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[RELEASE] Greenwave PowerNode 6

This is my first device type. I decided to puchase a SmartThings hub last week and realized there was no DTH for the greenwave 6 node device. Since I have 5 of these I really needed a handler before being able to implement the hub in my house.

The parent and child DTH can be found below. Make sure to create both handlers from code, save and publish before adding the powernode to your hub. The child devices for each node are created when the device is added to SmarThings, so swapping DTH’s afterwards does not work.


Firstly thank you for the DTH :slight_smile:
I added both Device Types to my Smartthings and publish them. I am able to add the PowerNode 6. First it is show like a Relay and I edit the Device on the API Web interface and assign the the DTH Parent.
Now Im able to switch on and switch off! :slight_smile: But you say that it should appear another 6 child devices but it is not appear to me.
What is wrong? Can I add the 6 childs manually? Should the Device be recognized by default like the Green Power Node 6 device type? Can it be related to fingerprint or something like these?

Thank you!

The 6 child devices are created at the time the device is registered in SmartThings. If you added the DTH after it was installed, you can remove the device and add it again. That should create the child devices as well.

But I’m curious, there are powernodes for different countries, it might be the vendor and product code not being picked up. I’ll check that.

Edit: all different country models have the same product/vendor combo so that cant be it.

@CopyCat73 I don’t think you’re around these parts anymore, but well done at giving this a go. It just needs a small tweak. I can control all 6 nodes on the power strip (for 2 years I was using it as a “Z-wave relay device”, i.e. Using only one socket so this is a vast improvement), and it works snappy. The issue is refreshing the power consumption. I have to manually click the"refresh" tile within each device page to get the Watts to update. So when I first put an appliance in any socket, it jumps straight up to say 5 watts, but if I take the appliance out of the socket it stays at 5 watts. But manually refreshing the page adjusts it correctly.
All the code needs is “if power changes, refresh tile”, but I don’t see where to do it.
Tagging @cjcharles @erocm1231 @RobinWinbourne in case they can help and want a beer. Or @krlaframboise as this device is VERY similar to the Zooz power strip you just did.

EDIT, just had a look at the code properly and changing my response - Simple solution is doing a 5minute poll in the parent device handler since Poll has been a broken part of ST for a while in my experience (doing it in the parent is easier to manage I think).

Underneath line 169 of the parent handler where it says:

Add this extra line:

If you want to look for changes or do an automatic push for changes then I think you will need to find the Powernode Z-wave configuration parameters as it will probably be a setting on the device itself. It looks like the device should do automatic pushing of updates (rather than polling) to the controller (SmartThings), but clearly it doesnt work well, hence why I think there must be some configuration parameters. Sadly I cant find anything online which lists them, so you would probably need to speak to Greenwave if you don’t want the above solution.

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Thanks @cjcharles that did it, i did email Greenwave for DTH a few years ago but they weren’t very helpful. So this solution is ok i guess for an obsolete device. i did have a Piston send a refresh command every 20 seconds which worked but not ideal!

@Alwas I adapted the code based on @cjcharles suggestion. These power nodes are notoriously unreliable in sending updates so you have to actively poll them. 5 minutes should be ok; I have 5 of these and basically each poll sends info about the main and 6 child nodes, if you’d do this every minute it would flood my z-wave network :slight_smile:

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