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[RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration

I am at a lost. I am sorry but I don’t understand.

There aren’t any errors in the log file starting with “a84a94ca” . There are a few trace comments. I have studied this for hours and I don’t know what I am looking for. I have attached a jpg of those log items that are labeled as “a84a94ca” I have also attached a txt file of the entire log file.

In the original post there is a screen shot of security panel thing showing arm and disarm smart-tiles, but I can’t seem to get to that point.

In the IDE all my devices appear to be loaded and are either active or on-line.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

(Attachment All .txt is missing)

My txt file would not go thru, so here is a screenshot of the latest log file.

My point was that the couple of errors that you were seeing are associated with a different device, and most of the log that you had posted was chatter from other devices as well.

The new log screenshot you posted shows a good response from the node server to the discovery request. Do you now have devices showing up in the ST app for each of your zones, and one for your partition called “Honeywell Security”? If so, the partition device is the one that will have the arm/disarm buttons (unless you’re using the new app, in which case you just need to download the classic app instead).

It works!!! Yeah. Yes, all my devices and zones show up in the ST app. I just didn’t know where to look for the arm and disarm buttons.

Thank you so much for all the help!!

So what was it?

The alarm tile should look like this:

I had the wrong IP address in the smart app configuration. Once I corrected it everything fell into place.

Easy to do, unless you clear out the field to see what it should be…

You will need to make the pc static IP address… as well as SmartThings…

The app is not detecting bypassed zones correctly. SmartThings says one, TC says 6…!
I just noticed this:(

Total connect… guess I can only do one image at a time…

What does your keypad show? I think that text should just be verbatim from the keypad display.

Got it. I have made the IP addresses static. Thanks

Key pad shows the motion zones are bypassed.

Message is armed “stay 1”
Zone by passed might me truncated or not, but two messages concatenated.

Does this App only work for Arm/Stay/Disarm only from the SmartThings Classic App (Smart Home Monitor)? I can Arm/Stay/Disarm from the Classic App (Smart Home Monitor) but it is not working in the New SmartThings App (Smart Home Monitor). I can see all my sensors fine in the new App but can’t Arm/Stay/Disarm from the new (Smart Home Monitor).

From a previous post from philh30, dated April 10…

“Do you have a pressing need to migrate to the new app? If not, I’d recommend that you stick with the old app. You’ll be able to get the individual zones to work in the new app, but not the partition. You’ll have to set up individual virtual switches to control each button on the partition.”

Is there anyway to “reset” a zone. I have one zone that shows as open in smartthing but in envisalink app it shows as closed. I would like to just create a small app that allows me to “close” the zone when this happens. I am not local to the house so i can not simple open and close the door to re-trigger the events so i need to come up with a way to resync smarthings with envisalink

You can temporarily switch the DTH for that zone to a DTH that’s a contact sensor with a switch that controls the contact sensor (there should be something like that floating around for Alexa integration). Push the button to close the sensor, then switch it back.

@redloro and others: I’ve been using stnp on a rPi0 with my Vista 20P + envisalink for a few years and it works really well. Thank you for a great offering!

One thing I’d like to work better is automation involving alarm panel events. For example, I would love to be able to turn all my SmartThings-connected lights on when the Vista siren sounds, or turn on a specific light during the entry delay (the time the panel is beeping after an entry door is opened in armed state, before the siren sounds).

I haven’t been able to figure out how to do either. The closest I’ve come is using the Smart Home Monitor, which can do a “Light Alert”, but it seems very inconsistent and when it does work it triggers during the entry delay which I don’t want for the all lights on automation.

I’m hoping that the Envisalink gives distinct messages to stnp for sensor open during entry delay and for alarm state siren sounding. If so, it should be simple to modify envisalink.js to handle these events separately. What to do from there to get what I want though eludes me.

I’m a developer so I don’t need too much hand-holding, but I haven’t gotten around to groking the ST app/dth architecture. So any hints would be greatly appreciated.


The attribute dscpartition in the partition DTH will give you armed/arming/disarmed/alarm status. It’s exposed as an attribute so you can use it either in WebCore or in a custom-written smartapp.

The entry delay would take a bit more work. I haven’t seen anything in the Envisalink TPI that gives that status. I’m thinking your best bet would be to parse the keypad display text. That could be done either on the RPi in the Envisalink plugin, or in the partition DTH where the keypad memo is captured as panelStatus.

So - All of my alarm contacts (front door, back door, etc) show up as “things” or “devices” just like any other (kitchen light, hall light), so I use them in my automations (when the front gate is opened, turn on the back hall light). Is that what you mean? If all of yours aren’t showing - there may be something wrong. Unless I’ve completely misunderstood you!