have a similar error like Dani but mine its says : error saving page. i deleted the app and start over again but nothing. don’t know what to do else. any help. maybe Dani can you contact me. i am in same country like you.
I just bought smart things hub and honeywell evo home. so i have no ideea how it works. maybe i miss something. thx


(Pave Bo2 Pb) #216

Hello. ma poti contacta pe mail te rog?


(nouman rahuf) #217

does anyone know if this works with the new V3 hub? would mean using the new SmartThings app?


(Pave Bo2 Pb) #218

hello. i have the v2 but it wont work whit the new app. i am using the new app but it only show me the temp and can’t change anything. but i have the old app instaled too so i can change it from there or from original honeywell app. but when i am home i am using alexa. so i dont need to change many things when i am leaving.
PS in the new app you only see the thermostats and not the evo home controler so that’s why you cant change the temp’s


(Jason Wallace) #219

Hi there folks

I have just added a new zone into my EvoHome system. When I go into SmartThings and try to add a “thing” however this does not show.

I already have a bunch of zones added but they all existed when the SmartApp was installed. This is the first that I have subsequently installed a zone.

Any tips on getting the new zone into SmartThings?



(Graham) #220

Hi All,

I’ve finally got mine fully functioning again, after a years gap without it. I spent the weekend reviewing David Lomas’s (codersaur) 2016 Beta code against with latest Honeywell Evohome API documentation plus some comments from this forum.

Additional Note: I found an issue while fault finding that initailly cause me confusion thinking the code I just changed was wrong. When the app fails to authenticate properly with Honeywell then the honeywell site locks the app out after so many attempts. You need to wait awhile, not sure how long, before the the session is reset. The app does not handle or report this error very well just ‘An un expected error occured’ on installation and nothing much once the app once has bee installed.

Here is what I did: -

  1. There are three URL’s in the code that need to be updated from ‘’ to ‘’ at line 125, 505 & 577
  2. I also increased the scope of the authenication in lines 514 & 586 by adding ’ EMEA-V1-Get-Location-Installation-Info-By-UserId’ to the end of each scope string. i.e.

'‘scope’: ‘EMEA-V1-Basic EMEA-V1-Anonymous EMEA-V1-Get-Current-User-Account EMEA-V1-Get-Location-Installation-Info-By-UserId’,

Not sure if this is required but the honeywell documentation say the app needs this for one of its calls while installation devices.

After installing the Evohome device handler (correcting degree symbol in the code if copied from RAW) and publishing/installing the app code this seem to work for me. I have tested most of the functionality within the app all seem to work currently.

Info: I am a UK eveohome user on v2 smartthings.

Hope this could help someone else.


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(Burnsey1) #221

For me the Hot Water control would be the icing on the cake for full Evohome Integration.
I can control the heating zones via a wall mounted tablet running ActionTiles and also via Alexa.
All I would want from the Hot Water integration is the boost function, i.e. a tile to show Hot Water temperature and if I require hot water, push the tile to boost the Hot Water for 1 hour, which would be easy to sort with WebCore. Similarly a voice command to turn on the Hot Water with Alexa for an hour.


(Jason Wallace) #222

Yes, similar here.

I would like to be able to track the temperature of the tank and take appropriate actions (set DHW on, fire immersion 1, fire immersion 2) depending upon the drain rate of the tank using Webcore. I also track the temperatures in the rooms and log them to a spreadsheet in the cloud. It would be nice to do the same with hot water.


(Jason Wallace) #223

Hi folks

I’m using David’s code (complete with suggested mods) and wonder if anyone can suggest a route for me please?

I have added 2 new UFH EvoHome zones into EvoHome but cannot pull these through into SmartThings by adding a thing. I wonder if anyone has succeeded in doing this?

I’m hoping that this is not a case of uninstalling and reinstalling - I have quite a bit of WebCore manipulating my heating and don’t really want to spend a long time reworking it!



All - I was hoping someone could help me understand the webcore function to use to bound temperature decreases/ increases to zones. For example, I can easily use webcore to increase the temperature setpoint in a zone depending on conditions but this setpoint
is maintained until the next schedule change. What I want to be able to do is to set this new setpoint in webcore until a specific time. I have attempted using the ‘set schedule’ and selected a specific time (eg, 23.30) but it does not seem to work even though
the ‘set heating point’ command is executed just before it fine.

Any help is much appreciated.




I’m also in the UK and followed your guide on changes to the code to get the Evohome integration working, but I just can’t seem to get it right. It’s worth noting, I am not a SW developer, but I am an expert at copy & paste and reading guides. :slight_smile:

I can install the smartapp and DH and everything seems fine until I try to change ANYTHING via Smartthings. If for instance I push the up arrow to increase the set point of one of my zones, it says it is updating and then just reverts back to “following schedule” without implementing my changes.

I am convinced (from the logs below) that the issue is the URL, but I can’t see why it would be working for you and not me? I’ve pasted the logs below. Any help is greatly appreciated as this was one of the main reasons I chose Evohome over other options.

91e9a492-7c61-4995-b8c5-d66f77e25e06 09:21:32: error Cloakroom Heating Zone (Evohome): setHeatingSetpoint(): Error: Unable to set heating setpoint.

638f15c4-3557-4fda-9b5a-36b01c58f92f 09:21:32: error Evohome (Connect): setHeatingSetpoint(): Error: Bad Request



(Graham) #226

Hi BirdmanG,

Sorry for the slow response but work has come between me and the fun stuff currently.

Just checking, did you delete all the zone devices and then both apps before starting from scratch? If you did, were each of the zone devices created automatically once you logged into the app?

If this did happen then this rules out the set up part of the app and therefore we can look at the running part.