[RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration

@natescook1 you said it! This is exactly why I set out to build this… imo all the pre-existing solutions failed in my book for one reason or another and frankly any “innovative” solution I’d come across focused on the DSC and not the Honeywell.

To answer your questions…

  1. Loss of Envisalink website access or functionality
  • No access to Envisalink website is required…
  1. LAN firewall issues (heard about these on other options)
  • Doesn’t go outside your LAN, so unless your firewall is blocking devices on your local network this is not an issue.
  1. Network security holes (heard about these on other options)
  • Doesn’t go outside your LAN, so no security holes required.
  1. Anything else I am not thinking about
  • It’s a pretty simple approach which gets the job done. There’s obviously room to grow, but off the top of my head the only “risk” is storing the arm/disarm code in the config file on the machine running the service… but if someone were to gain access to this machine to read the code, you probably have other issues.

Awesome I will have to find some time to make this happen. Thanks for the work on this. Greatly appreciated.

Just updated the plugin and so far so good! You got a Paypal link so we can send a few beers your way?

I am having another issue. I updated my config file because I had a couple of zones named incorrectly. When I try to configure the app and hit done so it will rediscover the zones, all I get is “Error saving page.” I verified all settings are correct so next I tried just deleting the app. It won’t even let me do that. I get “An unexpected error occurred.” Finally I went into the IDE and tried uninstalling the app and get “There was an error uninstalling your SmartApp.” Is there anything else to try?

Edit: I figured it out. A couple of the contact sensors were in use by the another app- Enhanced Auto Lock for auto locking my doors when they’re shut for a certain amount of time. I’ve just moved over from Vera so I’m still getting up to speed with all this. Thanks again for the work!

Good to hear you figured it out… yeah anytime you have a device tied to another routine or SmartApp, you can’t delete it until you’ve removed all dependencies.

I just notice something with the motion sensor not relaying any status if the house is armed in stay mode. This is also the same for any sensor you bypass and arm the alarm. I found out this after I set the motion sensor to turn on a light in the hallway, but it only works if the house is not armed.

I believe that is a limitation of these panels. They don’t report activity when the alarm is armed unless it actually trips an alarm. The Envisalink only knows what is sent to the keypad. If you look at the keypad display, you’ll see what I mean. One thing you could do is not actually arm the alarm but instead just arm the Smart Home Monitor as your “alarm” and have it use the Honeywell sensors.

Still trying to get my bearings with ST and STNP. I have been on the general discussion trying to learn as much about ST as I can. I also learn some about CoRE. Since STNP is running locally, can STNP get status from ST or is it just one way? He is why I am asking …
Since CoRE is cloud and susceptible to internet outage, if there was some IF/THEN that SmartLighting did not handle, could a plugin be written so as to expose a “virtual switch”. Then assuming it could poll ST for various devices, logic could be created to either switch the “virtual switch” off or on and SmartLighting could then control the device. Better question, could STNP control other devices linked to the ST hub?

Just thinking out loud, could the Envisalink send a “panic” alarm? I am very new at this and something scares me even is Envisalink could do it.
Two concerns off the top of my head.

  1. There are no verify calls a panic, correct?
  2. Adding another layer of failure to a critical operation.

@Joe_D @thedude130 that is correct… if the zone is bypassed then it will not trigger an event when the alarm is armed. You could always add some z-wave wireless sensors to control the lights…

Pretty much anything you can do from the keypad, you can do with the EVL.

@redloro curious…

  1. Can a plugin read status back from ST?
  2. If #1 is yes, then does it read them via a poll method, event driven or both?
    If #1 and #2 is true. And if I am starting to understand SmartLighting…
    Then in theory a person could build plugin that emulated a binary switch to the ST and with custom set of rules it could control devices with decisions made locally.
    Of course the question is if the effort is worth being able to execute if cloud is not accessible. Or if the latency of the round trip to the cloud and back is too long.



Correct… this is where the CoRE rules engine and others like it allow you to detect device state changes and control devices. But this happens anyway for local devices. The STNP server allows you to connect devices to the SmartThings ecosystem that would otherwise either not be connected or connected through some other clunky method.

@redloro I just want to take a moment to thank you for contributing this and even continuing to support it. I’ve had a Vista 20P sitting in a box from when I moved that was useless to me without ST integration. Now after one night (probably 15 mins if I knew linux) I have everything set up and working flawlessly. THANK YOU, if you have a donate link I’m sure more than a few people would be happy to.

Thanks and glad that I can help others while I meet my own goals. I’ll be the first to tell you that I’d have never written this plugin if my house didn’t come with a Vista 20P… but it did and I wanted to integrate with ST and figured others would too. No donate link at this time, but I’ll post an update if I ever do.

Just wanted to say thank you for the work you put into this and sharing it with the rest of us to leech off of :slight_smile: I can appreciate the amount of work that can go into writing something like this. This saves me from paying the ridiculous envisalerts monthly fee JUST to be able to have multiple zone followers. Can I donate something to you ?

I am new to SmartThings and am still learning, sorry if the answer is obvious here but I have done a fair bit of searching and can’t find the answer. I use a Vera Lite for the longest time and when that unit died I decided to move on to something new and settled on SmartThings since the community seems pretty active. To get my Vista 20p panel integrated I settled on this project since it keeps all the alarm communication on the network. I am running into an issue trying to setup an automation. In my old vera system I had things setup so that if the it was after sunset, the alarm was armed in away mode and one of 2 doors were opened a few lights would come on. I can’t for the life of me figure out a way to have CoRE to read the state of the Alarm Panel so I tried to have the Piston configured so that when SHM is in Armed/Away the lights would come on after sunset if one of the 2 door contacts were opened. The issue with this is that if I arm the alarm using the keypad and open a door during the exit delay the lights come on immediately. The fix for this would be for me to be able to directly read the alarm state using a rules engine and cut SHM out of the loop completely but I don’t seem to be able to do that. Am I missing something or is this just not possible?

Also, thanks for your hard work here!.

You should be able to read the state of the “Honeywell Security” device from CoRE and then trigger your lights… but I think I need to make a change to the device type so that it has an arming interim state which would better serve you. Right now the device has the following states: ready, notready, armedstay, armedaway, armedinstant, armedmax, alarmcleared, alarm which would yield basically the same results as with your integration with SHM.

Let me know if you can get your piston to work with the “Honeywell Security” state.

I have yet to to figure out how to read to the state in CoRE, if you need to ask that question is another thread I will. The only thing I can trigger from the Honeywell Security device is “off, strobe, siren or both”…

Yeah I can’t figure that out either… you can access all the device type functions/variables in the Then… but not for the conditional If… check. See if the guys experienced with CoRE can point you in the right direction and if we need to change the Honeywell Panel device type, let me know.

Thanks! I have asked that question of the CoRE guys, will follow up with what they say. One possible fix, while not ideal overall, would be to only set SHM as armed once the exit delay has completed. I looked at the SmartApp/Device Handlers and Node proxy plugin but it’s a bit beyond my abilities.