[RELEASE] HomeSeer Dimmer and Switch (HS-WD100+ / HS-WS100+) Device Handlers

Great custom device type !

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I’m really new to the smartthings community as well as adding a new smart apps. When I try and add the custom code to the smart apps “from code” it throws an error stating “No signature of method: script14882226177472016706658.metadata() is applicable for argument types:…” I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your contribution/hard work!

If your talking about the software of this thread, I believe it’s a device type not a smart app.

Possibly your trying to install install in the wrong place?


Thank you TN_Oldman, that’s exactly what the issue was. Much appreciated!

Thank you so much!

Please charge your phone!

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Currently when the switch is on and I do a long press down it turns off the switch and cuts power to my lights. I would like for a long press down to keep the switch on and also keep my lights on and dim them to a certain level. Is this possible today? Or could it be a future add?

Maybe I don’t understand what you really after but the switch does this exactly by simply holding the switch down for whatever dimming level you want already.

If you hold it down too long the dimming goes to zero which also means the light is off of course so don’t keep it pressed down. If you have a preset level of dimming you are after you could easily just set it up under the multitap functions so say your double tap down could trigger that under a simple smartapp like Button Controller Plus.

Sorry I should specified have the ws100 switch not the dinner. If I long
press down the switch it turns off and does not trigger an action to my hue
lights to reduce to a dim level because it has cut power to them.

The more important info may be the Hue lights. So why not connect the Hue lights to an always powered on outlet and not the switch? Use a smartapp to monitor the WS100+ and control the Hue bulbs. That is what I do with my smart bulbs and the dumb bulbs I have on the smart switch.

This device is the only one that does not run locally out of about 20 different custom DTH I have on my account. It will be very nice it the DTH can be made to run locally. My main gripes of it not running locally is slow response time, and no status update with HomeKit via Homebridge.

I’ve read all through this thread and cannot find anything specific to my situation. I have a door contact sensor that turns on a GE wall switch which turns on the garage lights between sunset and sunrise when the door opens. Then it turns off the light after 4 minutes if the door closes. Does anyone know if I can use this switch to cancel the 4 minute timer and leave the garage light on if I double tap the switch?

depends; how did you setup your 4 minute delay off timer?

If you use webCoRE as your smartapp, I think it can be done using your existing GE wall switch. FAQ: What is WebCoRE? (And what was CoRE?)

Home Seer says that the WD100+ can be used in a 3-way or 4-way configuration when paired with the HomeSeer Hub. Note, not just when used with a companion WA100+, though that will work too and doesn’t require any software programming. What they said is that if you have a HomeSeer up on 24/7 a second (or third) WD100+ can operate as a WA100+ would, as a 3-way or 4-way companion remote. However if the HomeSeer hub was offline, you would lose the ability to control the light in question. Does either this handler, or any other solution on the SmartThings marketplace allow such a configuration, to your knowledge?

The WA100+ are out of stock and do not match the look of the WD100+ dimmers so if there was a way to get this working without purchasing a HomeSeer hub and having (2) competing hubs trying to work together, I would love to know. If not, my plan is probably to purchase the HomeSeer hub and see if I can’t get it to control the lights as I don’t want to wait months for the stock to return.

*** Dalec *** I’d love your 2 cents on this thing too as it seems you’re a relative expert on this. Happy to VenMo you for the assistance getting it set up properly.

Yes you can have SmartThings operate the 3-way control in a similar fashion. Do you want dimming or just on-off 3-way operation? Dimming will bring in a more complex programming solution.

As far as I know the HomeSeer switches are not directly designed to be used in 3-way or 4-way standalone operation so if you use a hub (HomeSeer or SmartThings) you can make them operate indirectly in 3-way as long as the home automation hub is operational.

A disadvantage is the latency of the “secondary” switches when you want the 3-way operation versus standalone control. Personal preference will determine if latency is acceptable or not but it is not a bother for most once they get used to how it operates versus the instantaneous operation of the original hardwired switches

An advantage is you don’t have to use HomeSeer switches in the secondary switch locations, any hub compatible switch or button device could be used to signal you want the lights on from the secondary location and triggering the primary location of the HomeSeer HD100+ And there are lots of variations to 3-way 4-way once you get into SmartThings because you are only limited by programming now.

For example I do a 4-way setup in my master bedroom using a HD-100+ as the wall switch entering the room, controlling bedside smart bulbs on each side of the bed and a ceiling fan light. The HD-100+ isn’t even wired to a load per se because I wanted individual control of each light so instead I use its multitap “smarts” and indication readout. When I single tap UP;I turn on both bedside smart lamp bulbs, and the ceiling fan bulbs to 50% level and vice versa to shut down. Double & triple tapping controls the ceiling fan speeds and lights At each bedside I have wireless Minimotes that provide the “4-way” function. One button acts like the wall switch to toggle all lights, button 2 will only control the adjacent bedside lamp on-off or low dim; button 3 controls the opposite bedside lamp, button 4 the ceiling fan light. etc with press&hold functions of the minimote.

I just give you the example to let you know that thinking in a traditional 3-way and 4-way will limit you and the potential to take full advantage of Smartthings.

I really would like dimming as well. I could live with the latency because
right now it takes about 3 seconds for them to dim down anyway, so an extra
3 seconds would be fine. I’m mainly swapping out all the old Lutron
switches because they didn’t work with the new LED bulbs that we installed
to be green as possible. So I went with the Homeseer but my electrician
ran into this issue.

Is it correct to tell my electrician that he should wire the “dummy” HD100+
to ‘nothing.’ Eg, install it with the power but don’t connect the traveler
light or load to it, and turn it into a powered Z-wave extender/Z-wave
device that only communicates via wireless to the Smart Things, and via the
SmartThings to the other Z-wave Dimmer that is hardwired. Is that correct?

Anyway if I did that to one of them, you could help me program one and
train me? I would be ecstatic to pay you whatever you ask for your help.
I’ve got $600 of dimmers sitting around in a box for the last 2 months
because I got stuck and the companion switches have been out of stock.


On the little bit you have said so far “yes” you are correct you will wire only one HD100 as the local standalone switch and install all the others in as powered only with no real switch loads, but why don’t you PM me with the details of layout of the house and where all the switches are located and what lights they currently operate so I recommend the optimum installation. The more details the better so I can advise your electrician correctly. Also what you currently already have purchased including the LED bulbs.

Hi everyone - I’m a total newbie to home automation and SmartThings.

I have a number of HS-WD100+ dimmers installed in my house and I have no clue how to add them as a device in SmartThings. I’ve been looking online and in the forum but can’t find anything?

I’ve tried adding a thing in the mobile app then clicking on my dimmer switch but nothing shows up. Is there something I physically need to do on the dimmer switch to get my hub to see it? I’ve added the device handlers and the button controller + smartapp to my account. I just can’t add any of the dimmers to my hub.

Plz help! Thanks!

try this. it helped me a lot when I first started. You need to add the custom device handler for the switch.

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Thanks @dalec!

I’m a big dumb animal. Apparently the one switch I’ve been trying to get connected for hours is the only one in my house that isn’t working. All of the other switches in my house are found when I go into the app to add a thing. It’s strange that the dimmer functionality works for this one switch and the companion switch works too… so I have no clue why it just won’t be found by ST. Maybe I’ll have to send this one back to homeseer