[RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration

As an update (6/29/21):

Today I had to redo my whole system due to system changes on my end. I used redloro/smarthings to redo everything.

The code changes and modifications philh30 and I made are already in the redloro github code. You no longer need to use my app I made before from my github fork. You can use the redloro app and the device handlers from redloro.

As of testing it today, we still have to use the Virtual Switches and WebCore to get Smarthings Home Monitor working.

Thank you to everyone on this forum who has contributed to this project.

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Are these the updates from October 2020 (last year)?

Quick question…I have a glass break sensor that is stuck in the open position according to SmartThings. Anyone know how to force SmartThings to read the status of that sensor again to refresh the status?

Trigger the sensor manually to reinitiate a sensor. Does it have a test button?