[Release] Google Assistant Relay V2.0 - Google Home Audio Notifications!



Is there a way to adjust the volumne of Google Home by giving a command to Asistant Relay, for example “Set volume 50%”?

(Greg) #186

It should just work based off your assistant settings

(Greg) #187

Try doing “set the living room speaker to 50%” or “set the bedroom Google home to 100%”

(Eric) #188

Am I correct that if I set.
“quietHours”: {
“start”: 0,
“end”: 0
It is disabled

(Steve ) #189

I would love to change this too, but have so far failed.

Similarly I still cannot work out how to trigger news playback. If I send the command “tell me the news” it just provides the response “news playback is not supported on this device”. As far I can see Assistant SDK should now support this, but I cannot find specifically how to make this work.

Can anyone else get news headlines or similar triggered via Assistant Relay?


(Greg) #190

Got the link to where it says it’s now supported?

There are 2 different types of SDK

(Steve ) #191

I may be misunderstanding, but it was from here (the May 2018 update)

EDIT: sorry that is the GH Library update. However I have updated (I think!) to the latest on my Pi


Regarding Fahrenheit and Celsius -

I changed my Google Home settings from Celsius to Fahrenheit, then back to Celsius.

That kicked it into working properly.

(Greg) #193

AR uses the service, the library is a specfic assistant image that installs on 'pis

(Steve ) #194

Sadly that did nothing for me! It is still stuck in Fahrenheit

(Eric) #195

To remove quiet hours can I just remove that from the config? I dont want quiet hours.

(Greg) #196

No, just set them to 0 and 0 like that and it should be fine

(Eric) #197

Thank you sir!:+1:


Could you confirm whether Nest Camera support is enabled in v2.0?

I don’t have a camera yet, but setting up a motion detector in my automation system to stream to a Chromecast would be a nice feature. I’ll likely buy a Nest cam if it is supported.

(Greg) #199

AR never really supported it as such, I just added some shortcuts.

You can still just send the commands yourself though I’m not 100% sure what works with the SDK and what doesn’t.
I’ll have a test later


nevermind I think i got it


I can confirm that Nest cameras work fine. Just use normal spoken command…

“Stream [camera name] on [chromecast device name]”

(Greg) #202

That command works but you can’t actually stop it as the SDK doesn’t like the stop command.

I’ve got my Home Hub showing my Nest Cam when the front doorbell rings, but I can’t actually stop it shows remotely



Oh…ok. That’s silly. I must have missed that somewhere in the AR threads. Good info. Thanks.

Out of curiosity, do you happen to request SDK feature additions to Google? If so, does anyone ever respond?

(Greg) #204

I wish! This Stop Casting bug has been around every single Google changed how the SDK worked (it was fine before) and I’ve never been able to find a way to report the bug, or get anyones attention to fix it!