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[Release] Google Assistant Relay V2.0 - Google Home Audio Notifications!


(Ram) #350

This is the piston I was using and after the execution google said “sure” but the volume was not changed. If we can get this working then it would be awesome.

(Jeff Lagana) #351
  1. Remove “Hey Google”
  2. The cloud assistant api set it’s “volume” to 25%.

Just use cast-web-api to set the volume to 25% on the speaker of choice

(or a scheduled routine which requires no custom scripting of any kind).

(Ram) #353

I have tried with and without Hey google and the nothing happened. Do we have to use the volume level to 25% not more than that? I’m bit confused.

What are the advantages of using cast-web-api over webcore? I thought we are using the same API to pass the information. I’m trying to understand…

(Scott Salazar) #354

I’ve been having problems with getting this started. Everything is install, git ran and used version 8 of node. Assistant relay boots up, has my name and the ip address and I get 0 notifications on my google homes.

I can hit the given address just fine too and broadcasting from my mobile device works. API dashboard says 100% errors on all the request made. Is there something I may have missed?

(Bart Pues) #355

Exactly the same problem here, and I can’t find the detailed error message underneath…

(Greg) #357

Can you share what the errors look like? AFAIK the errors are normal in the API dashboard. They appear but it still works, no idea why!

Check your My Activity at Google, you should see something like:

(Bart Pues) #358

Now I see, that’s probably the issue; It doesn’t use the google home in the activity. Strange, do you have an idea what could be the problem? Anyway I will try to find out, at lease I have got a direction to look in…

(Greg) #359

That would appear that the message passed to the API was “Broadcast”
Did you pass a message?

(Bart Pues) #360


(Jeff Lagana) #361

Cast-web-api integrates with webcore. You can treat the speaker like any other device, automate the actions, and use TTS. The below example sets my volume to 50% and speaks the text.


You can also just use a routine on your home app that occurs on a schedule to set the volume to X at a specific time each day. But I understand the benefits of trying to get all your automation in one place.

(Greg) #362


What’s logged on the assistant relay?

(Bart Pues) #363

I just places the json file in the “secret” folder and started the relay without a user…

When I use the build-config I only get one option (port, no user);

What do you want to do? (Enter 1 or 2):

  1. Change port

(Greg) #364

You should see a message in the console when you send a request to assistant relay?
If not, something is stopping the request getting to your relay

(Bart Pues) #365

when create a request I see;


Looks ok to me…

Just tried it both in v2.1 and v2.1.1 exactly the same behavior…

Tried it to on a Win10 device, as expected no difference. I see only the activity BroadCast in myActivity, no message and no use of the google home device…?

Later today I will try to change my region to US to see if that makes a difference. I hope I can figure out exactly where to change that…

(DJAC) #366

Have you ever found a solution to the broadcast message that Google now remains on doing. This really brakes the google immersion.
Also can’t find docs can’t sending commands like 'tell me about my day ’ to run certain times of the day. Or sending volume commands

(Greg) #367

Have you got the right key file from Google and made sure you’re using the correct account to download it?

Every time this happens, it’s always been down the the wrong key or account

(Bart Pues) #368

Started from scratch again with creating a project,register device (type auto), enable api, creating oAuth2 credential json file (type other), download file and place it in secret folder, start nodejs service, redirect to google sign in screen (project and account are the same as the json secret), copy code in nodejs service, service running without error, call to service => no difference only broadcast activity without message and the use of “goolge home”…
Really strange


Does that “speak” command have the same problem like broadcast, where it’s says incoming broadcast from NAME? can it be send to group of speakers, so imitating a broadcast?

(Jeff Lagana) #370

It’s just casts TTS to the specific speakers, it’s not google assistant.

(Henrik Roksvaag) #371

does this work with all languages? im kinda stupid, but the tts works great.

But i want it to trigger for example “whats the latest news” when i set home mode in the morning.

i use string command = whats the latest news
boolean broadcast = true
user = me

But when the home mode piston runs, it just turns on and says, broacasting from henrik “whats the latest news”

i thought it should not broadcast and issue a command, if not what do i need to change to get it to output that command in speech. I dont have other speakers