[RELEASE] Greenwave PowerNode 6

works now… thanks for your help

So, got some of these plugs from monoprice as it looked like a great deal

Be warned, though, that the firmware that comes with these seems to be < 4.28 & it is not updatable

That means that there’s no way to change the power failure state, which defaults to on (i.e. after a power failure, even if the sockets had all been turned off, they’ll all be on)

I confirmed with some debugging that parameterNumber > 2 returns nothing

More information on the parameters @ https://github.com/Roysteroonie/Hubitat/blob/master/GreenWave%20PowerNode%20(Single)%20Advanced.groovy

(Those are the true configuration values for the PowerNode; the zooz ones linked here don’t properly map)

Was able to get some code written for the GreenWave single socket to work with children

Seems to report power/usage a lot better; here’s the code for the parent:

And for the child:

Feel free to update/branch accordingly to make it better

This is working fantastic now with the the New Smartthings App.

Decided to try your handler version, @marcosb, from a clean-slate. For some reason only -ch1 and -ch2 children are being detected when I go through the pairing process, do you have any idea why that would be?
@btaylor1211 did you add the PowerNode 6 to your network from scratch? Or was it more a matter of just changing an already registered device’s handlers over to this one?

I used these

I removed it from the Zwave by exclusion mode.
When I addded it back it only showed ch-1 and ch-2, however renaming the device added ch-3 and ch-4, then renamed again and finally added ch-5 and ch-6.
Not sure why it worked that way, but did so great.

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Weirdness, thanks for the tip I was able to get it nominally working using this method. I’m still having a network timeout issue when I try to utilize the on/off switch on the parent, but I’ll take what I can get.

Hey Guys,

So the above scripts do work for me as well and Indeed i had the same issue as @hoodah77.

Once i added the Greenwave PowerNode 6 in Smartthings i could see 2 sockets instead of 6. I went on the smartthings web interface - My Devices - (Device Name) - Edit and update.
You will see that one channel is added. You can do this a couple of times “Edit and Update” and you will have all your sockets. Just keep in mind that once you added the devices manually they will come in the Smartthings app under not assigned rooms.

I hope this helps.
Note: Those that worked on the script to make the PowerNote 6 work a very big thank you for making this possible. You guys are life changers :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!