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[Release] Google Assistant Relay V2.0 - Google Home Audio Notifications!


I have been having the same issue over the past few days I thought I broke something when I switched router but I guess not

(Dan) #414

Try disabling IPv6 on your new router… This is a known issue that prevents the assistant-relay from working properly.

(Mickey Miller) #415

Hey, the post after that mentioned IPv6 was the issue. I’m not sure if my router( eero ) software updated and enabled this or what, but I haven’t messed with those settings in a long time. That being said, disabling it fixed the issue.

Thanks so much @ogiewon !

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Thanks @ogiewon I believe thatis my issue with my new router IPv6 is enabled but for some reason I’m not able to disable it I will have to figure that out once I do I’m sure Assistant relay will be back online

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(DJAC) #417

I am hating this… Why is it taking so long. Is there no word yet

(Christian Terp) #418

Is it possible to make it broadcast in other language than English?


Yup, mine is broadcasting in Canadian French. Can’t remember what I tweaked tho in the settings.


Sorry to be that guy but could someone point me to the latest and greatest windows install instructions?

I had version 1 running on my PC a long time ago but previous install methods are not successful. I already have node.js running for Cast-API and Harmony-API.

(Dan) #421

What version of NodeJS are you currently running? Google Assistant Relay seems to only work with NodeJS v8. Newer versions appear to be incompatible.


Thanks, things snowballed since my last post so I’ve uninstalled everything node.js related and installed a fresh version (v8). At one point before I saw your post I upgraded to 10 and didn’t find a downgrade path. AR is running humming along happily, now its time to go back and install everything else :dizzy_face:

I know I’ll probably have to do this again so a note for future me:

  1. DL/install Node.js v8

  2. DL/install git for windows

  3. DL/unzip AR

  4. Enter command: “npm install [AR directory]”

  5. Follow config steps:

  6. Create .bat file that contains “npm run start”

  7. Make Task Scheduler launch .bat file at startup.
    —Start in: [AR directory]

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I have been using Assistant Relay successfully for some time (thanks Greg Hesp).

I have one particular ‘keep alive’ function that sends an Assistant Relay command silently to a device every 20 seconds. My problem is that, sometimes, the command is announced throughout the house over the Google Homes - “Incoming broadcast…Turn on VoxLox”.

It happens regularly when the home automation system is rebooted; other-times it happens with no apparent catalyst.

{“command”:“Turn on VoxLox”,“converse”:“false”,“user”:“me”}

Also tried -

{“command”:“Turn on VoxLox”}
{“command”:“Turn on VoxLox”,“user”:“me”}

I assume some part of the POST message is truncated and becomes a broadcast instead of a command. Can you give any guidance on how to stop this?

(Greg) #425

Can you try adding broadcast : false to your request?


My setup - Google Assistant Relay running on a Raspberry Pi; home automation system by Loxone (sends POST commands).

Yes, I’ve now tried -

{“command”:“Turn on VoxLox”,“broadcast”: false}

I get the correct ‘silent’ command activation (every 20 seconds) for a few minutes after modifying the POST command (which also requires rebooting the Loxone home automation system). Then a single broadcast announcement happens. Then continued ‘silent’ command activation (every 20 seconds) ongoing.

It’s like the command is cached somewhere from the reboot process…and then finds it’s way out as a broadcast later.

(Craig McFarlane) #427

Hello. I am looking at installing this. Is there a way to broadcast or send audio to a single google home device?. I have fridge contact sensors for example and dont really fancy waking the Mrs up in the middle of the night because i left the fridge door open for more than a minute.

I was able to do this with Alexa but have moved over to Google Home.

Thanks in advance.

(Greg) #428

Not directly.

The only way would be to create a new Google account, link it to only the device you want to use, and then pass that user along with the request

(Craig McFarlane) #429

Thanks for the reply. Am I able to have my main google account and also this alert account assigned to the same device at the same time?

(Greg) #430

You can only send the request as one user at a time. If your main account has all devices linked, then your announcement will go to all devices.

(Craig McFarlane) #431

Thanks. I guess what I am asking is this.

I have 5 google home devices all running under account1

Can I create another account say account 2 and assign that also to one of the 5 google home devices?

So in effect 1 device will have two accounts assigned to them and four devices the single account.

I will then use account2 to do the announcing?

Or am I getting this all wrong? Don’t want to buy another google home just to announce stuff.

Thanks in advance.

(Greg) #432

Ah, yes thats correct. You can have many accounts assigned to several devices

(Craig McFarlane) #433

Brilliant. Thank you.