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[RELEASE] HomeSeer Dimmer and Switch (HS-WD100+ / HS-WS100+) Device Handlers

(Don) #14

No, the wires are because it’s a “switch” it’s controlling a load. Push on turns on light, push off turns off light.
The scene stuff is the switch recognizing you did a “double tap” so the firmware of the switch says “OH that’s a double tap” . Depending on what your using to read the output of the switch, (button controller app, core app ) you can perform other functions based on that double tap.

I hope that’s right. Just how I understand it in my head.

(Don) #15

Another example that relates to me specifically.
I currently have GE switches in a 3 way in one room. The switches control the ceiling fan light. I have another GE switch in the fan shrowd controlling the fan. Now if I want to control the the fan I HAVE to use an phone, Alexa or or some other controller since I can not get to the switch.

In theory, if I replace my GE light 3 way switches with this switch here. I still get the same light on / off control. The added benefit is I can now use software to read the multiple taps on the same switch controlling the light to control the fan.
I don’t have to get out my phone, or tell Alexa to do it for me. I can just double tap the switch and it will control the fan.

This is on my ToDo list, just need the switches and more importantly the TIME to try it out.

(Rodney S) #16

I am curious does this Device handler allow these switches to appear as ‘Local’ to the hub. Specifically will the double tap and triple tap work if the internet connection is down as well as having the improved latency when the internet is up?

(April Hoyle) #17

Can this device be in the aux position of a 3way wiring configuration?

(Don) #18

I believe the switch being discussed here is the master. They make a auxiliary that would be used in the 3 and 4 way setups.

HS-WD100+ ( is the dimmer model)
HS-WS100+ (is the switch model)
HS-WA100+ (is the auxiliary / companion switch)

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(Dale C) #19

Unfortunately no. All custom device handlers/smartapps are not treated for local processing to a Hub ver2. It is my understanding very few smart apps like SmartThings Smart Lighting, Smart Home Monitor app in conjunction with standard device types.

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(Eddy) #20

Hi there, thanks alot for creating this,

Im am currently into a wierd issue where the WD100+ dimmer keep being shown as “ON” under my things on the smarthings android app.

Let me explain, i press off … it turns off, all good, i change screen on the app, go back to mythings, and it shows its on again

its only on the app tho, the lights are off still

Any help on this?

(Dale C) #21

I am at loss here. You could always try logging off the mobile app and re-login in?

(Eddy) #22

Hey thanks for your quick response. Just wanted to let you know that im stupid haha. i have a WD100+ and i installed the WS100 device handler on it

Bummer, but it works now thanks, time to play around with it!

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(Sean) #23

What would be the best way to pass the button presses to smartthing-MQTT-bridge for use in other platforms? I can currently add the device as a button in the MQTT-Bridge smartapp, however, all eight button functions output the same message:

Incoming message from MQTT: smartthings/Bedroom Light Switch/button = pushed

I’m guessing the device handler for the switch would need to be rewritten to pass on the individual buttons to MQTT. Is this something that’s feasible? It would be amazing to have this:

Incoming message from MQTT: smartthings/Bedroom Light Switch/button = pushed 1
Incoming message from MQTT: smartthings/Bedroom Light Switch/button = pushed 2


Or perhaps it would work better with each button as it’s own topic:

Incoming message from MQTT: smartthings/Bedroom Light Switch/button/1 = pushed

Or maybe make the payload json formatted like:
Incoming message from MQTT: smartthings/Bedroom Light Switch/{"button_pushed": 1}

Where would I go messing around to experiment with this?

(Dale C) #24

Probably one good start would be over in the Developers area here and add your post over there where the guys with the know how can give you better direction.

(Matt) #25

I don’t believe so. I think that’s a firmware limitation.

Do you mean to have it so as you press and hold the hold button it dims up or down? If so, again, I don’t think so. I believe it just registers as a single press of the “hold” button. It won’t actually acknowledge the fact that you’re holding it; however, there is a slider to dim up and down.

While I’m not 100% it actually passes through the dimming, you can control the ramp rate so that it’s so fast it appears that it goes from 0% to 100%. I have one of my lights set like this:
Local Ramp Rate: Duration of each level: 1
Local Ramp Rate: Dim level % to change: 99
So that dims up or down 99% every 1ms

(Sylvain) #26

Thanks Matt

You answers all my question.

By the time ,i found how to set up ramp rate ,i used to play with these number and nothing was changing ,till i found that i need to press the configure tile in the smart app to make it happens !!!

Now im happy with those switch
and thanks to darwin and dalec for the device handler and the smart app

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(Sean) #27

If I had the old device handler with 6 buttons and updated to the new one with 8 buttons, do I have to delete and re-connect the devices to get them to reflect the 2 extra buttons? I can’t seem to figure out why I’m still only seeing 6 buttons. If that’s the case, I lose all my automations that are associated with these, correct?


If you update the device handler to this version vs. including the switch with this DH handler code aready installed, you’ll need to hit the configure button from the device UI to get the additional 2 buttons to show up in smart apps such as CoRE and Smart Lighting. You shouldn’t need to remove and re-add the switches.

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(Chris Mc Donald) #29

Is it possible to use either Homeseer’s switch or dimmer to long press and have it variable dim a connected Philips Hue or Lifx bulb? I don’t want the switch to reduce voltage to the smart bulb since they require full power at all times. I’m currently limited to setting a double/triple tap to a specific dim amount but it would be cool if we could leverage the long press to remotely control the dim function on a smart led.

(Dale C) #30

Seems like anything is possible. I am thinking something like this possibly? You can’t have the smart bulb in the same circuit as the switch obviously because the switch will vary the voltage which of course is bad for the bulb so get a constant on circuit to power the bulb. Use a dimmer syncing app to have the dimming smartbulb sync with the dimmer switch

(Chris Mc Donald) #31

Thanks @dalec. Makes sense to hardwire the smart bulb constantly on and use the switch as a control device. Any suggestions on a dimmer syncing app? Sorry for the basic question but I am just getting started with smartthings and home automation so just learning.

(Dale C) #32

TrendSetter is one that I can think of that could work but there are others

CoRE is the smartapp (release candidate) that can do just about anything you dream up. It is a little bit of a learning curve but once you go through one it will pay dividends for future automations.

CoRE is the middle of pretty major UI change before the final release right now but I wouldn’t let that stop you.

(Sean) #33

Is anyone having luck getting the two new buttons presses to show up in Live Logging? I’m trying to use these in CoRE but it doesn’t seem like the new button 7 or 8 register as a “button pressed” event. Thanks.

I notice that if I go into the device page in IDE, it says under Current States "button: pushed"
Aren’t these momentary events? Why does the state stay “pushed”?