[RELEASE] - Hive (Connect) V3.2c (British Gas Hive)

Not sure if this setting is important for someone, but having the “Thermostat” and “Thermostat Heating Setpoint” capabilities together breaks smartthings integration with Google Home - you cannot link google home and smartthings.

I removed the following and the link was possible again:

capability “Thermostat Heating Setpoint”

Frustratingly @wezi, this did not fix the error when heating not on issue.


Just found out you can do it without the google switch.

Make sure Receiver Hive Heating is in the Google Home app through smartthings.

all you need to say is: hey google, set "your receiver hive heating to 21"
and it’ll reply "There you go, setting “your receiver hive heating to 21”

Change the name “your receiver hive heating” in the dashboard to make it sound better if you like.

Maybe someone can help with this issue.
I’ve found that if for example I turn on Boost Heating for 40 mins through Smartthings and then it later runs its course and turns off, that’s fine.
…But if i then turn it on again, through another method, for example directly through Google Assistant or Hive app, let it run its course until it’s off…then it seems like the Hive Connect App/ST gets unsynced. So it doesn’t turn on again through ST, unless i turn the Boost Heating Switch on and off again through ST and i get the pop up notification that the Hive Receiver has been reset and it starts.

Thank you so much for this post.I had after much frustration discovered that once Smartthings was unlinked that the HIVE heating device handlers were breaking the re-link. Before i had read your post I assumed the only way to get smartthings reconnected was to delete the device handlers totally relink smartthings and then recreate the device handlers. I just tried as per your instruction, to comment out the capability ‘thermostat heating setpoint’ and that worked (though i did have to relink twice, but i’ll take it!). Annoyingly, before commenting out this code, my switches and switch names were also out of sync with google home app. Switches which i had deleted were still being ‘seen’ by google home and renamed switches in smartthings were still showing under their original names.

Thanks again!

Try swapping out the simulated switch with a momentary button in Web CoRE. I dont think the Hive app in ST will let you pick anything other than a switch, but in Web CoRE you can use pretty much anythhing. The problem with a switch and boost is, if you tell it to turn hive boost on, the switch is now in its On position. 30 mins (or whatever its set to) boost will run its course and stop, the switch though will remain in the ON position. When you tell Google home to turn the switch on again, well, it already is and nothing will happen per say, unless you tell it first to turn the switch off first then on. A momentary button is always OFF in its default state, a bit like a doorbell. You push it to activate Hive boost, then it goes back to off. If you push it again it should restart boost, during or after the boost time has lapsed. Of course, if you want to stop boost once its been activated you’d need to make a second momentary button and configure it to do the opposite.

You can use the following code in web CoRE (though it is simple enough to make) as a template if you’ve created a new device in ST called momentary button tile and your receiver has kept the default name; just create a new piston from code and enter s5v6, change ‘switch 4’ to whatever you google momentary button is called.


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Used a momentary button tile in ST. It’s available to select in the Hive app. Will test it out…thanks

For Hot Water Boost, the virtual switch sometimes gets turned off and sometimes not, so i’ve had to setup an extra precaution of adding a power allowance switch for the same time as the boost to make sure it gets turned off.
If i’d put a momentary button, it’ll turn it on twice, push on/ push off.
I think this might be a bug in the Hive app? Because there are settings in there to make sure after it’s done boosting that the thermostat can be reset to turn off. But it doesn’t always work.

I think it is a bug. Haven’t touched this code in a long time hence the beta status for the automations. Maybe I’ll have some time at the end of the month to revisit this. Even I’ve had to create a work around with webcore to reset the boost switch off.


OK, something odd happened, I just asked Google to set the ‘Hive’ temperature to 22 degrees, and it replied, there you go, setting the Hive temperature to 22 degrees! This works twice then stopped working ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Even more strange is that I asked, out of jest, what’s the temperature in the living room, and it told me the temperature in the living room is 21.5 degrees. Again this worked twice.

No none of the abiv commands are recognised. How very peculiar.

