[RELEASE] Heatmiser Neostat Integration

@skinnypope Sorry, Im losing track of who has said what as Ive been away for too long clearly! Did you have the latest version of the firmware where you can create the child devices from the NodeMCU webpage? (something within the last 6-9 months).

I assume it is only failing on the INFO command? Is it failing for all devices or just some of your thermostats?
If you go to this webpage NodemcuIP/neorelay?command={“INFO”:“1”} or NodemcuIP/neorelay?command={“INFO”:1} do you see a full status message (the last part of the message is some timing information and it should finish with a curly bracket “}” as the last character on screen)

No problem waiting for a reply, I know this is a hobby for you!

  1. Yes I installed the latest firmware from your github when I got it, and I could create the child zones
  2. It fails for all the stats
  3. It seems to only fail the INFO commands

Running that command gave me:

{“relaycommand”: {“INFO”:“1”},
“relayresult”:{“error”:“Invalid Json”}, “timingstr”:“start:0 gotcommand:1 processedresult:1 connectedneohub:7 postwrite:8 postclientconnect:8 postheader:8 postjsoncommand:9 waitedfortimeout:22 availableloop:23-bytes:24 finishedloop:33”}

I did some rummaging in my router the other day and I can see the NodeMCU regularly disconnecting from my network about every hour or so. It’s not my network (rock solid) or the location (it is sited right next to the WAP). I reset the network settings on the NodeMCU but that hasn’t changed anything.


Sorry the Smartthings forum have corrupted these quote marks. I thought they had fixed this bug by now. You’ll need to use the double quote on the ‘2’ key on a UK keyboard ( " not )

Just trying to work out if there is something else going on with the Neohub and perhaps a more recent firmware that you have, or if its smartthings not processing properly.
Im not sure why it is dropping off the WiFi, and it is definitely strange, but I dont think it should matter tbh. What AP/router do you have?

{“relaycommand”: {“INFO”:“1”},
, “timingstr”:“start:0 gotcommand:1 processedresult:1 connectedneohub:8 postwrite:8 postclientconnect:8 postheader:9 postjsoncommand:9 waitedfortimeout:26 availableloop:26-bytes:15 finishedloop:37”}

I on Ubiquiti router and APs

@fido - Ive spent almost two hours playing with various attributes to try and give Alexa the information it needs to display correctly but I just cant work out what is missing. If you have a Thermostat device that does display correctly then it would be great to see this panel as I assume it must be an attribute that Alexa needs to display information… It could be a missing command, but Im sure Ive copied all the potential commands from 2 other thermostat controllers (so I assume they dont work either…).

Afraid Im going to have to accept defeat for now as I cant find any documentation anywhere and have reached my limit of time to poke around, especially given that the control functions work fine (i.e. you can set the temperature correctly and query it). But if you have one that works I can use it as a template.

It’s been several years since @cjcharles developed this Heatmiser integration(Thank You). I have tried to read all the relevant threads since and just wondered what the current state of play is? Is the integration with SmartThings still working or has Heatmiser/ST broken anything since the original setup? Also Heatmiser have now released a neoUltra thermostat/Control centre which allow you to control all the neostats from one location. Do any users have any experience with the neoUltra and how it might fit into the integration. Does it just act as another thermostat as far as ST is concerned or has it provided opportunities. I did contact Heatmiser and they confirmed that the neoUltra cannot communicate with the other neoStats if the internet is down so it relies on the cloud to function.
I’m about to commit to Heatmiser controls and will still do so because of the benefits over my existing control system, even if the integration has degraded but would be interested to know.

I havent seen the new NeoUltra device, but if it connects to the NeoHub I expect it will work fine with the current integration since this just pulls all the information from NeoHub and then forwards it to SmartThings.

If it connects to the internet directly then it will not work with this integration since this device can then not talk to it. I don’t really know why they would build devices that connect directly to the internet since then WiFi coverage needs to be excellent, though I guess they are just cloning what Nest/Hive/et al do, and its an easier solution to install for some customers.

As for the integration it does function fine for me, and it should still be possible to install it using the latest firmware (just doing less in ST itself and more in the devices webpage). The smart controls are still possible through other apps, though the main ST app is now just for more basic controls (temperature and mode).

Hi everyone, kinda tearing my hair out here a wee bit. I had it all working but a reset on my router changed all the IP addresses. I have figured out how to set static addresses for Smartthings hub, neoHub and NeoBridge. Unfortunately, when I hit the “create child zones” I get a couldn’t connect to neoHub error. I have triple checked and the IP address is correct. any pointers? BTW I’m not overly tech savvy so may need explicit instructions :slight_smile: thanks

Probably the Neobridge doesnt know the new Neohub IP, this can normally be set with the configure command (assuming you have the latest version of DTH in ST, and latest firmware on the Neobridge which you can check in the settings page)

Chris, thanks for the reply. I’m not at home to confirm this but I’m certain that when I issued the config command (copied from further back on this thread but with my device IP addresses) I used the proper addresses and checked neobridge (both on its config page and on Smartthings devices page) against the static address table on the router. I was wondering if the port could be wrong or is that a standard port used for communication with the neohub?
I’m away from home for the next 2 weeks but will check on the IP addresses again when I get back.

Strange, can’t think of any other causes, and the ports are fixed (unless you override them). Maybe send some live logging info when you’re back

Will do, thanks