[RELEASE] Heatmiser Neostat Integration

Hi Graeme, I have the same problem as the one you mentioned. Did you resolve it?

Does the NodeMCU webpage work and does it report any connection issues with the NeoHub? Can you run the following command in a browser and get a response?


Hi Charles, thanks for the reply. Have run that command and get the following:

{“Neohub connection failed” : “Maybe try again”}

Settings are as follow:


I was previously on a BT Hub which failed, so have just replaced it. Both smartthings and Neohub got allocated different IP addresses. Prior to this everything worked a treat.

Heatmiser have added a new API which isnt fully supported yet (it only works on iOS and functions quite differently) but perhaps that is enabled in the app and it has disabled the legacy API? You should be able to see in settings on the Heatmiser app whether the legacy API is disabled. (it automatically disables after a period of inactivity now, so if you have changed router perhaps it timed out).

Thats fixed it Charles. Many Thanks.

Hi there, could you please publish the code of the NodeMCU. The ST community can then create an Edge driver.

Many Thanks Tim

Now published to my GitHub page

Has anyone been able to look at edge development for heatmiser ?