I found out why it does that.
I think it’s all about which way it’s turned off, whether it’s being set to “idle” or “off”.
If after heating you say “hey google, turn off heating”. it’ll take it to the off state.
If you then ask after that “hey google, set heating to 21” it’ll say "heating is off…(no duh)…can’t turn on."
if you ask it again for a 2nd or even 3rd time, then it’ll wake up and start heating.

However, if you start heating by saying "hey google, set heating to 21"
then to turn it off, you say “hey google, set heating to 10” (instead of saying off)
then go back again and say “hey google set heating to 21” it’ll start back up fine.

The summary, it doesn’t like to be fully turned off.

I also think that’s the same issue for heating boost and hot water boost. It’s dependent on the state they were last left in.

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firstly - thanks for this code - really helpful!

Wondered if (and how) i’d create a routine to do the following:
If X (certain conditions are met - eg home), if hive temp falls to 0.2’C of the target temp set 15min boost, then wait another 15mins before checking the routine again.

Also does this work with Alexa… what commands are useful versus with Hive skill directly


You can use webcore to create something like that.
I’m struggling with Alexa commands I’m not sure what to ask I should be able to say alexa what’s the temp but that doesn’t work.
But if I use the hive skill that does but then I need to say "alexa ask hive"
And also I’ve got 2 thermostats showing in the Alexa app one for the hive skill and the one connected through SmartThings but that is unresponsive.

This works great, is there any way to incorporate the fork into the Github integration in SmartThings? I’d like to be able to update through that instead of copying the code each time.

Hi, really like this app is works really well and have the app setup to reduce heating when the whole family has left and not just me. Is there any way the holiday mode data from Hive can be bought into SmartThings. There are a few items in my house that if I am on holiday I want to turn off and it would be great if I could set holiday mode in either ST or Hive and it would replicate across

Something like, holiday mode active in Hive and we can set that to trigger a routine change in ST to ‘Holiday’ and it will change back to just ‘away’ when holiday mode is switched off

A comment in the older v2.6 thread went along the lines…
“I connected the bulb directly to my ST Hub and assigned it your DTH, and it worked perfectly. I no longer needed my Hive hub switched on”

Can someone confirm that these bulbs can connect directly and not needing to go through the Hive hub>api>st cloud>smartapp etc.?

As lighting is run locally.

Yeah they work fine direct with ST I’ve got 2

Hi Steve. Are your bulbs still working? Mine stopped working after the firmware update this week. What device handler are you using?

Yeah mine are still ok i had one in this morning.
I’m not using the device handler on here though i selected one of the preset ones “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb” as i preferred the interface.
I have the standard give dimmable bulbs not the other kind is that what you have?
Forget all that I’ve just realised my hive bulbs aren’t in my lamps they are the IKEA ones.
I’ve not tried my hive ones as they are in the main light and people keep turning the switch off at the wall to can’t try from work.
Have you tried resetting them?

Yes, tried everything. In fact it’s not just my Hive lights, my Hive motion and contact sensors have also stopped working.

There are no built-in device handlers for any of the Hive devices so I’m using the following:

Hive Motion Sensor - using the “Orvibo Motion Sensor” device handler written by Chris Kitch

Hive Contact Sensor - using the “Hive Contact Sensor” device handler written by Simon Green

Hive Active Light - I’ve now deleted these but I think they were using the “Zigbee Dimmer” device handler.

All of the above stopped working at 8pm on Tuesday this week. I’ve checked my hub and I’ve not received the latest firmware update yet (I have 19.20) so it’s not that but I suspect they’ve changed something on their servers to prepare for the firmware update we’re all getting sometime today or tomorrow (20.17).

My Hive Active Plugs are still working, and they’re using the "Zigbee Switch” device handler.

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That’s not sounding too good hope they’re not planning on blocking them from working.
I only have the Hive bulbs and thermostat and I’ve just checked SmartThings and my thermostats still working and reporting with SmartThings ok but it can’t check the bulbs until i get home as like i say they always get turned off at the switch :frowning: