[RELEASE] Honeywell Evohome Integration

That is indeed strange as the api endpoint from the original app has been changed. So you should not jave been able to communicate with the api and should have gotten an error. As for the dashboard card, smartthings changed somethings which broke it.

Yes I have the latest iOS app

Where does the layout of the thermostat card come from, I have a cooling control and a fan control card.

I’m also using the original Codesaur integration in the new ST app. The only thing not working for me is the issue with the outside card permanently showing ‘Checking Status…’ (however this works when viewed via my SharpTools dashboard so not a big problem).

Beyond that it’s just formatting - the unnecessary Cooling Control and Fan Mode elements in the thermostat cards, and the fact the Mode options don’t match the Evohome quick actions (although this latter issue can be bypassed when using WebCore).

Being able to get a current HW temp readout is the key thing I’m missing.

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How do you get the hot water temp to display? Is there a DHW device handler?

Hey did the integration stop working yesterday?

No, the old integration continues to work as before without problem. Not sure if it’s relevant but I’m on Android and in the UK. The only other thing to note is that when I originally installed Codersaur’s webapp I had to make a couple of simple changes to links in the code - which are detailed somewhere near the beginning of this thread - which I seem to remember related to accessing a particular version of the Honeywell TCC app as the default wasn’t working for everybody.

As far as I know there is currently no way to query/display the HW temp. I think a device handler was in beta when this project went on hold, Paul Ockenden mentioned testing it back in Nov 17, but don’t think it was ever published which is a shame.

I can control the HW using virtual switches and Alexa - so I have a dashboard button that puts the water on for an hour if it’s needed outside the usual routine, and my Away routine turns it off - but not being able to display the temperature or use its current value in routines is frustrating.

Thanks. I know there is no DH for DHW but if you look at Andremain’s last picture there is Hot Water at 28 degrees C. I was wondering how Andremain achieved that but no response on here yet.

Hadn’t spotted that but would also be interested…

Yeah sorry about that! That is actually a virtual switch with alexa. Also i am actively working on fixing this integration. Howerver as i am not a developer, this could take a while…

Guys, in a few days, i will be releasing a v2.0 version of this app i a separate thread, with hopefully everything working with the new smartthings app, including the thermostat modes. I will probably provide a link for the new threat here so that you can all jump to a new clean thread about this integration. I really hope that this will help some of you like me, as i have been waiting for a working integration for years now.

Well done, have been keeping an eye on your progress on the other thread, will be great to have an up to date integration. As mentioned, I’m continuing to get most of the functionality I need from the old integration, but would be good to be rid of the defunct Cooling options etc and have direct access to the proper thermostat modes. Don’t suppose you’ll be adding support for hot water?

Thank you! I have done this due to my own need to make this work. Unfortunately the hot water needs an entire new device handler which i don’t believe i have the skills required to perform. However i thought the same for fixing this app. @nayelyz guided me through the entire process and i can’t thank her enough for this. As soon as she helps me with the last issue, i will release the integration for everyone to use. I really thought there would be a lot more people interested in this integration.

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If anyone here still wants to connect Smartthings to evohome use this link to be transferred to my newly released Integration which works with the new Smartthings app [RELEASE]

@WillHar @Somebody @TheMiniBar @cscsn @jugular @Lorraine_Morrow @Behold81 @guyank @sulisenator @davidgmitch

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Thank you!

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I’m not sure about anyone else but I lost connectivity between Smartthings and Evohome on Monday at 11:00 UTC based on zone temperature changes not being updated in the History of the Smartthings App. On Thursday early AM 06:30 UTC the Evohome App could not connect due to Maintenance and now I have lost the ability to trigger Zone Boost commands from Sharptools.

Anyone else? Seems like the beginning of the end… Time to migrate to the work @Andremain has been spearheading I believe!

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I think that is a very good idea. And if you are interested, the integration now supports hot water.

As for the rest i have some inside information that evohome will be added in the Honeywell home app, i just don’t know when. I assume they are doing maintenance and updates to get it working with the new app. I feel you though as i get interruptions all the time as the service goes down almost daily now.

The down time is ridiculous lately. So frequent, I was starting to wonder if there was only a handful of users and Honeywell were winding things down or if I had some kind of broadband blocking of the site going on.

It’s literally costing money and CO2 as I’ll leave home (keyworker) my heating is supposed to shut off but a few times now the planned or unplanned service Downtime leaves my heating blazing away all day.

Thanks for sharing. Glad it’s not just me

Had the same thing lately. I though i turn the heating off using smartthings but it kept going for a few hours before i caught what was happening.