[RELEASE] Honeywell Evohome 2020 Integration with new Smartthings app

Ahh ok, no big deal as I use Webcore anyway, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t something obvious I was missing.

Thanks again! One of the main reasons I bought Evohome was the ST integration, so folks like you keeping it working is greatly appreciated by folks like me who don’t have the code skills to do so.


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Haha yeah me too. Big surprise when it never came to be! To be honest i am not a developer either. I got a lot of help from a Smartthings staff member to fix this integration. I am very happy i have managed to help others in the same boat i was, as it was frustrating to say the least.


I see, so no automations. No worries.
I may give WebCore a whirl for this as I’m hitting the limit of 100 automations in the ST Mobile App.
Thanks anyway.

What’s this?

I’ve found the following causing an issue for me I think but need to do a bit more testing:

On the Honeywell hardware touchscreen controller and their app I have quick shortcuts for Day Off, Away, Economy and Off. If I use one of these shortcuts it applies to all zones, so setting Day Off for example will alter the schedule to match my Saturday schedule. Using their controller and app I can still click on a zone and alter its temperature without affecting any other zone or the schedule. Using this if I alter the temperature in one zone it sets every zone back to it’s normal schedule and temperature, overriding the mode previously set.

Workaround for changing the setpoint duration in the settings, (e.g to permanent) will not actually apply the change to the thermostat.

While i am working on fixing this by adding default values, the solution is to go each evohome zone, go to settings, set the setpoint duration to what you require, (e.g to permanent) and then set temperatures for both Boost and Suppress (INTEGERS ONLY). Doing so, will let you set the setpoint duration.

Im glad this is starting to see some traction. its something I have been meaning to look at. Like you im not a developer. I have built an old DH in the past and im not new to coding but only at a high level.

I will get this installed and test. Can I suggest you structure your github and name the code files to allow integration with Repo updating? would be a easier way to install for people.

Hi and thank you for you interest. As the Smartthings IDE is going away in a few months, i don’t think there is a point in doing that. If you want however we can try to make a dht for the hot water at some point.

I thought the IDE was to be updated to a new DEV portal so surely the integrations will integrate in a similar way? Not been able to find much info on this.

If they keep it i will make it work with a repo? How are you finding the integration so far?

Due to install it today so will take a look later. been quite busy with work.

Hi there,

Firstly thank you for all the hard work getting this back up and running. I got it installed and working, but couldn’t change temperature setpoints. Did a quick investigation, and it seemed to me that it wasn’t storing state.zoneId. I did a quick switch to make that an attribute, and then I could change setpoints again.

Seems a bit odd to me, am I on the most recent version of the device handler?

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Thank you very much for your nice words!
Please read the documentation again, maybe you need to do this?

Right - changing the polling period did seem to fix it. Thanks!

Do let me know if you want any help with testing or similar, I’m in the UK and have 7 zones plus hot water.

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Glad i could help! :slight_smile: can you share a screenshot of your zones and how is everything going?

Also i am thinking of trying to add hot water support. As i am not a programmer maybe that will be too challenging for me.

Here’s some screenshots from Smartthings, hope that’s what you’re after.

You seem to have managed fine updating the old code, so I think you’ll manage to get hot water sorted.

Sorry, only let’s me put one picture in per post!

Thank you for that! Everything looks fine.

Let’s sure hope so! I want that as well. I had @nayelyz help me. I would not have done it without her. I hope i can get the hot water added as well, as it would complete the integration as far as i am concerned…

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Hi there, I’m yet to migrate as I’ve got a significant amount of downstream dependencies on the old Codeasaur configuration which links into a number of Sharptools Dashboards that the family use.

However, I’m intrigued on your progress here and have seen the huge amount of investment you have made here and the level of partnership you have had from @nayelyz in working this through with you.

The Hot Water integration would be a game changer for me, but one thing I would like to float to you is being able to capture is the Valve Open % that is visible on the Evohome System Summary in the Configuration Settings.

Again, thanks for breathing life into this important integration for many people !