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[RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration



More information- I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything, unplugged my hub and removed the batteries, factory reset the hub, changed the type in the config file from manual to discover. I have seen no change in my “Things”, SHM, or in the STNP. See below for my live log with “manual” and “discover” set in the config file.This is after hitting done in the Smart App with discovery toggled.

Config file- “type”: “manual”

Config file- “type”: “discover”

(Mlemire1) #907

Looking for a little guidance on what to try next. I have sensors showing up after discovery but am not getting status updates from the sensors.


Since I have not been able to get this fully functioning yet, I probably will not be much help. But, just out of curiosity, is your STNP updating when there is a change in state of your sensors?

(Mlemire1) #909

Yes, The STNP is updating with the sensor information. I am just not seeing the updates reflected in the Smartthings app or in the IDE logging. I have shut down the hub and waited 10 minutes and restarted. Same results. Reloaded the apps with the same results.


If this means that the sensors are showing up in your “Things”, it seems like you have made it one step further that I have.

(Mark) #911

I also ran into the same issue:
Envisalink connection error: undefined

However, for me it appeared that it was because I had an active SSH session with my envisalink. When I disconnected from that and restarted the nodeproxy, all the errors went away and I was able to complete the setup successfully.

Question - has anyone been able to arm/disarm their honeywell system based on presence sensors on their phones?


I finally got this working thanks to this quoted post. I was beginning to think it was a lost cause. Although my log error was a little different, my logs were “getChildDevices(true), children=0” vs @dlloyd242’s “getChildDevices(false), children=0”, my Windows 10 firewall was the culprit. Once I was able to let node.js through, my sensors populated in my “Things” and my SHM started working to arm/disarm my alarm system. Thank you @redloro for this integration.

(Cataclysmicvoid) #913

Just wanted to give back to this thread. Redloro’s solution here is really great. Only issue I had was autostart / restart / run on boot / forever /

A version of @pin’s suggestion worked for me:

Good luck!

(Todd) #914

I can’t get this to work, is yours still working or did something change? If I run: forever start server.js from terminal it works fine. As a triggered task it doesn’t work. I clicked to even run it manually through Task Scheduler and a No GO. Any help would be great.

(Alwineinger) #915

Yeah, still working fine. Haven’t had to mess with it at all. Node.js 0.10 on a DS413j. Seems like it may have given me some grief when I tried manually running it when I was getting it all going, but has been working fine via the Task Scheduler.

(Todd) #916

I have the same exact setup on a DS1512+ with Node.js v8, and it doesn’t work at all.

I wonder if downgrading Node.js will fix it and make it work.
*** UPDATE ***
Downgrading to Node.js 0.10 fixed this issue.

(Aj) #917

I have everything setup and it appeared to be working. Smartthings correctly gets the notifications from the door sensors.

The problem is that both Smartthings and my security panels cannot control anything. I cannot arm/disarm or anything.

Any ideas from anyone on how to fix this? I looked at the node log and see all of the door sensors but nothings about any commands coming through.



Looks like I ran into the same issue you did: trying to run two instances of Node on the same machine (same MAC address). Are you still using a separate VM for your other instance? If so, I would imagine you did some lightweight Linux server? I don’t have a lot of cores/memory to spare…

(Scott Herchenbach) #919

I’m trying to use Webcore with this app. I want to be able to identify when an alarm has been triggered, so I can kick off other items like lights and a siren. Is this possible? I thought it would be straightforward, but I can’t figure out how to identify when an alarm is triggered.


I’ve had the same issue and never found a resolution except via SHM.

Anyone try this new Echo Speaks integration with the Ademco integration?

(Scott Herchenbach) #921

I’m trying to use the Echo Speaks integration, but without being able to identify when an alarm is triggered, I’m not sure it’s going to be of much use. I was able to get Echo Speaks to work in Webcore and could get it to announce something, but could not figure out how to identify when an alarm was triggered.

When I tried to use SHM, the SHM would only recognize an alarm trigger after the alarm was turned off. Have you tested an actual alarm, does SMH recognize the alarm status when it happens?

Also when I used SHM, I was not able to get it to use any of my Echo’s. I was able to set it up in the app, but when I tested it, there was no sound from the Echo when an alarm was triggered.


I tried in the past and it never worked. I’m sure there’s a way, but I never figured it out.

(mike) #923

this looks interesting and i am sorry to ask these questions but the thread is EXTREMELY long…

  1. is this project still actively developed? If not, does it work and is it likely to stay working?

  2. does the original post still contain the best/current information on installation,download, etc?

  3. I dont want my smartthings to ever be able to arm or disarm my alarm (why does it need pin to arm btw?), can i omit the pin code from the config and still use this?

  4. someone mentioned docker, is there a docker of this or was this pers0on talking about a bare node docker?

I want to basically be able to read the sensors and mostly be able to trigger on alarm arm and disarm. I dont want my alarm to become “smart” or at least smarter than it already is with envisalink monitoring.


(mike) #924

I’ll answer my own questions…

Thanks so much to redloro for this EXCELLENT project. Fingers crossed its reliable, but if it is, its amazing! THANKS! My smarthome has just gotten so much smarter!

(mike) #925

This is actually a cool idea, i could have it go crazy flashing all the lights in the house if the alarm goes off although my panel siren is so damn loud they are mascists if they dont run.