[RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration

It’s possible, but it’s tough right now since it’s in alpha and they’re still working on documentation. I’ve been playing around with some of my simpler devices and am just starting to play with this one. It’s not pretty, but I’m able to get the basic functionality showing.

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Nice, @philh30. Keep us posted. I wasn’t aware that it was still in the alpha stage…ouch. Hopefully they’ll make it a robust environment and we (you) can port this app over.

I solved, or at least found a correlation, my ademco server problem. I changed kursanders ambient weather update period from one minute to two minutes.

Here’s where I’m at for now. This will give panel status and a whole bunch of buttons in the new app, without breaking the old app.


Thanks, Phil, for that work. I was looking forward to trying it.

I did replace the DH with this one, but see no changes in the options within the app. In other words, no buttons like in the examples you provided earlier. Like before, it gives me a “network or server error occurred” message, when I go into the settings with the new Smartthings app. I also updated the SmartApp from the Repo and rebooted the server, but still no change. The sensors are still responding, and the old app works as usual with all the buttons.

Did I miss something?

Try swapping to a different DTH and then swap back to this one (or make a second copy of this DTH and swap to it). Also, try force stopping the ST app and clearing its cache on your phone. The ST app doesn’t immediately pull a new display, so those things are the voodoo that seem to force it to do so. Otherwise, the app supposedly refreshes twice a day, so just check back later.

I force stopped both old and new ST app on the phone, and cleared the cache. Made a second copy of your new DTH and swapped it, but it still won’t play nice. So, I’ll check back tomorrow and see if any voodoo takes place overnight!

Just to make sure, does your new DTH replace the original (redloro-smartthings : Honeywell Partition)? Yours shows a slightly different name (platinummassive43262 : Honeywell Partition) in my IDE. As it stands right now, either having only yours or both makes no difference.

Yes - it replaces the partition DTH. The name is slightly different to use the same namespace as the custom capabilities. So long as you’ve published the new DTH and switched the device over to using it, you should be good… eventually.

Still out of luck! I’ll be curious to see if others are also struggling with implementing this new DTH for the new app.

I could start from scratch, but it’s a bummer with so many pistons in WebCore.

But this is still using the old groovy code environment, right? Isn’t that going away with the new dev environment or did I misunderstand something? I haven’t look at the new stuff yet, so perhaps I have it wrong.

I moved nodeproxy from my PC to a RPI.

How do I change the Proxy Address in the SmartApp? When I try to update and save I get the message “Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or DashBoards, then try again”.

And when I scroll down and select “Remove”, I get “An unexpected error occurred”.

When you go into the smartapp settings, turn off the enable discovery option. Discovery is set to remove all the existing child devices. You must have a partition or zone that’s being used in another smartapp/automation/etc, as ST throws that error when you try to delete a device that’s being used elsewhere.

Sorry to hear! I’ve been slammed at work and haven’t had a chance to take another look at this, but I don’t think there’s anything different between you using the capability and me. I’m hoping someone else tries it and speaks up to give some indication of whether it’s a problem on your end or mine.

It is. The most recent improvement is allowing us to create custom capabilities through the CLI that then allow groovy DTHs to display properly in the new app. Groovy is still the only way to do hub-connected device DTHs. The new developer environment is just for cloud-connected devices right now. I haven’t followed the chatter enough to be clear about what their plan is for hub-connected devices, but I think the idea is that the custom capabilities give us a way to transition to the new app before they sunset the old one.

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Understood. That makes perfect sense. The only other ‘option’ for them would be to phase out the hub-connected devices over time (bad idea in my opinion for a variety of reasons), but who am I to say. I’ll get this loaded and let you know how it is working. Thanks for taking the time.

Thanks for the follow up.

It’s likely a problem from my end. I tried to start from scratch again by removing everything, but now I get no discovery of any devices! The STNP works fine and reports “discovery completed.” Live logging in my IDE sees nothing. I’ll need to figure which line in the smartapp to comment out to see more in the logging.

I have a hunch that my hub might be bricked :frowning: I’ll have another go at it when I get back to town.

Discovery is set to add the partition device using the DTH with the redloro namespace, so the smartapp would need to be edited before that would work with the new DTH. I’m hoping that’s your problem

Well, the good news is that I’m back on track with the old app. The bad news is I’m still unable to get the new app updated with the modified DTH. A couple of observations that hopefully may be helpful.

One is that when using the modified DTH, I do not see the Honeywell Partition device in the selection for WebCore app, although all of the motions and sensors are there. Reversing to the old DTH , Honeywell Partition device shows up. I find that interesting based on the fact that your DTH does have the attribute of “dscpartition” coded in there. It might not be relevant though.

Another observation is that the status of each motion/sensor keeps reporting "Checking Status,’ unless they are triggered. Once triggered, the status is updated and begins to report accurately thereinafter.

I’m sure looking forward to reading others’ experience on this DTH.

There’s currently something wrong globally with custom capabilities. Everything that was working has stopped working. ST staff are aware, so hopefully they’re making progress.

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The “Checking Status” issue appears to be resolved for me now.

Can you confirm that in your WebCore app the Honeywell Security is on the list of identified devices amongst others?