[RELEASE] Heatmiser Neostat Integration

The responses in the log are shown below:-

List item


f92bd6ab-189c-43d1-b420-7124098ecde8 19:23:55: debugAdding child Name: Thermostat Bathroom, DNI: neostatBathroom, ID: 2 to 39b030bc-a624-4977-b480-b26a07c2054e

f92bd6ab-189c-43d1-b420-7124098ecde8 19:23:55: debug uri /neorelay?device=hubzonesetup&command={“GET_ZONES”:0}

f92bd6ab-189c-43d1-b420-7124098ecde8 19:23:55: debugRequesting List of Thermostats

f92bd6ab-189c-43d1-b420-7124098ecde8 19:23:55: debugError deleting neostatKitchen, probably locked into a SmartApp: physicalgraph.exception.ConflictException: Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again

f92bd6ab-189c-43d1-b420-7124098ecde8 19:23:55: debugError deleting neostatMaster-Bedroom, probably locked into a SmartApp: physicalgraph.exception.ConflictException: Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again

f92bd6ab-189c-43d1-b420-7124098ecde8 19:23:55: debugError deleting neostatBathroom, probably locked into a SmartApp: physicalgraph.exception.ConflictException: Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again

f92bd6ab-189c-43d1-b420-7124098ecde8 19:23:55: debugRemoving Child Thermostats

1513e498-7959-4cc7-b85a-50a7470228a9 19:23:54: tracegetPhrases(), state.welcomeIssue = null

19:23:50: infoWaiting on events…

19:23:50: info For past logs for individual things go to the My Devices section, find the device and click on the Events link on the device information page.

19:23:50: info This console provides live logging of your SmartThings.

The results from the web call are:-

{“relaycommand”: {“INFO”:1},
, “timingstr”:“start:0 gotcommand:0 processedresult:1 connectedneohub:4 postwrite:5 postclientconnect:5 postheader:5 postjsoncommand:5 waitedfortimeout:21 availableloop:36-bytes:536 finishedloop:81 availableloop:81-bytes:891 finishedloop:115”}

So it looks like everything is working, but the logs claim that the device already exists. Do you not see anything in the device list at the moment?

Seems there is an automation or something that has attached to the child thermostat devices and is preventing stuff from happening.

I had the Neo stat app connected with the child devices setup in their so deleted it all including the St device and started again. No change. Any pointers please??

I don’t understand your comment, I suggest you remove devices and handlers and start again on the instructions.

Chris Charles you are THE MAN!

Using your Heatmiser Neostat Integration, I have successfully integrated 17 Neostat thermostats with Smartthings.

Chris you have obviously put significant effort into building this Integration. This is a big thank you to you for developing a robust, well thought through integration between Heatmiser and Smartthings. It is people like you and this community that led me to finally choose the Smartthings platform for our new home.

If this was not enough, today I used the google sheets logging SmartApp to log the activity stream coming off the thermostats in Smartthings to a google docs sheet. Once it has been running for a while it will enable me to analyse our energy usage and hopefully save a few pennies.

Many thanks again Tim

Ah great, glad to hear it! Sounds like quite the project to install so many!

Yup I only check the Heatmiser app when things stop working, and normally it’s because the Heatmiser hub has crashed (and that’s once every 6 months ish).

If doing lots of data logging, I thoroughly recommend influxdb and grafana. A bit harder to set up, but some great features in graphing and tracking with loads of detail! If you want a next project!

Haha, thanks Chris.
I’m dumping all events to google docs right now as it is a accessible format and good staging area. From here I can then load them into a range of analytics tool. I will certainly try those tools you suggested. Apparently I can convert my google docs to csv files and load them into InfluxDB for analysis .

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Hi there, quick question, my neoplugs and HW timer show as stats. is that correct

You should be able to reset WiFi credentials by either 5 power cycles, with the device being powered on for between 1-2 seconds each cycle (off time doesn’t matter). Alternatively if you boot it up while the saved WiFi is not available it should recreate it’s own access point again (to allow you to save new WiFi credentials). Perhaps you have found this out now based on your post being removed?

As for the child devices, they will probably show as thermostats, but the settings and buttons should change to on/off (along with some other changes I think). I don’t have any myself, so can’t easily test that this is still working correctly, but if you paste some screenshots I can take a look at what you mean.

OK, no I found the device on my homehub, just had to search quite hard to find it. I wasn’t sure whether I had changed hub since I bought the device

OK so onto the Hot Water and Towel Rail timers. See below screenshots
Bathroom thermostat

Towel Rail timer

Hot Water timer

So they are recognised as different devices as the colours are different. But the child devices are showing temperatures still.

If you need me to test anything let me know and I will help out :slight_smile:

Incidentally the neo plugs are showing correctly as a plug with on/off status. See below

The two timers have not received any update information from the hub since they were created (they only configure themselves as the correct device after receiving some information. Is it possible that you missed the step about spaces in the name? Perhaps that is why they haven’t updated, since they should look broadly similar to the Plug devices.

Wow Iphone text display is so annoying! No idea why some of that text appears so small, it seems to all be the same size on my Android devices.

I tried to rename my devices in heatmiser, however I remove the space and save, and like a minute later the space is back!!

Not sure why that is happening in the heatmiser app

Photo of name change no gaps

30 seconds later the gaps are back - app changed them

Or is that OK and sorts the issue??

Sometimes the Heatmiser app is a bit funky (one of the reasons I made this integration)! I would suggest changing them one at a time, and spend a bit longer on each screen before going back to main list. Hopefully then you will see that the name was changed properly for a single device. Then repeat. Perhaps changing too many confused it…

You will need them to show correctly in Heatmiser first, and then inside smartthings press ‘remove thermostat devices’, then go back to ST list of devices and confirm it was successful, and then re-create them again

OK great, I will give that a go :slight_smile:

Removing the space didn’t work, so I did a total rename - to a one word description and they remained named as one word. I deleted them in ST then did a refresh of IP, and added thermostats

I now have this


Is that now normal??

Thanks for the help so far

Looks like it’s receiving data now, so the on/off buttons should work, now that they have appeared. I think that was the intended appearance but if you have feedback then do let me know!

Is there an option to use this on a module with a wired ethernet interface, rather than a wireless module? Just plug it directly into the router?

It would support it mostly, possibly some very minor changes needed, however I haven’t really found any nice Ethernet modules. This module uses so little bandwidth it really has no impact on WiFi performance (a few kB every 5 minutes)

@cjcharles does the nodeMCU that I have from you run homebridge on it?


The NodeMCU sadly does not run Homebridge, Homebridge runs on Node.js which is quite different.

Smartthings can integrate with another Homebridge server if needed, hence the ST setup can still reach Apple Homekit, if that’s what you were after

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