[RELEASE] - Hive (Connect) V3.0 (British Gas Hive)


First off, well done an thank you for your hard work.

Everything appears to work so far. However it seems that some TRVs drop off and “cannot be reached” in smartthings. Not sure why, as soon as i hit refresh they come back online.

If you are linking this to google home via smartthings there seems to be a charachter limit on the name of the TRVs. When i reduced the name down, google home was then able to see it.

Thanks again!

How are the drop-off’s looking? Can’t say I’ve noticed any for mine… If they do it frequently could you run the live logging from smartthings web & see if any errors are coming back?

Hi, all i can see is the attached. If i reduce the refresh rate would it help?


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That doesn’t look quite right with all the ping commands, mine shows “Refreshes” sent via the Hive (Connect) Smartapp like this:

Could you get some “Live logging” (in the top menu on the ST Web info page & filter for the TRV & Hive Connect apps?


So in the live logging i’m struggling to pin down where smartthings realises it doesnt have site of something.

Having a go at some efficiencies in the DH to see if it helps, but I’m a bit hamstrung by the Hive API capabilities.

Effectively there are two types of calls for everything, a “product” call and “device” call. Product contains temperature info etc… Device includes calibration, battery & signal information.

In the API for Device you can request information for a specific device but for Product you must call everything and then filter what you want.

I’ve got a version that is more efficient for the “device” details by only calling what is needed rather than taking the everything & filter approach it originally was.

I’ll run this for a bit then update if I find it any better. I’m trying to explore the API to see if there is a better way to call the Product data too

Ok updated the smartapp & TRV DH in my github (so you need to update both for this to work).

I’ve added a new function just for the TRVs that caches the “products” API call for 3 minutes to try and reduce the ammount of calls out & processing that happens. Been running it for a few hours and now 13 out of my 15 TRVs are showing online… so hopefully its a bit better.

@barron can you test & let me know how it goes?

Yeah mate will do ASAP!

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