[Release] Google Assistant Relay V2.0 - Google Home Audio Notifications!


(Peter) #103

Sorry, get what?

(Steve ) #104

Hopefully this is the right place to ask, apologies if not …

So I have successfully set up Assistant Relay V2 and in conjunction with WebCore trying to create various pistons to trigger specific responses.

Everything works generally fine, but when I try to trigger the ‘tell me about my day’ routine (or ‘good morning’) what I get is a weather response in Fahrenheit and no news, despite it being configured correctly in the Google Assistant app. If I ask GH directly I get the response as configured (i.e Celcius followed by BBC news).

If I try to instruct Assistant Relay to ‘tell me the news’ I get the response that ‘news services are not configured’.

Any idea if this is a general issue with AR or is there something I need to independently configure in AR.

In case it helps I am running AR on a RPi 2B, all other things including custom commends triggered via IFTTT work as intended.



Relay doesn’t support that because the assistant SDK doesn’t support it. The primary use of this is to broadcast messages to your GH devices to notify of events or things happening. If you want your GH to tell you about your day, why not just ask it. That way you’ll only get a response from the device you ask.

(Steve ) #106

Thanks Ryan, that’s helpful - at least I know I am not going mad!

I agree I can just ask, which is fine. My hope was to set up a piston which goes off in the morning based on a motion detector which turns on lights and automatically tells me the news whilst I make a cuppa! It was device specific via cast-web-api. I will just have to croak at GH instead!

(Greg) #107

Actually it does support asking about your day, it’s just that Google doesn’t provide a text response for it.

If you cast the audio file AR provides like in one of the examples, then you’ll hear the response

@Snacker you can do this. Download the cast web API smartapp and set it up, you can then cast the audio response


But you would then have to pull the file to play it with cast web? I don’t understand how you accomplish part 2 of this.

(Greg) #109

You can cast audio from a URL:


Where does the file get downloaded to? The ST cloud? This actually works? Because you’re setting your speaker to play an argument. How does it do that? I thought the mp3 is downloaded to your pi. How long is it kept on ST?

(Greg) #111

The file is saved locally to the Pi (its overwritten on every request) AR then hosts the file, so if you cast the URL it provides in the JSON response.

The argument is a variable which refers to the URL in the JSON file

(Steve ) #113

@ghesp that is the approach that I have tried, but the output I get is a truncated version of the ‘tell me about my day routine’ rather than the one I have customised to play if I ask GH the trigger directly via the Google Assistant app.

If I access the URL directly this also just includes the first part (weather forecast in imperial units) and does not go onto broadcast the BBC news headlines.

I have the “cast web - service manager” smartapp, but I don’t see any place within this I can configure the particular routines. It is set up to allow me to specify individual devices, etc … I presume it does not do anything to change the output to be broadcast, that is presumably put together by the output from AssRelay?


Wouldnt it just be easier to ask your GH to tell you about your day like it was designed to work?

(Steve ) #115

It would, but where is the fun in that! :smile:

(Ryan Murphy) #116

Thanks for this reply. I had cloned the repo from greghesp:master on Github then added a Dockerfile with the above info but Docker fails to complete a build with the following error:

Build failed: COPY failed: stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder335950753/assistant-relay: no such file or directory

Any suggestions? I’m an extreme novice with Docker and Github so I’m definitely missing a step somewhere.


Where is your Dockerfile saved in relation to the git-cloned “assistant-relay” directory?

The COPY command will look for the “assistant-relay” directory in the same path as the Dockerfile. My guess is that you need to move the git-cloned assistant-relay directory or update the path in the COPY command of the Dockerfile to point to the location of your git-cloned assistant-relay directory.


(Joe Lawson) #118

Since the release of 2.0 I have not been able to get the home to broadcast the way I was using this service in Webcore. I have assistant relay setup and configured in smartthings. I use to be able to choose relay and ad a string of things I wanted it to say. But this stopped working a few weeks back and now it does nothing with 2.0. I feel I may be missing something but not sure. Anyone have any ideas?

(Greg) #119

How To Use

You can now make a call from WebCore, Tasker, IFTTT or anything else. I’ll share some of my Postman examples below:


image.png1178x499 25.7 KB

image.png757x577 9.29 KB

Above is an example of how to call Assistant Relay and pass data to it using variables.

(Joe Lawson) #120

Thank you and I appreciate all the hard work you have put into this awesome program. So I will not be to call the service the way I use to from WebCore?


The easiest thing I’ve found is to have one piston set up just to issue the http command. Then, I call that piston from another piston after setting a variable to what text I want broadcast. I’m then able to send that text to the other piston via an “argument”. That way, I never have to touch the piston that is ordering the broadcast, just the one that is issuing it to my devices (since that method has been fluctuating due to changes made by google).

(Kees De Kraker) #122

Hi Greg,

The assistant relay is truly amazing!
Running AR in combination with Domoticz, turns out to be a great combo.

Is there any way to open the mic on (http) request?
I want to let Google Assistant broadcast a question and subsequently leave the mic open to allow me to answer the question. From there on IFTTT will interpret the given answer.


(Joe Lawson) #123

Ok I finally got some time to play around with this a little. I see in the relay console the command was received but I did not get any audio?

I used version 1 and was able to get this setup a lot easier and less effort maybe I’m over complicating things as I tend to do that on occasion.

See console output

Received command broadcast Close the damn door,

User specified was joe

Conversation Complete