[RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration

I had that a few weeks back but there were overall issues with ST at the time. I haven’t paid much attention recently, but just checked and a window shows open that’s definitely closed.

When you included the authCode in your Node-Red call, did it disarm your panel? I think the way the STNP Envisalink plugin is written, it shouldn’t need you to pass the PIN so long as it’s in the config.json.

every now and then my sensors will get out of sync. when checking the logs i’ll see a bunch of errors. usually a ST hub reboot will resolve the issue, at least for awhile.

Agreed. This is happening a lot more often than it did in the past. Anyone else having this issue? It seems to be doors more than anything…multiple doors and different types of sensors (sliding door and swing door).

HI group so i have the Alarm Decoder AD2Pi and have been using their ST app but since classic went away that has been broken.
Is this app updated to work with the new app or is there an alternative?

it does work but is no longer supported by the project creator (see latest edit in 1st post). others have taken the lead in updating things. afaik it’s still the best option to hook up a Vista system short of changing to konnected.

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Thanks to @philh30 for the direction to fix this stuck sensor.

I found that the values needed for the smoke DTH were ‘smoke’ and ‘clear’ . Tried ‘closed’ in the simulator and it looked good, but when published, it didn’t do the job.

After updating the DTH, update the sensor, changing the device type to contact or motion, save and then change back to smoke… The sensor should be closed/clear…

I switched from the AD2Pi and have enjoyed the envisalink with this code base. I liked the buttons for arm and disarm from the main panel, so I took the liberty to make some mods and added the buttons. Also I find the separate devices buttons make adding tests for armed in automation routines like webCore more intuitive. If interested, I can share the code.
Also, I enabled setting the contact state to closed during install, for contacts only.

please share, that irked me as well that i had to go cycle all 25 windows. prehaps add a button to setting to clear all contacts…

Anyone else just hate the Honeywell/Vista panel beeping for the Away exit delay and the re-enter alarm delay? They’re so harsh and give me anxiety when I hear them. I’m considering just never using Away mode and just sticking with Stay for the silent exit delay, but can’t do much to change the alarm delay for reentry.

Wondering if there are any keypads people use that are more pleasant. I have a voice keypad and a basic one. I imagine both could have to be replaced since they both sound the same.

The Entry/Exit beeping is configurable per keypad (at least on my Vista 20p). Find your programming guide and lookup “Keypad Programming Fields”. I turned it off on the keypad closest to the door but left it on the backdoor keypad so it was less loud when leaving.

In addition, if you push a number on the keypad after the beeping has started, it will mute for something like 10 seconds. That way you can get on the other side of the door and then hear the beeping continue so you know the system is still arming.


As an update (6/29/21):

Today I had to redo my whole system due to system changes on my end. I used redloro/smarthings to redo everything.

The code changes and modifications philh30 and I made are already in the redloro github code. You no longer need to use my app I made before from my github fork. You can use the redloro app and the device handlers from redloro.

As of testing it today, we still have to use the Virtual Switches and WebCore to get Smarthings Home Monitor working.

Thank you to everyone on this forum who has contributed to this project.

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Are these the updates from October 2020 (last year)?

Quick question…I have a glass break sensor that is stuck in the open position according to SmartThings. Anyone know how to force SmartThings to read the status of that sensor again to refresh the status?

Trigger the sensor manually to reinitiate a sensor. Does it have a test button?

I’ve put together an Edge driver that will direct connect from the ST Hub to the Envisalink (no middle man server required). Edge is the platform that will replace Groovy DTHs in the near future. There may still be some bugs to squash, but it’s been working well for me.


Do you have one for AD2USB ?


AD2USB will still need to use STNP. I had worked up a rough but functional driver to communicate with a STNP server before I changed course to communicating directly with the Envisalink. I’ll get that one cleaned up and post it.

Yes I do. I have stnp running on windows pc connected to that.


Considering Redloro’s post about stopping support for this, as he’s moved on to Home Assistant, just wondering if anyone has made the move to Home Assistant and can share your experience moving over (you can send a private message if you want so we don’t fill up this space.)

Fantastic work Phil. It was probably the easiest integration I’ve ever encountered.

I do have one consideration. Would it be possible to make a slight modification to the partition methods (Disarm, Arm Stay, Arm Away, etc) so that they can take an optional PIN parameter? I know it currently gets the PIN from the settings. But, I really would like to pass it in as an optional parameter from my dashboards (if it isnt passed, get it from the settings as it is now). I’ve got separate alarm pins for all the people that come and go in my house. I am using tablets with sharptools dashboards to control the house. I don’t want to use a single master pin on the button in sharptools (because i want to be able to disable individual users like my nanny, or housecleaner, etc). I’d prefer to pop-up a pin dialog in sharp tools and pass that pin to the partition method and have the alarm system authenticate the user.