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[Release] Google Assistant Relay V2.0 - Google Home Audio Notifications!

(Craig McFarlane) #434

Am I right in thinking that the account is a Home member or should it be linked in another way? So for silly questions. New to Google home setup.


(Greg) #435

It’s been a while since I’ve done it so they’ve probably changed it.

I’d just sign into the Google Home all using the new account, link the individual device or device’s and that’d do it


(Jeff Lagana) #436

This is a use case for cast-web-api.


(Craig McFarlane) #437

Hi Jeff. I am actually looking at this right now. Might start a new topic as having an issue with the install.

running the command below

forever start ‘which cast-web-api’

I get the error message
Cannot start forever
script /home/pi/which cast-web-api does not exsit.

Any ideas?


(Jason Holder) #439

I thought I rolled back my node version, but it turns out I had, but not selected which version to use. Things up and running after that - thank you!!


(Guy La Rochelle) #440

Hi there!
I have installed the assistant relay on my Windows 10 node.js installation and everything works fine up to now.
I was wondering if, like cast-web-api, there is a way to run this with “forever” so that it doesn’t need a console window. I tried and it doesn’t seem to work. Forever starts the process, I can see it with “forever list”, but trying to access it in the browser doesn’t work (page not found).
So… any other way to have this run forever, at startup of the computer (without having to log in) ?



(Chris) #441

Does anyone know of a way to use this relay to ask a specific Google Home something? I’m trying to find a way around the “Broadcast from” and whatever it says afterwards. For instance if I want the Home to say if my front door is open, I can ask it via the assistant relay “Is my front door open?” rather than using “Broadcast… the front door is open” and the relay will speak the answer to the question. However asking the assistant on my computer in my basement isn’t going to help because nobody will be near it 99% of the time.


(Chris) #442

Nevermind. I just used the Cast web api and Big Talker to do this. Doors open/close and one or all of my Google Home devices say “{x} door is {open/closed}”. Good for security, but also helps with having little kids who can open doors.

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(Rhys) #443

Mine was working for a long time… then it suddenly stopped and now i see many response code 499 in google platform logs.
No errors in the relay… anyone see this before?


(Ram) #444

I have 6 google home devices and audio notifications are working fine but not all the devices are synced. I would like to have the notification announcements at the same time from each device. We have couple of second delays between each devices now. Is there any way we could fix this?


(Bart) #445

@ghesp I found that us noobs out there need to fill the prerequisites of installing:

  1. Git -
  2. Nodejs version 8 (must be 8) not the latest version -

Hope this helps someone save a couple hours trying to figure out why the install instructions don’t work.


(Greg) #446

The first post says that :grinning:


What you need

  • A device capable of being always on
  • Node.js running on this device
  • A copy of Assistant Relay

I’m not going to run you through how to get Node.js running on your device as there are hundreds of guides out there on how to do this.

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(Bart) #447

The later versions will not work and it took me a while to figure that out… It has to be version 8 of node js.

I didn’t see the git install bit unless it is in the raspberry pi link?


(Tom C) #449

Could you explain more how you did this?


(Chris) #450

I have a contact sensor on each of my outside doors tied to SmartThings. I installed the cast-web-api using the steps here onto a spare laptop that’s running a couple other things already, and registered my Google Home devices through it so that they show up as devices in SmartThings. Then I already was using the Big Talker smart app to send messages to an Android device with Lannouncer, so I just swapped it to talk to one of my Google Home devices instead of the Android tablet.

You could do this through WebCoRe instead of Big Talker, also. If you took the extra step of setting up the Google Assistant part and registering it as a device with Google, you could do some extra things like broadcast and give it commands. I didn’t like that it keeps saying “Broadcast from Chris: The front door is open… Just so you know, if you…” so I’m just sending the message to a Google Home Mini that’s fairly central in the house and typically isn’t playing music. Doing it this way takes over the device like casting in general does, so any music you’re playing would stop. "Broadcast " would resume play automatically. If they would just get rid of all that extra stuff before and after the broadcast message, that’s what I’d be using.


(Štěpán Šanda) #451

Can anyone explain me what is the difference between Asistant Relay vs cast-web

I have up and running Asistant Relay v2 but interested in cast-web


(Greg) #452

AR integrates Google Assistant into SmartThings. Initially it was designed to just use the Broadcast functionality, however you can also now perform commands the Google Assistant SDK allows you to perform

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(Chris Lamberth) #453


Could everyone please submit a ticket to Google Home Support have the “Broadcast from…” message as an option we can choose to turn on/off. I’ve waited long enough and it doesn’t look like Google is getting the message. Maybe if they received a flood of requests it may get their attention.


(Christian Lauritzen) #454

Will it work on Raspberry PI 3 B+ with ARMv8 ?


(Dan Eccher) #455

I have everything set up on my mac and it is operating exactly as stated in the instructions. I went to test it using the recommended command:
curl -d ‘{“command”:“Hello World”, “user”:“dan”, “broadcast”:“true”}’ -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST
I am using the IP address of my Samsung Smartthings WiFi (the one assigned by my modem router) and an receiving a message stating “curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 3000: Connection refused”
I get the same thing in Chrome when I try to go to
I am able to ping the IP address from both my wired PC (wired to same smartthings wifi) as well as my wireless Mac that I have assistant relay running on.
Any help to offer?