[RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration

Thanks. That would be very helpful and appreciated.

To sync your Honeywell to STHM, you need virtual switches. There is a nice write up on the AT forums explaining how to do this, here. This shows how set this up with 3 virtual switches, though I’ve been using only 2. Saves space in Action Tiles when you only need Away and Home to both be off for it to be the same as Disarm. If you want a more explicit “disarmed switch is ON” then don’t use this method and you should use the method in the link.

  1. Create 2 switches, “Arm (Stay)” and one “Arm (Away)”.

  2. Create 6 automations within the new SmartApp. These are what they should look like:

  3. Import webCoRE pistons: “uw5tp” and “usve”

Keypad 1 = Honeywell Security
Contact Sensor 1 = Arm Away
Contact Sensor 2 = Arm Stay
Switch 12 = one of my Inovelli Fan + Light notification child devices. That turns my LED red when in Armed Stay mode, but is extraneous to anyone else setting this up. Disregard.

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I wish there was a way to Wiki a thread, or to more reliably update the 1st post to useful and current information that doesn’t rely on the OP to make these edits. would really help avoid needing to read giant threads, or make assumptions as to how much backreading is necessary

Thank you. I had to mess with some things. I do notice some delays that cause the SHM and security panel to get out of sync a bit.

To verify - this doesn’t enable synch of the security panel > SHM does it? If I arm from the panel, then does SHM update?

All of those pieces should keep everything in sync. One of the pistons will change the virtual switches when the panel changes, and then one of the automations in the new ST app will update STHM due to the VS changing.

Curious what you had to change and what delays you found? These have been working well for me for several months now, but I’m definitely an amateur at this so it’s possible I need to make changes.