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[Release] Google Assistant Relay V2.0 - Google Home Audio Notifications!


(Vck Mp) #266

Greg, Thanks for checking. I have been trying, but still not working. When I test the piston, I do not see the request even coming to the Relay Assistant API, as it prints nothing in the nodejs API log. But when I try a curl command from the Windows DOS prompt, it works fine. ANy settings I am missing on the Webcore/Smartthigs side?

Update: Ok finally figured the issue. I had to use a different IP address, and then setup a port Forwarding on my Router, to route any request coming to the above mentioned IP address and the 9000 port, to be routed to my Laptop IP and port where the API is running. Is there no way that I can achieve without doing this? Thanks.

(Joe Lawson) #267

Does anyone have the Device Handler code for smartthings? I’m not able to locate it now and had uninstalled it trying to TS some issues I was having.

(Ram) #268

@joetlawson for webCore?

(Joe Lawson) #269

@icuc The device handler was for Smartthings but allowed the relay to show up in webCore as a device.I was using it with the version 1 relay. Had the DH installed until just the other day and now I’m not able to find it.


The Google Assistant API has a limit of 500 calls/day. You can apply to increase this limit subject to appropriate justification.

My home automation system was using the assistant relay for a polling mechanism every 30 seconds. That’s 2880 calls/day. It was failing regularly until I pulled some logs and discovered the limit.

(Joe Lawson) #271

Anyone aware of where I can find the code for the device handler?

(Greg) #272

@brayton actually wrote a new one.

I haven’t managed to test it yet but it’s here


Hey @ghesp,
i’ve been using your Google Assistant Relay successfully for a little while now. Thank you for that.
I have a question, on broadcasting to specific devices tho:
“For example, if I wanted to broadcast only to my Living Room Home, I would setup a new Google Account and link ONLY my Living Room Home to this account.”
I am actually struggling to link the new google account only to 1 device :confused:
that device is already connected to my main google account and I cannot figure out how to connect it to the new on I have created. Any clue or tuto I can follow somewhere ?
Thank you !


I actually just found out about that… From the secondary account, parse the devices available on the local network and do a voice match on the one you want to link to that account.

(DAN) #275

I’m having trouble installing on my raspberry pi. Can anyone tell me what’s going wrong?

(Michael Beatty) #276

So will this work to play DRM protected content? Would I be able to do a POST with the command “Play Dean Martin Christmas Music to the Bedroom Speaker”, just like I were to command any of my other Google Home devices in the house?

(Kate H) #277

Sometime today my Mini started prefacing every broadcast with “Broadcast from {my user name}”… Anyone know of a way to turn that off? I searched through the Home app for a bit but couldn’t find anything.

(Greg) #278

I’ve just noticed that too. I think this is because you’ll soon be able to reply to broadcasts. Bit annoying though for the relay

(Greg) #279

You should be able to, but unfortunately the assistant SDK doesnt support this yet

(Steve ) #280

Yup, have the same “broadcast from” message as of today. It is rather irritating!


I was just going to ask the same question. How do we get rid of the “Broadcast from [name]” that precedes each announcement? It is not really work using the the speech functions if the announcement message is going to be heard each time. IFTTT is able to do this, but I guess that is not a broadcast. Is there a way to just speak to one speaker with out the broadcast function?



(Joe Lawson) #282

I have noticed this as well. Very annoying and takes the fun out of the message being sent.

(Daniele Bonato) #283


there is a way to execute an audio file notification on google home using Google Assistant Relay V2.0? I need to execute a custom audio on google after some event that I manage on webcore.

(Joe Lawson) #284

@Daniele_Bonato I’m in no way an expert and others may have other preferences. if you are using SmartThings the easiest way to do this is to install the device handler [RELEASE] Google Assistant Relay SmartApp and Device Handler Then you can choose the google assistant relay in webcore as a physical device and choose speak and put what you want the assistant to say in the field. I have a few example pistons on the page referenced above,

(Josh Moyer) #285

Use NVM to switch to node version 8.12