[RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration

I tried the ethernet unplugging trick to no avail - still getting the socket hang up.

Try taking the batteries out of the unit, unplugging it, waiting a bit, then put everything back in, plug it in. After it goes online, then try to unplug the ethernet for 30 seconds, then see what happens. Like I said, I have the device “Honeywell Security” in the device list and STNP is passing the information on perfectly now, but I cannot populate the rest of the devices…help :slight_smile:

Thanks, smartie. That did it, finally! It took a few more seconds, but eventually the devices started to populate.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with your remaining problem, but I did make sure I removed everything in the SHM, then went into the smartapp and hit save to kind of refresh the app.

For others struggling with this socket hang up error, believed to be associated with the latest firmware, it was recommended as a temporary measure in another post (Hub Firmware Release Notes - 27.6) to unplug the ethernet cable for 30 seconds. LAN traffic problem on port 39500 to the hub appears to be the culprit in this issue.

No problem. What do you mean removed everything from SHM?

I mean in the configuration for the Smart Home Monitor, under Security or any of the others, I reset it in a way that the whole thing was left not configured. I had motion sensors other than the Honeywell panel still active in there.

I had the same error with the socket hang up as well. The second power cycle incl. unplugging the ethernet cable fixed it…

I see. I stopped using SHM a while back and have integration with WebCoRE (which I had to remove every device). I wonder why I can’t get the devices to go back? When you run the Smart App, does it give you a message that it successfully did it within the app? The only time I can get that message is if I completely remove the Smart App and reconfigure…

How long did you keep the batteries out and unplugged before hooking everything back up?

Yes, the app confirmed success after saving the configuration.

Ok, something is wrong then. It only does it once and that’s after i remove the Smart App and then reinstall. After that, no confirmation at all. In trying to add the other devices, I’ve lost “Honeywell Security” again.

I haven’t had much success this time around with the battery pulled hub restarts. Guess I’ll keep trying

Been seeing the error below for two days in SmartThings Node Proxy (SNTP) on a rpi3b+ with latest Raspian, node, etc:

[stnp] Notify error: Error: socket hang up

Is it related to the thread below where they mention a hub firmware update has broken messaging (MQTT on local LAN)?

Might explain a bunch of what people are seeing.


Firmware Update with thread with additional info:

In that thread they mention a temporary workaround. Unplugging SmartHome Hub from network for 30 seconds got my push notifications working again. Although there is still a comm error.

There is an easier temp fix apparently, in the Utilities on the IDE choose Disconnect. After the hub reconnects with ST Cloud the port will be active

I tried that, too, it only allows me to discover the honeywell security “thing” on the list…nothing else populates, still…Also continue to get the error messages in STNP.

just about 30 seconds…

The only other thing to try is to temporarily change the IP address of the hub then set it back. That’s what ultimately did it for me.

I have no idea why the only device it will “find” is Honeywell security. Within the logs I can see the panel discovery complete, but all other sensors don’t populate.

I think the problem is here, but I don’t know how to correct it.

This shows in the live log of ST’s IDE (not STNP):

error physicalgraph.exception.InconsistentDataException: DTH version mismatch for id:(redacted) and version:1 @line 188 (doCall)

i think this is referring to line 188 within the Smart App? If so, here’s that line:

addChildDevice(“redloro-smartthings”, "Honeywell Zone "+it.type, deviceId, hostHub.id, [“name”: it.name, label: it.name, completedSetup: true])

I’m not familiar with that error, but it seems to be having trouble using the Zone DTHs to create child devices. I’d try deleting the three zone type DTHs and recreating them from scratch.

I’ll give it a try, thanks.

Wow! That was it! The one thing I didn’t try solved it right away. Thank you!!

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